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10 Best Furniture Stores in Washington DC

Your house is never complete without the perfect furniture. We need every piece of furniture to fulfill our needs. But still, we need new models and our taste changes. If you wonder about the best furniture stores in Washington DC, we can guide you to the best stores. 

It is possible to make your home a dream home with new and unique furniture. If you visit the best stores, you will see which furniture is trending and what to pick within your budget. 

Based on the services, collection, company information, and customer reviews, we have shortlisted the 10 best furniture store names here to give you the overall idea. You can choose your store easily. 

Furniture Cost analysis in Washington DC

We have given you some common ideas about the average pricing of the common furniture we need, hope that will help you too.

FurnitureLow-End CostMid-Range CostHigh-End Cost
Dining Room Set$500$1200$2500
Coffee Table$200$500$1600

These are some average prices of different types of furniture. These are given to give you an idea, as you have a budget in mind before buying. Different stores have a different range of product lines, so the price will be different too. 

10 Best Furniture Stores in Washington DC

Now we will talk about the best furniture stores in Washington DC, from where you can choose yours. 

1. Room & Board

ServicesLiving Room Furniture, Dining Room Furniture, Kitchen Furniture, Bedroom Furniture,Office Furniture,Kids Furniture
Address14th and T Street1840 14th Street, NWWashington, D.C.
Contact Details202-729-8300
Working HourSunday- Closed (Monday- Saturday) 11AM- 7PM

Room & Board is a well-known brand in the USA and has stores in multiple locations. They are focused on creative classic type furniture and with modern lines too. With a great reputation, they are running their business to satisfy their customers. 

If you have some modern and classic designs in your mind, you can check their store to find the right match. Also, you can decorate your office and home-based on a classic theme or modern theme that will fit your budget. 

Two things that are very noticeable for Room & Board furniture are that they make high-quality products and those are long-lasting that you can depend on closing your eyes. You can also rely on their raw materials and quality. 

Different types of product lineDifferent types of themeHigh Quality ProductsDurable and Long LastingOffers Custom Made FurnitureDelivery service may be delayed

Customer Reviews

It comes with huge client responses on their products. 

“Really like this store, and all the Room & Board locations. Large and nicely laid out for easy shopping. Well priced, well made stylish furniture with a good, but not overwhelming selection. Very helpful staff. Lots of options on upholstery and other details. I’ve bought quite a number of pieces at the Room & Board in Chelsea, NYC.”

Mark W

“The day before delivery I got a call that one of the dressers I ordered was defective, but they were calling to tell me they were putting in an exchange order and I could use the defective dresser until I get the new one. That’s awesome customer service! I bought two bedroom sets and was looking for strong furniture as my husband and daughter tend to play aggressively. I was super pleased when the furniture came; there is no way they’re breaking steel. I look forward to my future furniture purchases as everything is so well crafted.”

Leslie K

2. BoConcept Georgetown

ServicesSofaChair, Armchair,TableBedStorage
AddressDesign District, 3342 M St NW, Washington, DC 20007, United States
Contact Details+1 202-333-5656
Working HourSunday- 12AM-6PM (Monday- Saturday) 11AM- 7PM

BoConcept is another reputed brand where you will find the latest furniture line. It is the nearest solution for furniture where you can choose from different colors and variations. If you want to renovate your house, it is a place where you will get all the solutions. 

If you have ever thought about a SMART solution for your furniture, you can undoubtedly reach out here. The online material and style selection tool is awesome; they will allow you to choose the best form with many variations. 

From the quality to the durability, you can visit their store to get the right product type. The most interesting thing is that you do not even need to go to their store; you can order online. Also, you will enjoy a 5 years warranty, too. So, be sure about the quality and service. 

Available designs in different colorAvailable onlineEye catchy modern product lineImproved qualityYou may need technicians to setup the furniture

Customer Reviews

Customers really appreciate the products and services.

“Reached out to Tim to see if he and his team could help move the same Boconcept pieces I bought a couple years ago. Tim was able to accommodate and the furniture was disassembled, wrapped, and moved to my new apartment. While assembly manuals are helpful, having someone who already knows how to disassemble/assemble these furniture pieces definitely expedited my move. I highly recommend it!”

