6 Serious Fearful Places in the World

There are several fearful places in the world but all are not same fearful. Some are more and some are less fearful. Among them following 6 places are the most fearful and dangerous.

6 Serious Fearful Places:

The gates of hell :

This place is located at the gates of hell in Turkmenistan . In 1971, a big gas company of Soviet Union searched for gas well and then a huge explosion occurs . It went off the field . Many people died . It created and filled a big hole in a huge fire . Methane gas (CH4) was constantly being emitted from these huge holes and the fire from her .  This fire was so much heat that it could not stand on his side, never more than two minutes . From that period,  the name of the place became the gates of hell .


White Desert :

White Desert is the name of the melody of the song  “legendary” . But in reality the White Desert views Egypt Farafra marudyane blends . According to the history of this desert splendor that was submerged under water, the Eastern Sahara desert when there is a rise in the cretaceous . Above the sea surface moves slowly in this place when the White Desert creates cretacious stagnant .

Champagne Lake :

Whatever the name of it , it is not a lake filled with champagne . This lake is situated in Newzeland located on the Wai-O-Tapu . Wai-O-Tapu area located on ruturuya again . Mauri is the translation from the Wai-O-Tapu , which means sacred water or colored water and kahumatamamio ruturuya means that Smyth was the Lord who is the uncle invented this area. It turns out that the orange part of the film is a huge assortment of graphaida out of gas in the form of bubbles and the like syampenera carbon – dioxide – . Looking for the name of this lake situated “champagne Lake” .

Killer Lakes :

‘ Killer Lakes ” or the killer lake is in Cameroon ‘s position . NYOS is it’s real name , but it is locally known as Killer Lakes . A volcanic crater lake located adjacent soil . Though it flows through the water saturated labhaya and is emitted from the carbon – dioxide  . The killers behind the name of the lake in the early 1986 ‘s the original story from the lake carbon – dioxide  which is out of the large bubbles mixed with sulfur and haidrajenera goes atmosphere . After that spread throughout the lake around 3 km gas . And in a little while the gas affected almost 1700 people died and 3500 cattle . Since the name of the lake is the lake ‘s murderer .

Pamukkala (Pamukkala):

Pamukkala ice mountains might seem like a lot of people . But in reality it is not snow . This has created Waterfall hill or from calcium -like crystals . Pamukkalara Location Turkey . According to history, 1000 years ago pamukkalara been created . Dinjila are organized in Turkey earthquake 1000 years ago . The earthquake caused cracks to come out of the water rich in calcium . This takes the form of calcium-rich water flows then ever White Waterfall Hills .

Sukatra Dbipah:

Sukatra Island is located in Iyemene. Sukatra Island is much more interesting as the island ‘s vegetation . The island is 10Km long and the width is 40 m.  The Island Trees palaguloo looks quite strange . Dragon Blood Tree is the most strange trees on this island . This looks fitted with rubber from trees like umbrellas . Another strange plant name ‘Desert Rose’ or desert roses. There are approximately 700 different plants in this island .

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