Can Programming Boost Your Brain

Can Programming Boost Your Brain?

Everybody knows that solving Maths tasks improves logical thinking, and language learning lets learners enlarge their vocabulary and boost memory capabilities. Is there any discipline that allows improving these two and other brain activities? Yes, and, as you might have guessed, it’s computer programming. Not everyone becomes a programmer overnight. Some need programming homework help, while others master the basics and advanced approaches online or with the help of video tutorials.

According to the latest and previous research, coding may empower your brain capabilities. Let’s find some facts to support or disprove this theory.

Coding is Important for Your Brain: Steve Jobs about School Curricula

Steve Jobs has never been good at coding, but he understands technology, being one of the most prominent developers and inventors in the world. He says that programming is a key to successful problem management because it lets programmers put a problem into logical pieces and unravel it. Most programmers can find multiple solutions because mastering programming languages involves critical thinking, which is so valuable in the job market today.

That’s why he says that it is essential to learn programming at school. Schoolchildren should code as much as possible to be able to understand the importance of technology and the technology itself. According to Steve Jobs’ words, this discipline teaches us how to work effectively because we learn the value of teamwork and personal contributions to product development. It lets us understand the value of knowledge application and how technology improves our daily comfort. 

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Programming Experiences Let You Activate Different Parts of Your Brain

Generally, people are divided into two types – left-side brain thinkers and right-side brain thinkers. The first ones are pragmatic and usually deal with exact disciplines such as Analytics, Programming, Maths, and a number of related sciences. The representatives of the second type are more creative and emotional. They usually are great designers, artists, etc. As a rule, one of the sides dominates, but coding lets people develop both sides of the brain.

Programming affects your brain, all its parts. Dr. Janet Siegmund named five parts of the brain responsible for working memory, language processing, and problem solving. Coding affects all these skills that are developed by two sides of the brain. Thanks to that, learners erase the boundaries between the two sides and enhance their learning, memorizing, and performing talents.

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Coding languages help people solve complex tasks, regarding the testing results of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. FMRI was scanning the brains of new and advanced coders who were to guess the function of a code by studying the introduced snippet.  Experienced coders did that task well because their brains were well-trained, so they managed to name the content or functions of the application without mistakes. Beginners felt confused and required more time to handle the task.

Even One Programming Language Improves Your Attention on Details

One can read a message with messed-up letters, according to Cambridge University research. “I lvoe you bausece you are the bset in the wrlod” is easy to read due to our brain’s ability to see the whole picture without paying attention to details. Is such practice working with a programming language? No, because if you misspell the word or use a punctuation mark in the wrong place, the computer won’t be able to read and understand the command.

When people don’t care for their brain health, they face life challenges and often fail them because of their inability to notice important details. A programming language involves many letters, punctuation marks, formatting, and other essential things that make software function properly. Is it possible to be a good coder without being attentive to details? No.

According to research conducted by the Nara Institute of Science and Technology, higher-skilled programmers manifested better focus skills than beginners. Volunteers were to categorize 72 coding fragments while MRI was scanning their parts of the brain. Advanced coders solved the task faster and without mistakes, so their attention skills were more developed due to the acquired programming experiences.

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Coding Enhances Our Memorizing Abilities

Memorizing deals with brain capabilities to get, store, and reproduce information when needed. For example, you can tell your phone number, birth date, and other details without peeping into a notebook. Being a coder means keeping in mind various operations because companies don’t need turtles who have to look for the sequences of operations on the Internet or notes on their smartphones. The speed of coding reflects the coder’s talent and programming experiences.

Eventually, by writing languages, a programmer boosts cognitive skills because he or she has to remember syntax, loops, and other language details and import them into Python, C++, and other codes. Besides, they have to remember the difference between codes that sometimes are insignificant for beginners but soon turn into bugs and application errors.

Empower Your Brain Capabilities with CKSource

Many students are afraid to choose Coding as their major discipline, being afraid to get low grades because of mistakes. Others are afraid of teachers who are intolerant to beginners who can make errors when being inattentive to grammar and punctuation. Fortunately, there are online editors that might be really helpful.

CKSource is one of them. This online editor is for everyone who cannot understand where to search for incorrect words, marks, or formatting. Everything you need is to send your file and wait till CKEditor 4 or CKEditor 5 scans your documentation to highlight mistakes and suggest corrections to boost your content. 40+ experts work there to help you become a better coder, so you can contact them anytime to get professional assistance.


If you have never dealt with programming, it’s high time to start. If you have children, engage them in that process too to grow into a competitive person who will surely find a prestigious job in the future. Coding deals with various features that boost brain activity.

With the lapse of time and acquired skills, you will see that programming affects your brain in a positive way because you will take on more challenging tasks and complete them each time faster. Later, you will be able to face life obstacles without fear of complications because you will be able to predict them. Coding is a perfect tool for planning as it determines the possible benefits and negative consequences of your intentions and deeds.

Just practice daily. Start with simple codes to train your memory and typing skills, such as error-free texting and speedy typing. Then, proceed to difficult codes and use the acquired knowledge. Finally, enjoy the apps you create and improve your quality of life with advanced technology.

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