Quoc  T

“Great minimalistic, modern, playful and practical design. I bought two barstools and within a week received them at home. They are hydraulic so I can adjust them to different counter heights – thanks to Ayman and Tom for their through and professional service!”

Katherine V

3. Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams

ServicesLiving Room Furniture, Dining Room Furniture, Bedroom Furniture, Office Furniture, Others
Address1526 14th St NW, Washington, DC 20005, United States
Contact Details+1 202-332-3433
Working HourSunday- 11AM- 5PM, (Monday-Saturday) 11AM- 6PM

Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams have some excellent theme-based collections that will amaze you. They work on themes from different ones; you will get a chance to experiment and choose one. The users very much appreciate their Living Room & Dining room furniture. 

They do not only sell furniture, but they also have design services to give you customized solutions. In Washington, you will find a signature store fully equipped with your needs. Also, the quality is comparable to other renowned brands. You will regret it if you miss their collection. 

Their brand store is equipped with support and modification features that will instantly send you to support if you face any issues. 

Theme based furniture lineImproved materialsUnique DesignBetter service deliveryYou may not get proper attendance at store

Customer Reviews

Users love to get furniture from them due to their unique collection. 

“Spoke with them on the phone and Howard was so helpful. Looking forward to seeing the products in person!”

Tomas G

“Though we didn’t end up buying anything from here, I must say they had a great selection at reasonable prices. Unique style of furniture compared to other stores.

The staff was also helpful and friendly without being too pushy at all. Comfortable atmosphere for actually trying out furniture.”

Jenny F

4. Theordore’s Modern Furniture

ServicesSeating Furniture, Eating Furniture, Living Furniture, Office Furniture, Interior Design Services
Address2233 Wisconsin Ave NW, Washington, DC 20007, United States
Contact Details+1 202-333-2300
Working HourSunday- 12AM- 6PM, (Monday- Saturday)10AM- 6PM

Theodore’s Modern Furniture is another good choice for modern furniture. The store is in your nearest location, and they offer a wide variety of modern furniture, including sofas, chairs, coffee tables, dining tables, and more. You will be able to choose from a wide variety of different colors and styles of furniture. 

If you taste modern themes and modern design, it is a great place to shop for modern furniture. You will be able to get interior decoration service from them at an affordable price. The uniqueness of the furniture is in their look and design; most of them are Italian and will give peace to your eyes. 

If you get their products, you will also enjoy their customer services and other benefits in the long run. Even you will be able to get small-scale furniture and any solution to them. 

Italian FurnituresModern lookBetter customer care supportNo return, No Refund policy

Customer Reviews

They have a huge satisfied client pool who are happy with their furniture.

“Theodore has a collection of furniture with different styles which is great since you find items from different designers.   Most of the furniture is made in Italy.  The quality and craftsmanship is superb, the design is beautiful and the customer service is excellent.  We purchased several times and Sandy helped us with the selection of fabrics, colors as well as with the design in the living room.  She is a very competent designer with a great eye for space, dimensions and colors. I strongly recommend Theodore and especially Sandy.”

Susana F

“Theodores is our go to place for contemporary furnishings of exceptional quality, as well as design ideas for our home.  Janice has helped us create what I call “organic contemporary” in our home.  We’ve also had wonderful help from Marian, who is efficient and knowledgeable. A gem in DC!”

Moraima S

5. Calligaris

ServicesLiving Room Furniture, Dining Room Furniture, Kitchen Furniture, Bedroom Furniture
Address3328 M St NW, Washington, DC 20007, United States
Contact Details+1 202-244-5544
Working HourSunday- 12AM- 6PM, Monday- Saturday 10AM- 7PM

Calligaris offers a large collection of new shape furniture for your home. Calligaris is a trusted brand and a leading modern furniture brand in the USA. They create beautiful and unique furniture that can easily transform the look of your home. 

Here, you will find a wide range of contemporary furniture for your bedroom, living room, dining room, office, etc. The raw materials used in this store are tested and come with after-sales service. If you need a modern furniture store in Washington, DC, it offers a wide range of modern furniture for your home. 

