What Kind of Music Is Best for Your Party?

Regardless of what type of event you’re throwing, the entertainment matters!  Unfortunately, it can be hard to settle on any one genre or figure out one theme of music that makes sense for your guests.

These are the top types of music party hosts play and how to tell which is the best fit for your event.


Rock is a fantastic genre of music that gets blood rushing and puts people into motion.  If you’re throwing a big fun party for anyone from toddlers to a retirement crowd, rock can get people going if they enjoy it.  Consider the era of rock that will talk to your crowd and how much space your venue has.  Although live rock bands are awesome, they can be deafeningly loud if in a small, confined space.


Pop music is some of the easiest music to listen to; fun, sweet, and even great for a party where you want people to dance.  Pop is best for people in their 20s to 40s who want to dance and have fun and don’t mind throwbacks from the early 2000s and 2010s.  Of course, there can be outliers who enjoy this that are younger or older; this is just generally the demographic who likes it the most!


If you’re ready for performers with chops like Michael Francis Sinatra, it’s time for some oldies!  Retirement, anniversary, and birthday parties are all great excuses to play oldies.  Beyond this, you can even throw a themed party that’s modeled after an era, like the 1950s, to ensure that you really make the most out of this time period!  Oldies are any music from the 1950s to 1980s, but if you’re throwing a themed party, make sure to aim for that specific era! 

Top 40

Top 40 music is the best to play for a group that’s all over the place.  If this is a bunch of families of varying ages, it’s a great idea to put on some top 40 music.  To replicate the feeling of live music, consider hiring a DJ who can spin and play these and make them exciting for everyone involved.  Although you can definitely find cover bands for this, you’re less likely to find someone who can cover all of your bases for this genre.


Does your party have a theme?  A themed party usually makes your music choice more straightforward.  This means modern twists on sea-shanties for a pirate-themed party or techno and Daft Punk for a space-themed party.  With themed parties, people aren’t going to care if they know all of the music by heart or are able to sing along; it’s on themes, so it’s automatically more fun and interesting for everyone involved!  Don’t be afraid to have fun with themes!

Your Party Should Be a Show Stopper!

Whether this is your first event or your tenth this year alone: you should be sure to stun your guests.  Take the time to pick the right musical guests, and you can never go wrong!