5 Best Pho Restaurants in San Diego in 2024

Are you searching for the top rated pho in san diego ? Here Today we will expose the best pho restaurants in San Diego city in 2024. If you are living in California or Texas or San Diego and anywhere in the United States of America , then it will be very interesting article for you.

San Diego is very well known for famous celebrities, freeways of bottlenecks , and the never-ending beautiful summer season and restaurants etc.

San Diego is the 3rd biggest state and has a blend of cuisines from all over the world. It is packed with culture and has great food, art and historical attractions.

Its American and Spanish influences have created a great culture that has a mix of ethnic, cultural and traditional vietnamese foods. You can find almost any type of Vietnamese foods in San Diego. Vietnamese cuisine has a long tradition of serving rice in different forms. 

You will find it steamed, noodle, sticky or as a porridge. In addition to the rice, this cuisine uses plenty of fish sauce, and a collection of herbs, such as cilantro, mint and lemongrass. As mentioned above, Vietnamese cuisine is also famous for being served in many ways, and pho, which is a noodle soup that features linguine-shaped rice noodles. Pho is a popular street food in Vietnam, and usually made with broth, rice noodles, herbs and meat. The meat is traditionally either chicken or beef. Pho is mostly associated with being a street food in Vietnam.

Pho is provided as part of the Vietnamese food by many restaurants around the world. It is generally eaten at breakfast or at lunch time in southern Vietnam but in northern Vietnam, it can be eaten at any time of the whole day.

The recipe first came from the 20th century in northern Vietnam and got popular in different areas of all over the world because of the refugees of the battle of vietnam.

Pho gained popularity in the United States in 1990, when the relationship between both countries began to improve.

At the same time, a lot of Vietnamese restaurants started to serve delicious foods mainly in Texas and California.

Later, chains of Vietnamese restaurants began spreading out through the rest of the USA .

Pho is very famous in San Diego. Because in San Diego County, More than 40k Vietnamese residents  are living and doing their business.

Today, pho has gained a special place in the hearts of peoples who lives in San Diego. Foodies already know that Vietnamese food is all about balance. The food is normally a mix of spicy, sweet, sour and salty and delicious.

One of the best points about Vietnamese food is that it is very healthy and balanced in addition to being a happiness for your taste. Almost every dish is served with a plate of veggies, herbs and sauces.

The tradition of vegetarianism comes from Buddhist influences and that might be a good reason why health conscious people in San Diego can’t say no to this delicious food.

 List of 5 best Pho Restaurants in San Diego

  1. Phở Hòa
  2. PHO Kitchen
  3. PB Phở & Grill
  4. Pho Xpress
  5. Phở Vân Restaurant

1. Phở Hòa

Image credited to Sandiego Reader

Branch of a casual chain offering a wide variety of pho & other Vietnamese specialties.

Service optionsDine-in · Takeaway · Delivery
Address4717 El Cajon Blvd, San Diego, CA 92115, United States
Hours7:00 a.m – 8:00 p.m
Health and safetyMeasures taken hereMask requiredStaff required to disinfect surfaces between visits
Phone+1 619-283-6431
Orderdoordash.com, trycaviar.com

Direction to Phở Hòa

Customer Review of Phở Hòa

Author: Justin Singsamphane

I‘m here probably at least once a week. The staff doesn’t speak much English but that shouldn’t keep you from enjoying possibly the best Pho in all of San Diego. Their menu is pretty much all pho. Plenty of seating and never a wait. The food comes out within minutes and it’s always consistent. Just make sure you park outside of their parking lot for it could get pretty damn hectic!

Author: Salvador Rivera Jr.

The best pho ever. Period ! Love this place it’s the most consistent, tasty, well served bowl of pho noodles you’ll have. Great prices and fast friendly service. If you have kids they have high chairs and a small school bus to play mini games. Love it !

Author: Keegan Bryan

A quite affordable Vietnamese noodle with great serving of thick beef slice for its number ’13’ in this restaurant menu. The restaurant staff does not communicate fluently with non native english speaker thus customer should be patient if asking for something. Overall food and service was great, though the restaurant was not busy during the visit.

