8 Exciting Video Marketing Trends for 2024

It goes without saying that video marketing has become one of the most powerful and efficient forms of marketing with the evolution of technology. With the majority of people becoming an active part of the internet, brands are leveraging social media to attain peak success for their brands. 

Video marketing trends have become a quintessential aspect of marketing strategies as a whole. These trends are the tipping points for brands to satisfy their business objectives. A study suggests that about 86% of businesses suggested that they utilized videos in their advertising strategy. About 93% of these businesses said that video is a pivotal aspect of their strategy. Such statistics only prove the vitality of video marketing and its demand in today’s fast-paced era. Discover below the top 8 video marketing trends that you might want to take a look at. 

1. Live Video 

The Live Video trend has gained peak importance, especially after the pandemic took place in 2020. The feature is a game-changer for every brand looking to truly connect with their prospective customers. The trend emerged as a significant way for businesses to deeply engage with their consumers and is recognized as a ‘streamable’ form of content.

This feature is now used by influencers across several niches to promote products and services and even artists that want to hold virtual concerts, and even by businesses that want to boost customer engagement. 

2. Search Optimised Videos 

SEO is not a novel concept. Every marketer knows just how essential SEO is when it comes to gaining brand visibility. A study by Forrester noted that videos generate first-page ratings 53 times more compared to traditional SEO tactics. Another study by Brightedge suggests that Google incorporates video snippets beside 26% of the search results which is why users are more probable to click on them.

Videos are an excellent approach towards optimizing your search engine results. Brands considering using search optimized videos must focus on the following three elements- Consistency, relevance, and backend optimization. 

3. Vlogs 

Vlogs have become a pivotal source of storytelling for brands today. Everybody knows the significance of brand storytelling when it comes to engaging with your prospective customers. They center the brand and play an effective role in showcasing it as the main character.

Brand storytelling helps your brand develop a credible personality and further gets your customers engaged. From personal experiences to stories catering to different events and topics, vlogs work wondrously in helping your brand attain credibility. 

4. Smartphone Development 

Thanks to the evolution of smartphones, marketers don’t have to depend on expensive video editors to edit or market their videos. Big production budget and expensive equipment are two elements that brands do not have to worry about. Brands have the opportunity of creating high-quality, humorous, relatable, and valuable content all at the luxury of using phones.

Over the span of time, marketers have started utilizing their smartphones to edit their vlogs, TikToks, and other video marketing content with editing tools like InVideo. InVideo is a great editing tool for drafting some of the most engaging and social-media-worthy content. 

5. Social Media Stories 

Stories first came into existence a couple of years ago and have remained relevant ever since. Similar to vlogs, social media stories display your brand’s personality and further establish a deep connection compared to other forms of video content. Social media stories are more on the casual side. There are tools which can help you to create engaging social media stories with pre-made templates. In a way, a good quality Instagram Video Editor can help you to make social media content easily. 

Social media stories furthermore offer a myriad of ways for brands to engage with their consumers. From poll questions, Q&A, to several other intriguing features, you have tons of ways to interact with your audience. This way, brands can introspect on how well they know their target audience and further work towards building trust among them. 

6. Silent Videos 

Silent videos are an undefeated trend that you don’t want to miss out on. Advertisers across the globe are drafting videos for the sole purpose of making them silently watchable. This might be a new concept to some of you. A study suggests that about 85% of Facebook videos are viewed without any sound. Moreover, 80% of consumers suggest that they aren’t very pleased when hearing loud sounds suddenly when playing an advertisement. 

Such statistics highlight the key significance of silent videos and how they may be the next thing for your brand. Optimize your content for silent viewing to ensure that your consumers stick around to watch what your brand has to say. 

7. AR/ VR Videos 

AR and VR content is another form of content that has been around for quite some time. However, it has only begun exploring itself to mainstream video marketing with the evolution and easier accessibility of technology. Brands must ensure letting go of traditional marketing strategies and incorporating technology-oriented strategies to market their products and services.

The pandemic gave the limelight to AR and VR content and helped several brands of different niches in creating virtual experiences. Try-before-you-buy guides, AR and VR-powered games, and so on, are some of the popular forms of AR-VR content that you may have heard of. 

8. User-Generated Content 

Last but not least, a marketing trend that you may not want to forget is user-generated content. Consumers abundantly trust user-generated content compared to branded content. About 85% of individuals find UGC more trustable and 70% of these find it valuable and engaging.

Collaborating with satisfied customers to showcase your brand’s credibility is a great way to build a larger client base and ultimately skyrocket your sales. Exploring brand advocates is an ideal approach for establishing customer trust and impacting purchase decisions. 

Bottom Line 

Videos are unquestionably the next best thing in the digital marketing strategy. Their consistent popularity in the marketplace only encourages brands to incorporate video marketing into their brand strategy. Nonetheless, it is also extremely crucial to choose the right ideas for your business strategy. 

These are some of the emerging video marketing trends that can help your brand reach peak success over time.

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