Why is it Essential to Install a Water Filtration System in Every House?

Why is it Essential to Install a Water Filtration System in Every House?

Water is mandatory to lead a life on earth. A majority of the earth surface consists of water, and similarly, a significant part of the human body is made of fluid. 

Even though water availability is abundant on the earth, refreshing, clear and healthy hydrating fluid is not always available in the essential quantity. Quality matters, and what if the amount does not meet quality? It becomes worthless. Man’s activities cause pollution, and the heavy use of pesticides, organic waste, chemicals, and heavy metals directly affects water supplies. There is no other than installing a water filter in every home as comprising creates short term and long term health issues. 

To avoid the unpleasant smell and taste of water, go for water purifiers. Enhancing the water quality is vital to lead a life for a long. Read more to know the significance of water filters and water purifiers in every house.

There is no option other than purifying water.

Even though people know the importance of filtering water, most people hesitate to install filters and cleaners in the house. There are many essential benefits for this cost-effective and convenient installation method, from aesthetics to health-related advantages. They are: 

1) No more unpleasant taste

Drink filtered water and try unfiltered water after. Is there any difference in taste? There will be for sure! The former will taste better than the latter. Like pesticides, heavy metals, chlorine, and bacteria, the factors mentioned above can directly affect water taste. It gives either a horrible taste it an aftertaste. 

It is important to note that not every water which seems healthy will not hurt the body. Municipal tap water is an example here. It looks beneficial to drink it, but there are high chances they contain contaminants, making its appearance cloudy and dark. For great taste in drinking water, go for purifiers and filters. 

2) Improved smell

Factors like chlorine, heavy metals and pesticides can cause the foul smell of water. Metal like copper, iron and zinc also contributes to it. The metallic smelling is disgusting! If the water starts to smell odd, most people add chlorine or chloramine to it. Is the chlorinated water also has an unpleasant odour making it not at all consumable? 

Some contaminants won’t cause a bad smell. There are volatile organic compounds that do not give an unpleasant smell to the water. Ethelyn and formaldehyde are some examples. These compounds are powerful to provide skin irritation, carcinogenic effects, kidney and liver damage. To about these health issues, do not forget to filter water before consuming it. 

3) To protect the earth 

Most people choose to buy bottled water because it is the easiest way to drink contaminant-free water on a quick note. But this choice directly affects the environment because people fill the land with empty plastic bottles. Most of the places do not have the facility for recycling or reusing these plastic bottles. It causes the dumping of the bottles in open spaces. If filters and purifiers are encouraged among people, it is a step to reduce the amount of non-biodegradable plastic bottles used for landfills and save the ecosystem

4) To improve health protection

 The adverse effects of foreign substances like lead, bacteria, viruses and pesticides in the human body are severe than people can think. The harmful microorganisms like cryptosporidium and Giardia can become reasons for many other severe diseases. The easiest method to prevent these diseases is to install a water purifier in the home. 

Remember to use only filtered water for cooking. Also, use clean water for washing vegetables and utensils and also for daily activities like brushing. Using chlorinated water for bathing and showering can cause severe hair fall and respiratory ailments. 

Try to protect the kids from contaminated water. Their immune system is in the developing stage and could be easily affected.

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