6 Reasons Why Invisalign is Better Than Traditional Braces

Statistics show that about 13 to 18% of the population in San Francisco comprises teenagers and children. And among adults and teens in this city, aligners are the most popular treatment for straightening teeth. Getting invisalign san francisco is a relatively convenient way to properly align your teeth as they are more comfortable to wear, removable, and invisible. 

San Francisco is Northern California’s financial, commercial, and cultural hub, with a population of 815,201. The median healthcare expenses in San Francisco are 23% more expensive than the national average. However, the Invisalign treatment is quite affordable in San Francisco, and the price plan usually ranges between $1500 to $4500. You can check various dentists in San Francisco for special Invisalign discount deals and opt for the most suitable ones.  

Virtually Invisible

The most common problem with braces or wired brackets is that they are visible and make the wearer’s smile unattractive. At the same time, this is not the case with Invisalign. They are invisible and do not hamper the natural smile. Invisalign in San Francisco is custom-made by the dentist to correctly align your teeth, and they are made of clear plastic and are unnoticeable when worn. 

San Francisco city is spread over 231.89 sq mi with a population density of 18,634.65/sq mi and is home to several general healthcare and dental centers. The residents of San Francisco spend about $124.08 for a single dentist visit. In addition, many affordable dental insurance plans start from as low as $6.95 per month in San Francisco. 

No Food Restriction

With Invisalign aligners, you don’t have to face any food restrictions. Instead, you can eat everything. Generally, orthodontists recommend not eating certain food items to the patient with braces. If they ignore them, their braces or wired brackets will get damaged, and the teeth will not be adequately cured. Since Invisalign aligners can be taken off quickly, you can eat everything. 

Easy To Clean

Cleaning teeth becomes difficult with wired brackets or braces, but with Invisalign, it is easy comparatively. Besides, with braces on, food gets stuck in the areas of the teeth, which are difficult to clean, and then leads to poor oral health, but with aligners, it is not the same. You can easily pop out the aligners and clean them. Furthermore, flossing and brushing are simple and easy with the later ones. 

Extremely Comfortable

Anything new, especially in your mouth, takes time to get comfortable. With these invisible aligners, it is not the same. These are more comfortable to adapt for two reasons – no sharp edges and no tightening. 

Unlike traditional braces, Invisalign aligners don’t have sharp edges. Instead, they are smooth and soft. You won’t feel any irritation on your cheeks by wearing them. Besides this, unlike wired braces, aligners are given to the patients in multiple sets, which they can change once in two weeks. You will feel less tight with aligners compared to traditional wired braces, which cannot be adjusted frequently. 

No Discoloration

With traditional braces, patients tend to see discoloration on their teeth, but with aligners, you will not face such issues. Discoloration usually happens when food stains or sugar is left on the teeth. Aligners, you get to clean your teeth by removing them; therefore, no discoloration is found while using them. 

Fewer Visits To Orthodontists

Braces need regular checks with the dentists, while with Invisalign aligners, you don’t have to visit them frequently. Instead, patients opting for aligners get multiple sets of Invisalign, which they can change independently without assistance from the dentist. Hence, a lesser trip to the dentist is required with Invisalign aligners. 


So, these are the few advantages of Invisalign aligners over traditional wired brackets or braces. Because of utmost comfort, convenience, and less hassle, aligners are the most recommended smile correction treatment often recommended by most orthodontists in San Francisco. Aligners are made of clear plastic and therefore are invisible; other people will hardly notice them. Among the teens and adults population of San Francisco, Invisalign is the leading dental treatment and is often chosen over the traditional wired braces treatment.