What is the Meaning of 13 Digits of BD NID?

We, Bangladeshi citizens have National ID. Somebody means it Voter ID which is not real. It is fully wrong. It is actually NID (National Identity Card) . There is a 13 digits number on the NID. Do you know what does it mean? The 13 digits mean as follows:


  1. First 02 Digits : District Code (There are 64 different codes for different districts and for Dhaka it is 26)
  2. Next 01 DigitĀ  : It is RMO Code.
    • For City Corporation, it is 09
    • For Cantonment area, it is 05
    • For Municipal area, it is 02
    • For Rural area, it is 01
    • For out of Municipal are (Town), it is 03
    • For others, it is 04
  3. Next 02 DigitsĀ  : It is Upazilla / Police Station Code.
  4. Next 02 digits : It is for Union Code (For Rural Area) / Ward Code (For City Corporation Area)
  5. Last 06 digits : The Form Number that you filled during filling NID application form.

Now, 17 digits NID is provided now in all over Bangladesh. The first 04 digits is the Birth Year.

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