How to Backup Your Website Using FTP Filezilla

Taking backup of your website regularly at a certain interval is very important for all bloggers & site managers.But, you have to be aware during backup of your website. Every cPanel has a option of taking backup of your website and it is very easy for all bloggers but, if your site is very large, you can use an FTP software like Filezilla totake backup of your website. The process is very much easy and in this post, I will show you how to backup your website using FTP Filezilla.

Steps of Taking Backup of Your Website by Using Filezilla:

1. Download Filezilla Software:

At first, you have to download Filezilla software from internet and it is free soft. You can download filezilla software from the following page:

2. Install Filezilla Software:

After downloading from internet, install your filezila soft in your computer.

3. Use Filezilla to connect to your account

After proper installation of your Filezilla software, use the quick connect feature to connect to your ftp user account. To do so, you must need to know the following settings:

Host: For the value of host, enter Here, is the domain name of your website. For example, if your domain name is, enter into the Host field.

Username: Enter your cPanel username or created ftp user name from cPanel here.

Password: Enter your cPanel password or created ftp account password here.

Port: Generally,the default port number is 21, but you can leave blank here.

4. Download your web files:

After connected to the ftp client, you can then download your website files for backing up. There are various ways to do this, but, we do recommend the following process:

In the following directions, you have to work within different quadrants in FileZilla. The following screenshot defines them:

In the upper-left corner, click your desktop icon to open it.

In the lower-left corner,presses right clicks and then, choose “Create New Directory“.

Label the directory as per your choice so that you can recognize it later. In this tutorial, rename the folder “Website Backup” followed by a date.

Double click the new directory in the lower-left corner to navigate to it.

In the lower-right corner, click on any folder and then,use Ctrl+A on your keyboard to highlight (select) all of the files and folders.

Select all of the files and folders in the above step to download all files in your hosting account, including files used by cPanel. If you don’t want to take backup every single file, you can hold Ctrl on your keyboard and click only the folders that you want.

public_html: If you want to download your website files, select the public_html directory

Email: If you want to download your email, select the email directory.

Databases: Your databases are not stored in the same directory like your hosting account. If you like to download a backup of your databases separately, please see the following link:

Press Right click on any of the highlighted files / folders and then, click “Download“. It will download all of your files / folders to the “Website Backup” folder which I have created just now.

Video on Backup Your Website Database from CPanel:

Video on Backup of Your Website Through Filezila:

Hope you are clear about how to backup your website. If you have any query furthermore, feel free to ask me through comments.

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