2. PHO Kitchen

Pho Kitchen-best Pho Restaurants in San Diego

Contemporary, easygoing space featuring Vietnamese grub such as classic pho, stir-fries & more.

Service optionsDine-in · Curbside pickup · No-contact delivery
Address5375 Napa St #104b, San Diego, CA 92110, United States
Hours11:00 a.m- 9:00p.m
Health and safetyMeasures taken hereStaff required to disinfect surfaces between visitsService optionsCurbside pickupNo-contact delivery
Orderphokitchenusa.com, doordash.com
Phone+1 619-684-5009

Customer Review of PHO Kitchen

Natasha Lord⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Loved it!!! Great flavor, hearty portion size, friendly staff, clean restaurant. Even in 85 degree weather I couldn’t resist the Pho. Definitely recommend

3. PB Phở & Grill

pb-pho-grill-best Pho Restaurants in San Diego

Locally owned eatery serving up pho, rice bowls & other Vietnamese classics in a casual atmosphere.

Service OptionsDine-in · Takeaway · Delivery
Address:1007 Garnet Ave, San Diego, CA 92109, United States
Hours11:00 a.m – 11:00 p.m
Phone:+1 858-291-8638
Orderdoordash.com, postmates.com, ubereats.com, trycaviar.com, grubhub.com, seamless.com

Customer Review of PB Phở & Grill

myra curiel⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐I will gladly make the 20 min. drive just to eat the pho and drink their Thai tea.My husband and I came around 9:30pm, not many ppl.We both got the #18 – well done steak and brisket. Meat very tender and juicy. Broth full of flavor. Well size portion. I got the large, could barely finish, and I sure do have a good appetite.The prizes are unbeatable, less than $10. I’m surprised they don’t charge more.Thai tea, not to sweet and not to strong, just right.Great ambiance, family friendly and fast service.The guy in the front was very kind and helpful. I hope no one is ever rude to him.C’ya.

4. Pho Xpress

pho-xpress- best Pho Restaurants in San Diego

Vietnamese sandwiches & noodle soups, plus Chinese-style stir-fries & fried rice, in a warm setting.

Service optionsDelivery
Health & safetyMask required
Staff required to disinfect surfaces between visits
Address6533 Mission Gorge Rd, San Diego, CA 92120
Hours9:00a.m – 9:00p.m
Popular forLunch
Solo dining

Customer Reviews of Pho Xpress

Holly Buderus

Casual dining at its best! Fast and friendly service, and the food is delicious. The pho is tasty, and even the regular size is more than enough. The spring rolls are fresh and crisp, served with tasty peanut sauce.

5.Phở Vân Restaurant

Phở Vân Restaurant- Best Pho Restaurants in San Diego

Casual, quick-serve eatery known for classic Vietnamese fare including pho & fried fish cakes.

Service optionsDine-in · Curbside pickup · No-contact delivery
Address4233 El Cajon Blvd, San Diego, CA 92105, United States
Hours8:00 a.m- 9:00p.m
Health and safetyMeasures taken here
✔️Mask required
✔️Staff wear masks
✔️Staff get temperature checks
✔️Staff required to disinfect surfaces between visits
Service options
✔️Curbside pickup
✔️No-contact delivery
Menu places.singleplatform.com
Phone+1 619-281-9420

Customer Reviews of Phở Vân Restaurant

David May

Whoa… I might be too full to even finish this review. Ratings can be so bias which can certainly clog the integrity of reviews, but isn’t that the whole point? I don’t normally leave a review after only one visit but even those this place didn’t “wow” me it hit every aspect of an experience that I would want. I was left full for an affordable price. The place was clean and the staff was pleasant. The atmosphere fit the mood and the music set a great ambience. Again, it wasn’t red carpet but I wasn’t even looking for that with this visit. Call me boring but I stuck with the general #1 but why steer away from a classic? I paired it with a mango smoothie which may not be the norm for most but it’s my thing and I love it. I added some boba as well. If you’re looking for a chill spot for a quick bite or a casual sit down experience amongst friends then I’m sure this will fit your fancy. I wasn’t here at night but I’m sure this could set as a great date spot too. 👌🏽 They are the best Pho restaurants in San Diego

Here is the all about top rated on google and best Pho Restaurants in San Diego.

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