Why Opt For Student Accommodation Near Monash University?

Monash University is a well-known public research educational institution that ranks in the top 100 universities of the world. Many enthusiastic students try for admission to this university. With people coming from across the globe, they seek student accommodation places near the university.

A student living near Monash University gets apparent benefits such as lesser travelling time, saving time, and lesser physical burden. Monash University, situated in Australia, supports one of the largest growing sectors, which is international education, with a whopping $33.9 billion value. It has its largest campus situated in Clayton, Australia. It also has the Matheson Library, famous for its educational resources. 

While it saves the students time, it can also prove costly. The reason is that many students, especially international students rush for student accommodations near the universities as they are not well accustomed to the surroundings. Whereas senior students also do the same as they have more studies to cope with and need to save time and effort instead of spending it on travelling. This blog has covered some of the basics of such stays. 


Reason to Choose Nearby Accommodation

When looking at nearby accommodations, many people emphasise that they save money in the long run. That is not the case in overpriced rentals and private studios. Not many students opt for faraway places, and those still end up looking for nearby housing. But why opt for nearby accommodations if they are a bit costly and could further put pressure on your budget? 

The primary reason is that few people prefer the peace of mind and time over money. Therefore when they prioritise studies, money ranks second to them, which results in looking for nearby places to go to university. And if your budget allows for the same, you should also look for options that save you time, and you can leave behind a hectic schedule of waking up early to travel to places for hours. The exact time spent travelling can be used in other places, whether it’s your part-time job, exam preparation, or maybe your sports practice. 

Therefore when looking for accommodations near your university, if your budget allows, it should be your priority without any delay. Once you have settled down and absorbed your surroundings, how you plan your budget and live there should be up to you. 

Financial Aids Provided by the Government 

Many international and domestic students get various benefits from the government of Australia, and it strives to provide support for the various categories of students. While Monash university has various campuses dedicated to research, the Peninsula campus focuses on health and wellness with community growth. It has the most spectacular sports lab with the latest tech worth $12.8 million. It has the most beautiful campus with upgraded tech and quick access to the national parks and Mornington peninsula.

At least thousands of scholarships for students and aid for economic issues are answered by the government. There are many such aids for all categories of people in different situations. These aids aim to attract many people from all over the globe and enable them to receive education wherever they want. 


Education is essential and a priority for many students in this world. Hence receiving this education in a suitable environment is also a priority. Having good education without suitable housing can cause mental and physical burdens on the body. It is the reason why it’s worth it to opt for student accommodations near the universities that later on help them save time and manage their studies better.