Why Partex Furniture Is The Best In MFC Board Furniture

Partex Furniture is the best furniture manufacturing brand in Bangladesh in MFC Board furniture manufacturing field. Partex Furniture has wide range of product varieties as well as color varieties of it MFC board (Panel) Furniture. It is fully knock down furniture. It can be easily transferred to all places. It can be export easily. It has some exclusive colors like Red Oak, White Oak, Black Oak, Cherry, Burma Teak, Mahogany, Maple etc. It has great demand in Bangladesh. Red Oak color is popularly used in Office furniture or corporate furniture manufacturing and Burma Teak color is widely used in home furniture manufacturing. The following points have been stated below to tell about why Partex Furniture is best in MFC Board furniture manufacturing.

  • Sister concern is producing its basic raw materials (MFC Board) by European Technology. It means, Partex Furniture has strong back ward integration.
  • It is using modern machinery (Origin: Germany, Italy & Taiwan) and skilled manpower
  • Using Melamine faced chipped (MFC) board with good heat resistance capacity up to 70° C.
  • Very good screw holding capacity due to chips homogenous density.
  • Excellent surface finish of board due to Matt plated lamination – no varnish/polish required.
  • Unique & Rich color collection (Burma Teak, Red Oak etc.) – excellent matching between board color and edging color.
  • Maintain correct board and edging thickness.
  • Using MFC board with excellent stain and chemical resistance capacity – so easy to clean.
  • Products made from termite proof and moisture resistance boards – so good longevity.
  • Knock down products – so easy to handle.
  • Computerized Automatic Edging using high temperature glue with good surface finishing.
  • Wide range of product variety with customization facility.
  • Automatic Double End Tenoner – excellent dimensional accuracy and good product finish.
  • Computerized machine used for design works on special cabinets.
  • Special product designing team comprising with qualified architects and engineers. 


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