Best Online Tools to Skyrocket Student Productivity

Best 5 Online Tools to Skyrocket Student Productivity

Educational Institutes of all levels usually have rigorous curriculums. Students face challenges like having an endless list of assignments to complete and quizzes to prepare for. In intense situations like these, it becomes very hard for students to keep everything in check.

Students these days need to stay productive at all times. It is the only way they can stay on track. However, it is not feasible to be working or studying at all times. 

We understand the challenges that students face on a daily basis. That is why we have created this list of online tools that can escalate the productivity of students significantly. 

How Can Productivity Tools Help?

The main goal of online productivity tools is to help students do work in a time-efficient manner. These tools perform tasks that would normally take too long if done via traditional methods. 

For example, if you have to prepare for a test but you also have to copy someone else’s notes first, you can use an OCR productivity tool to handle the note copying. In this way, you will be able to prepare for the exam effectively, and your other tasks will be done as well.

This example was to show you that these tools are not shortcuts or cheats. You can definitely automate a few tasks, but you will still have to study properly. 

Still, in some cases, these tools can be greatly useful. So that’s why we are going to share some of the best ones with you.

Best Tools to Skyrocket Student Productivity

In the following list of tools, we will share their functions and how they help students in increasing productivity. 

Online Notepad

Online Notepad

A notepad is one of the most fundamental utilities that a student requires. The Online Notepad is a tool that provides students with a digital notepad. It is an online tool that is available to use for free. 

It has all the necessary features that a student would require to create an academic document. This tool can save time in these ways:

  • You can take notes in a lecture using this tool instead of making hand-written notes.
  • You can create assignment papers with this tool. All options, like adding headings and list points, can be applied with just a single click.
  • It offers a file-saving option, so you don’t have to spend considerable time searching your old notes. 

Image to Text

Image to Text

Remember the note-copying example that we shared previously? Image to Text is the tool to be used in that situation. This tool is an OCR-powered utility that can identify text in images and extract it. This extracted text can be selected, copied, and even downloaded. 

Let us build a scenario once again to understand its use. Suppose that you have to copy your friend’s notes for some reason, but you don’t have much time. Image to Text is a tool that can turn an image of your friend’s notes into a digital text form. 

This tells us that the modern OCR technology of the tool can even interpret handwritten characters. So, by using this tool, you can copy notes in just a few moments instead of writing them down manually. 

Chat GPT

Chat GPT

As you may already be aware, Chat GPT is an AI chatbot that can converse naturally. In other words, it responds to natural language prompts. Students can use it for various objectives and work more efficiently. 

However, when discussing this tool, we have to set some boundaries. This is because Chat GPT is also being used unethically. To clarify, we have created this Dos and Don’ts list. 


  • Use it to get valuable ideas for your essays 
  • Use it to create outlines of your assignments
  • Utilize its massive database of information to learn new things
  • Exploit it to check the correctness of your sentences 


  • Don’t copy-paste complete write-ups generated by this tool
  • Don’t use it as your sole source of research 
  • Don’t paraphrase all of the content produced by Chat GPT in an attempt to make it original



Quizlet is an innovative study platform that helps students prepare for important tests and exams. It is a versatile tool that employs different learning techniques, like using flashcards. Similarly, students can take self-testing quizzes to evaluate their preparation level.

Also, there is an option for students to create study sets that are like notes or study plans. Moreover, there is a database of textbooks and study sources that students can access and get information from. 

The hassle of going through hundreds of pages in physical books and notes becomes ignorable with this tool.



One of the most essential tools for increasing productivity is a scheduling platform. Todoist is one the best in this regard. It helps you schedule your daily tasks based on their priority levels. 

Students can make use of this tool to create a timetable. This timetable should be the one that, if followed, will allow them to complete all their academia-related tasks. When the task needs to be done, this tool will inform you. And when you complete it, you can update it.

In this way, you can keep track of how many assignments you have completed and how many remain. 


As a student, you need to stay productive at all times. But with modern technology, this task becomes much easier than it sounds. Online tools can help you maintain maximum productivity levels at all times. To start, you can select one of the tools given above. All of them can save you time and streamline your studying process.