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How Long to Leave a Car Running to Charge The Battery?

If you do not charge your car battery, you will be sitting worthlessly when trying to start it. The individual battery in different cars takes different types of time to charge it. Today we will talk about the basic need for a Car battery in our car, and the query is, how long to leave a car running to charge the battery?

When we start our car with one push, it takes immediate charge from the battery, and the battery should have that much power to give the thrust. A car engine should be running for 30 minutes; then, the alternator will deliver sufficient charge for the next start. 

The issues are easy, but we will talk about the battery and charging features that will give us an in-depth idea and maintain the battery for longer use. So, come on, let’s discuss it. 

Charging your car battery

Generally, the time it takes to charge your car battery fully depends on how long you drive your car, the weather, and the battery’s condition. The battery will be fully charged in about 3 hours if you drive your car at an average speed of 50 km/h (31 mph), and the battery is in good condition. The battery will be fully charged in about 2 hours if you drive the car at an average speed of 80 km/h (50 mph), and the battery life is in good condition.

So, if we want our car to jump-start, then we have to follow the above technique, but the process for electric cars and other cases are different. Just don’t let your car battery die

How to Jump-start your car?

If you find your car battery is not working and has no charge. Then we need to jump-start it. It will need some extra efforts that we will explain here. It is the best way to get your car started. It only works if the battery is down and not working. 

  • Take an additional battery, and you need to connect it with your dead battery
  • Connect the positive and negative terminal with Jump leads
  • Wait for 10 minutes and then try to start
  • After starting, keep the engine running for 10 minute
  • Disconnect the Jump leads
  • Be careful that Positive and Negative Leads do not connect. 

You can jump-start your car if the battery is flat in this process. It is the easiest way to start your car. 

What should We do if the battery is flat?

Starting a flat car battery with another battery is called Boost. Connect the battery with another battery or other car that will give power to your battery to start yours. What happens?

If the battery is too low, the engine won’t start. You can try to connect the battery with a jumper cable.

Voltage is another issue here; Another way is to start the car and connect the battery with a battery that has the same voltage as the battery of the car. This way, you will make the car start, and then you can start the car.

Some cars have an automatic voltage regulator. If your car has an automatic voltage regulator, you can connect the battery with the battery that has the same voltage as the car’s battery.

How often should I start my car if I am not driving?

Suppose you are not driving your car now. Start your car once a week because the car battery is draining. Keep it running for 15 minutes and let the alternator charge the battery. If you do that every week, it will be a good solution for an idle car. 

If you want to keep your car in running condition, you can do that, but there is some common maintenance. There is another way that you can try. Here you will be able to take a short drive for 2-3 kilometers and return to the garage. In this way, the car battery will be in a working capacity. 

How to charge your car battery?

Here we will talk about the most potential and applicable Five steps. Just follow them and charge the batteries easily. 

  • First, check the voltage of your car battery. Be sure about the specific voltage; you can contact it with other batteries and use a battery charger here if you know it. 
  • Remove all kinds of dirt and carbon from the battery contact points. Due to any corrosion battery will not take charge. Also, ensure that your skin does not get in touch with contact points.
  • Disconnect your battery from the car charging port, and keep it idle. When you are not driving a car, disconnecting the battery is a good method.
  • When we need to hold the charge in the battery, connect the car charger and start the car engine. It will make the alternator start charging. Also, you can go for a short trip to make it faster. 
  • Do regular checkups to keep the battery in proper health. 

How to charge car battery while parked

You can do two things if you want to charge your car battery when it is parked. You can keep the engine running, which will keep the battery in the charging process. On the other hand, you can connect the battery terminal to your car battery; it will get charged. A car battery is charged when you follow these steps. 

Last few words

Do we have a long discussion on how long to leave a car running to charge the battery? We can follow several methods, and you can keep your battery in good health. It is an exciting matter as we need not change the battery very often. 

So, now you can follow all these tricks to make your battery charged, and you do not need to take your car out every day. We wish you good luck with your car battery issue solving. 



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