So, you can try Calligaris in the nearest location and contact them for any design solution.

Modern and Unique DesignsDurable and better materialsCustomization featureCustomer service need to improve

Customer Reviews

Calligaris customers are always happy with their product and recommend the same. 

“I love high end furniture that is built well but I also love customer service that makes me feel important and I received both at Calligaris. The associate was knowledgeable and super helpful in helping us decide which chairs to buy! Can’t wait to receive my pieces!”

Sara B

“Wonderful experience with Samantha! We left with exactly what we wanted and we will definitely return to purchase more quality pieces for our home..”

Hilary W

6. Miss Pixie’s

ServicesSeat Table, Dresser Shelves
Address1626 14th St NW, Washington, DC 20009, United States
Contact Details+1 202-232-8171
Working HourSunday- Saturday 11AM- 6.30PM

When you need good quality furniture in Washington, DC, this store can be a good solution. Here you will get general furniture choices and design ideas. Also here you will get a lot of showpieces and decoration items. 

They specialize in general kinds of pieces that adjust both in antique and modern houses. You can find your chosen piece from their readymade product line. If you need a customized solution, you can also contact their designers. 

You can assign them to any interior project and ensure that they have the top-notch product quality that you can use for years.

Durable materialsImproved designReliable serviceAffordable priceNo antique collection

Customer Reviews

It comes with satisfied client responses on their products. 

“It was really nice!! I had never been there before. The store was a mix of contemporary and nostalgia. There were comic books, marbles, kitchen tools, and furniture.  I can’t wait to go back..”

Keva B

“I absolutely LOVE Miss Pixie’s!! My mother has raved about this place for a long time and I finally had the pleasure of stopping by. They have a wide variety of things for every taste. So much character!

I love to buy random things. lol So of course I bought a few things. One store that is true to “if you love, BUY IT! It may not be there tomorrow!” I WILL BE BACK.”

Brittney V

7. Modern Mobler

ServicesSeating Furniture, Storage Furniture Tables
Address7313 Georgia Ave NW, Washington, DC 20012, United States
Contact Details+1 202-882-1648
Working HourSunday- Closed, Monday-Saturday 11AM- 7PM

Finding old pieces is tough these days. But Modern Mobler has a collection of 50 years back era. So, you can easily come here and choose the right piece for you. 

If you want to bring the antique look to your house, it is the right choice. Those who have used these products have also recommended these for the affordable price and good designs. 

They keep the customer feedback very politely and give as much support as possible. The old clients very much appreciate it. 

Antique ProductsReal leather materialBetter customer care serviceDecoration solutionManagerial staffs are not polite

Customer Reviews

They have a long time track record and they love to have furniture from here. 

“Wonderful Experience!

Doug, the owner, has more knowledge of Modern furniture in general and Danish Modern in particular than anyone else I have spoken with. He will give you the background and history of any piece you’re interested in, so you know exactly what you will be getting when you are considering a purchase. More than just facts and details, he gives you a feel for the piece, so you can really understand how it will fit in your home.”

William K

“I was skeptical on where to find good quality furniture because they all have bad wood, but my dad had mentioned this place so I went and checked it out. I was amazed on the quality and the prices. Such good materials and customer service. I made this my store of choice..”

Engel D

8. Lovesac

ServicesInteractive Furniture,Modern Features, Multi Use Furniture
Address1506 14th St NW, Washington, DC 20005, United States
Contact Details+1 202-843-9354
Working HourSunday- 12AM-6PM, Monday-Saturday 11AM- 7PM

You will not believe what they make. They make sofas and other furniture that are stuffed with features. You can listen to music, feel the vibration and many more. These can be charged, and you can enjoy vibration on it. 

All these features are invisible, as you are sitting on a sofa and cannot see where the sound is coming from. So, if you want something like this, you will be thundered. The features are concealed and will give a great experience. 

Also, you can enjoy a 60-day trial on this product to check it first. The delivery service is free, so you do not have any hassle carrying these. 

Easy to washChangeableCustomizableAmazing experienceCustomer care service is not updated

Customer Reviews

The customers are enjoying amazing things from this store, so it is recommended. 

