10 Best Online English Teaching Platforms in 2024

Online education refers to teaching people over the internet, a method of educating people utilizing the internet. At the same time, some online teaching techniques use textual communications, known as chatting. On the other hand, virtual education is mostly conducted via video calls, and classes may have multiple students participating simultaneously, as in a traditional classroom. In this article, we are going to share valuable information about the best online English teaching platforms.

People are always avoiding internet speed as one of the most significant issues. In addition, without a fast and reliable internet connection, it is virtually impossible to teach online. However, at minimum, you have to need 4mbps for most online teaching.

List of The Best Online English Teaching Platforms

Currently, teaching English online is growing in popularity because it enables students and instructors to study and earn while being at home. All that you need to teach online English classes is a computer, a microphone, and a camera. However, a basic laptop is required for these things. 

You might have to download video conferencing software like Skype or Zoom to deliver classes remotely.We have listed below the best online English teaching platforms that we have found from our research in this article.

1. AmazingTalker

AmazingTalker will get the first position on our list because of their service. In addition, they are committed to developing a complete online learning platform that will enable anyone to master any language.

AmazingTalker strives to simplify learning through technology for people all over the world and to become a world-class education brand. Nevertheless, the world is unstoppable, and everyone is constantly seeking and discovering new ways to accelerate their progress. In the case of the company, the iniquity of its decisions led it to establish clear and ambitious objectives. 

  • Prerequisites: No degree needed.
  • Hourly rate: Teacher can set their rate.
  • Learners: kids, teens, and adults.
  • Length of lesson: Two to three minutes the length of the video.

Advantage of AmazingTalker 

  • You decide how much to charge.
  • Have to take the class, in keeping with the plan.
  • Choose what you want to teach.
  • No need for any type of certificate. 
  • Provide their high-quality service.

Disadvantage of AmazingTalker 

  • Commission fees are based on a variable percentage beginning at 30%.
  • Making it difficult to attract students.
  • No one helps to make their own materials.
  • For a long lesson plan.

2. Cambly

Cambly is one of the best online English teaching platforms, it is great for those who wish to actually learn English. In addition to this, this platform also enables you to earn additional income.

The app enables you to teach via your smartphone, and you will not have to commit to a monthly fee. If you continue with this best English learning platform and create excellent results with your learners. However, you can earn significant money if you have a quality laptop and internet connection.

Although Cambly doesn’t provide wage raises, it gives instructional materials, and your calendar will fill up faster than other companies. Additionally, you can earn extra money by participating in incentive programs, like the referral program.

  • Prerequisites: Nothing.
  • Hourly rate: $10.20 per hour with Cambly.
  • Learners: kids, teens, and adults
  • Length of lesson: Thirty minutes for the Kids.

Advantage of Cambly 

  • Cambly instructors plan your lesson plan.
  • Remote working is possible.
  • There is no fixed contract.
  • Regular students are welcome.
  • Both adults and children are welcome.
  • Referral bonuses are available.
  • Parents do not need to be involved.
  • Bachelor’s degree is not required

Disadvantage of Cambly 

  • It’s a good place to start for new teachers.
  • There are no pay raises.
  • There’s not a lot of stability in the contract.
  • Classes and schedules are not guaranteed.

3. Preply

Preply matches students from over one hundred eighty countries with online English teachers who can help them improve their English skills. The course is also ideal for digital nomads who wish to teach from anywhere in the world. Aside from that, it is one of the best online English teaching platforms.

Preply provides many of the same benefits as its rivals, including competitive pay, flexible working hours, and the option to design your own courses. Moreover, it is quite easy to establish oneself as an instructor. You have complete control over your pay, schedule, and topics of instruction. 

  • Prerequisites: No need.
  • Hourly rate: Each teacher sets their own rate.
  • Learners: both children and adults.
  • Length of lesson: the first lesson is one hour.

Advantage of Preply

  • Any language can be taught, not just English.
  • Schedules are flexible.
  • Student interest seems genuine.
  • Preply is a reputable company with lots of students.
  • It provides materials.

Disadvantage of Preply

  • Getting students requires marketing yourself.
  • Commissions are high.
  • There is no booking guarantee.
  • There is no payment for trials.

4. iTalki

iTalki is another best online English teaching platform. However, it is an excellent alternative for instructors located outside of Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom. In addition, iTalki has a more diverse student base than any other country.

 iTalki, we like it because you can join up as a professional instructor and earn more. If you are an experienced teacher with all necessary certifications, always welcome in iTalki. However, you may work as a community tutor if you are more of a casual instructor with little experience and no credentials. Additionally, community tutors are intended to give conversation practice. At the same time, professional instructors are mandated to teach particular skills-based sessions.

  • Prerequisites: Professional teachers need TEFL certificates but not community tutors. 
  • Hourly rate: Teacher can rate.
  • Learners: both children and adults.
  • Length of lesson: Thirty minutes for trial lesson.

Advantage of iTalki

  • Rating is Excellent.
  • Students are more satisfied.
  • Salaries that are competitive.
  • Creating courses and lessons on your own.
  • International applicants are welcome.
  • If you have students, you’ll have a stable income for 6 months.

Disadvantage of iTalki 

  • Poor reviews can affect getting booked again as a teacher.
  • New teachers have to prepare their own materials.
  • Setting up a schedule takes time and marketing yourself takes effort.
  • Monthly payments only.

