Amazing Art Achievements Unlocked With Internet

5 Amazing Art Achievements Unlocked With Internet

Gone are the days when cave dwellers drew on cave walls and painters spilled paints on cloth canvases. Technological innovations have rendered all of that redundant. It is in the past now. Antique. Ancient. Absolutely done for.

In today’s artistic scenario, new horizons have been opened and hitherto-hidden niches have been revealed. It is possible to play on reality now, to look at it from impossible angles, even to mold it to a certain degree. How? Because of technology, which has redefined art in a breath-taking way.

The following are the top-class examples of how technology has mingled with creativity and given rise to stunning pieces of art. Read through and be amazed!

Pixelated Paintings

Take a potted plant and start sketching it. Even if you were a pro, you would draw it from different angles, but always in one shape. Perspective.

What if I told you that there is a way you could break that potted plant into a billion fragments and capture each piece in your art at the same time? You would not have to go from point A to B but travel the whole alphabet simultaneously. Pixelated art, made possible by technology. If you find it hard to believe me, watch the marvelous electronic pieces by Sara Ludy and others on YouTube. You will not regret it, believe me.

VR Drawings

When it comes to imagination, the sky’s the limit. Trust me when I say it, technology has truly internalized this famous maxim. Never before, it has been possible to draw on air until now. Yes, you heard that right. The very AIR you breathe in. 

With VR technology, you can say goodbye to heavy canvasses, and paint your surroundings in another mode of reality. Create art on a different plane, as Tim O’Brien does. Simply wear the oculus rift and get a tilt brush, and I swear you will thoroughly enjoy the experience. No more physical reality restrictions!

Laser Compositions

It is true that old-school artists played with light. However, they only got as far as capturing it in their paintings. Setting it in a boring permanence.

Today, light cannot only be captured but it can be controlled, and that in a powerful way. Imagine being able to sculpt an abstract phenomenon. What a godlike sensation!

Interactive light shows are organized throughout the world, which use laser-technology to play tricks on people’s minds, merging reality, and techno-fantasy. Especially famous in this category are the laser pieces by Rafael Lozano-Hemmer. Cool, right?

Aural Art

I am sure you already know that music is an art in itself. Since Beethoven’s times and even before that, music has been enthralling generations of humans.

What is different today, though?

Now, with technology’s rise, new avenues have been discovered in aural art, as evidenced by John Wynne. Sound manipulation has taken a whole leap into the future and changed the very makeup of acoustic ecology. A 3D sensational uplifting and an almost telepathic interaction is brought about by harmoniously jarring musical pieces. Why harmoniously jarring? Because that is how we are living today, with one-step in material reality and the other in virtual reality. Stuck subliminally.

Electronic Assemblages

Introduce order into chaos. That is what we human beings absolutely love to do. Right?

Do you let out a huge sigh of relief each time you properly join all the puzzle pieces together? I am sure you do. One minute ago, they have spread out everywhere abominably, and the next minute, neatly set together. 

This is what Yuri Suzuki’s art is all about. Bringing different sorts of technological pieces like a loudspeaker, a robot or a piano, etc. together and creating a wonderful mosaic out of it. A wholly new techno-creation. Sweet, right?

Final Words

Next time someone degrades technology as an art-murderer, show them this article and win the argument. Technology enhances art and that is the vital truth. Change is always beautiful. So, if you are looking to change your internet provider, click here to find some of the best internet plans available in your area. You will be surprised to see the discounts that you are eligible to get if you place an order online.