“Great experience at Lovesac Logan Circle! Our sales associate was very informative and attentive. We will be returning to this store when we are ready to make our purchase..”

Aleisha K

“Great shopping experience and expertise. It was a joy to walk in the store and see the products. I was giving great information on each section, how they fit together and how to arrange them. I highly recommend Lovesac..”

Ayanah G

9. Ligne Roset

ServicesLivingDining, Workspace, Bedroom Outdoor
Address2201 Wisconsin Ave NW, Washington, DC 20007, United States
Contact Details+1 202-248-3112
Working HourSunday- 12AM-6PM, Monday- Close, Tuesday-Saturday 10AM- 6PM

If you are looking for the best futuristic furniture that everyone would like, this is the right place. You will find a huge collection here and can ask for customization too. Their designers are top-notch and contribute the best to the stores. 

They have a great customization plan; you can change material, color and even a design as per your choice. Yes, that will cost much, but you will love to have one. They have a scheme where you can bring their designer to your new home to customize anything for you. 

You can think of only new design furniture with Ligne Roset and get things done that are fully extraordinary from other stores. 

Modern designsFuturistic looksCustomization featuresCost is higher compared to other stores

Customer Reviews

There is no option to not recommend their product. So what their customer says?

“If you are in the area well worth a look through the showroom to see what they have – I like the arrangements which helps me with ideas.  The members always answer any questions I have and take the time to explain details, which are important to me so when I am looking for just the right piece I have the information..”

Robert F

“We have been enthusiastic customers of Ligne Roset DC since 2012 when we bought a set of 12 formal “So” dining chairs and the iconic pumpkin chair. The store is locally owned by a warm and welcoming community-minded family. This translates to amazing customer service! Owner David Zein has an exquisite eye for design.”

Jacqueline K

10. Crate & Barrel

ServicesSofas,Chair,Furniture, Dining Tables
Address4820 Massachusetts Ave NW, Washington, DC 20016, United States
Contact Details+1 202-364-6100
Working HourSunday- Closed, Monday- Saturday10AM- 8PM

Modern furniture has a name that is Crate and Barrel. You will find amazing and innovative designs in their store. They use multiple types of material to match your needs. It is one of the best furniture stores in Washington dc. 

They have a huge collection in their stores, and you can place an order there online too. Also, you will find customized material options if you give them your preferences. It is not impossible to make furniture according to your choice. 

If you like their collection, you can visit their store, and it will be a great experience. The quality is awesome, and it will catch your breath. 

Modern designCustomizable materialsDurable and Long lastingOnline Stock is not updated

Customer Reviews

If you look for a happy customer, see what they say. 

“Helpful customer service, and wonderful selection. A very enjoyable shopping experience. I Will come back!

Only negative was one employee, possibly a manager, Lisa. The associate checking us out asked her for help, she came over obviously annoyed with him then ignored us standing directly in front of her. This male associate was kind, friendly and helpful. He went out of his way to help us. It bothered me that she would treat him this way, especially in front of customers. Maybe she was having a day or was exhausted but it was off putting..”

Mary T

“Liz D. came to my rescue when a 3rd party courier service lost a Christmas present! I can’t say enough about how professional she was throughout the entire dramatic ordeal. Liz honestly saved Christmas. I’ve been a customer of Crate for quite some time. I even worked for the company many moons ago. I was astounded by how swiftly Liz handled everything, and she did it during THE MOST busiest time of year!”

Leo S

Some FAQ

Where should you not buy furniture?

Before buying any furniture, check the reviews first; if those are well, you can for shopping there. Google reviews are one of the best methods to check. 

What is the longest-lasting furniture brand?

It depends on the brands who are working with the pieces. If they are offering 5 years to 10 years warranty on the furniture, you are sure that their product quality is better. Also, you can check the product reviews. 

When should you not buy furniture?

If you are going for wooden furniture, be sure that it is properly processed and dried. Avoid buying wooden furniture during the rainy season. 

Last words

We have gone through the local best stores and have shortlisted the best furniture stores in Washington dc. You can see the collection and their reviews; I hope you will be able to find the right place to buy yours. Reach the right place and pick the right one.

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