5. English Hunt

Another option for an English online learning platform is English Hunt. In addition to that, it is also a respected learning site that connects students with English tutors.The English instructors for live classes must have a four year degree. Most of the classes are brief. Lecture time will run between ten and twenty minutes. According to your availability, English Hunt provides shifts ranging from one to six hours.

  • Prerequisites: English instructor needs  atleast four year degree.
  • Hourly rate: Each teacher sets their own rate.
  • Learners: both children and adults.
  • Length of lesson: the first lesson is ten or twenty minutes.

Advantage of English Hunt

  • Working from anywhere is possible.
  • Payments are direct deposits. 
  • Sometimes advances are possible.
  • Foreign language proficiency is not required.
  • The schedule is somewhat flexible.

Disadvantage of English Hunt

  • Above is a comment on a bank account.
  • American teachers must be hired.
  • You cannot run English Hunt’s software on a Mac!
  • Depends on where you live.
  • Graduation needs. 

6. LatinHire 

LatinHire is one of the world’s leading recruiters for internet firms across the globe. Therefore, salary rates vary depending on the firm you are assigned to. The teachers have to work sixteen hours in a week. 

LatinHire provides job placement services to Central America and the Caribbean. However, kids and adults of all abilities are welcome. Even if you teach English-language students. But online instructors should know some Spanish.

  • Prerequisites: English instructor needs at least  four year degree.
  • Hourly rate: Each teacher sets their own rate.
  • Learners: both children and adults.
  • Length of lesson: the first lesson is ten or twenty minutes.

Advantage of LatinHire

  • Your schedule is completely up to you.
  • The requirement is a bachelor’s degree.
  • Not only English subject you can teach.
  • Without experience, you can teach English online.
  • There is training provided.
  • Everything is provided for you.
  • The schedule is flexible.

Disadvantage of LatinHire

  • Spanish speakers only.
  • 16 hours a month required.
  • No applicants from the United States or Canada currently.
  • Latin American students can be challenging due to the time difference.
  • To earn the $13 base pay per hour, you must prove yourself.

7. EF English

EF English is another US-based best English online learning platform. However, this firm promises to employ cutting edge technology and custom made online learning resources to assist students. 

EF English began with Chinese students, but now it has students in Russia and Indonesia. Additionally, they are more competitive when recruiting online ESL instructors since their student base is limited to these nations.

  • Prerequisites: Bachelor’s degree needed.
  • Hourly rate: Each teacher sets their own rate.
  • Learners: both children and adults.

Advantages of EF English

  • Great opportunity for online English teaching.
  • English-speaking citizens of most countries can apply.
  • A course manual is provided.

Disadvantages of EF English

  • Graduation is required.
  • TEFL certificate sponsorships are available.
  • Part-time online English teaching is not for casual nomads.
  • To get the service, you have to live in usa.

8. Engoo 

Would you like to know which is the fastest-growing English online platform? The answer is Engoo. This platform has become more and more popular for online instruction. However, this service has a high booking rate and is adaptable. It’s not confined to one age range, which has potential instructors raving. As a Japanese teacher at Engoo, you will be responsible for teaching Japanese students using the company’s teaching materials.

  • Prerequisites: No Need.
  • Hourly rate: Each teacher sets their own rate.
  • Learners: both children and adults.
  • Lessen length: twenty five minutes to ten hours. 

Advantage of Engoo 

  • You are able to set your own schedule.
  • Anyone proficient in English can teach them.
  • TEFL certification is not required.
  • Providing materials.
  • The age groups of wide range.

Disadvantage of Engoo 

  • Experienced teachers don’t make a lot of money.
  • Some students have been rude to teachers .
  • Punishments for cancellations.
  • Updates often cause the interface to change.

9. Palfish

As with Cambly, Palfish allows you to teach adult conversation sessions. It also follows a predetermined curriculum when teaching children. If you search online, you might find Cambly calling. However, you can pick your price and schedule yourself at times that work for you.

  • Prerequisites: Nothing.
  • Hourly rate: Teacher sets rate.
  • Learners: both children and adults.
  • Lessen length: twenty five minutes.

Advantage of Palfish 

  • Kids courses pay a decent salary.
  • Simple process to send the application.
  • 25-minute classes with a 5-minute buffer.
  • Materials and curriculum provided.

Disadvantage of Palfish 

  • There are many teachers, but not enough students.
  • Not getting real support for the system.
  • Lateness may result in reduced pay.
  • Classes are given to other students if you are 2 minutes late.
  • Absences is not allowed.

10. TwoSigmas

TwoSigmas is one of the best online English teaching platforms which is located in the United Kingdom. TwoSigmas enables us to work from anywhere and educate international students from all over the globe. Additionally, they work directly with schools to ensure that your lesson plans are prepared and organized.

  • Prerequisites: Bachelor’s degree required.
  • Hourly rate: Depends.
  • Learners: both children and adults.
  • Lessen length: not mentioned.

Advantage of TwoSigmas

  • Training that is comprehensive.
  • Potential for career advancement.
  • An excellent salary for experienced workers.
  • A large teacher community.
  • Creating lessons is not necessary.

Disadvantage of Twosigmas

  • Experience is probably not a requirement.
  • Teaching certification is recommended.
  • The accent needs to be neutral in North America.
  • Recruiting is difficult.
  • An undergraduate degree is required.

The best online English teaching platforms offer flexible and customizable learning environments, strong support for collaborative learning, and robust tracking and reporting capabilities. Moreover, They are perfect for students looking for an easy way to improve their language skills.

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