5 Best Reverse Phone Lookup Sites on the Internet

The number of spam calls the average cell phone user receives increased significantly over the past few years. This experience can be chaotic to a productive day, which is not only distracting but also emotionally draining. This unhealthy daily experience has caused an increased need for reverse lookup services.

Reverse phone lookup services are used to obtain the details of the user of any unknown number. They comb a wide range of public and online data to implement a comprehensible background check on any phone number user. They give information on the name, address, and email associated with the phone number at the minimum, many sites offer more information as add-ons.

Although there are an increasing number of reverse phone lookups on the internet, many of them do not provide enough information to be helpful. Below is a brief detail of a few of the best service providers currently on the Internet.

  1. NumLooker – Utilizes information from public databases to organize background checks using individual phone numbers.
  2. USPhoneLookup – its ability to extract data to the smallest details from every available source. 
  3. USPhoneSearch – It is the most preferred for fast searches on unknown numbers.
  4. TheNumberLookup – gives good detail of any searched phone number. 
  5. EasyPeopleSearch – the core mission to provide information in split seconds. 

1. NumLooker

NumLooker is a free reverse phone lookup that boasts of an intelligent algorithm model that can utilize information from public databases to organize background checks using the individual phone number. It can implement this search for all phone numbers, landlines, and faxes. 

With the digits of the number, it can extract details about the Ownership, email address, previous home address, and family genealogy. It also provides some social information such as social media handles, employment status, and criminal record.

Navigating Numlooker is very easy, a novice would get a handle on the interface in a few seconds all thanks to its excellent User interface design. It also has a highlight of key steps to carry out a reverse phone lookup.

It also boasts added features such as 

  • Email lookup: it allows you what would be the equivalent of reverse phone lookup but with an email address.
  • Personal lookup: A report on an individual is done using their name.
  • Background check: This is a comprehensive report on an individual, it would contain a link to all social media profiles including dating sites and professional associations.

These add-ons distinguish Numlooker from other reverse lookup sites.


  • Quality Report
  • Useful add-ons
  • Fast search results


  • Not useful for non-US numbers
  • Payment needed to access some information

Get A Detailed Description Of The Last Spam Call On Numlooker

2. USPhoneLookup

A reverse phone lookup service designed specifically to give attention to details; USPhoneLookup distinguishes itself with its ability to extract data to the smallest details from every available source. It sources its data from various agencies in the US across the local state and federal levels. This allows it to be very efficient in the search for U.S based numbers.

One of the perks of using USphoneLookup is its commitment to ensuring user privacy. The data encryption strategy bins all searches carried out by the user and the site does not give searched information to any third party. This also ensures that the searched number would not be notified.


  • Effective for US phone number
  • Quality reporting format
  • Fast search results


  • Cannot search non-US contacts 

3. USPhoneSearch

The reverse lookup service of USPhoneSearch is one of the fastest available on the internet. It is the most preferred for fast searches on unknown numbers.

It is useful when time-bound information is needed about spam calls. This information could distinguish an old friend from a prankster who’s out for tricks.

It provides the following information on the looked-up number: full name, age, gender, other phone numbers, email address, and current and past locations. It also includes information about family members such as their names and current location. 


  • Super fast Search
  • Extensive detail on Family and relatives
  • Use Advanced filtering 


  • Reports can be poorly organized sometimes 
  • Not sufficient information for some areas in the US.

4. TheNumberLookup

A free reverse phone lookup site that gives good detail of any searched phone number. It gives basic information about a person alongside contact information and different addresses of the person. Also, it gives information about the person’s social media platforms, online employment, different profiles, as well as family and friends of the person. 

The platform also ensures the confidentiality of data and does not share information with any person.

It can also be a good tool for parents or partners who want to know the details of their children or partners.


  • Best Data encryption practice
  • No irrelevant data in the report


  • Slow compared to other sites that provide the same quality of information.


It is a fast and free reverse phone lookup service provider with the core mission to provide information in split seconds. It is built with a profound emphasis on speed although this comes with cutbacks on how much detail is provided on every search.

It makes use of up-to-date records of public agencies to filter out accurate information about the searched number.

EasyPeoplesearch is not one of the best reverse phone lookups because of its speed alone but alongside it has an extensive network of data that it uses to generate reports.


  • Quick search
  • Compatibility with mobile and desktop devices


  • Poorly detailed report.

What should a Reverse phone lookup contain?

There is variety in the report style of different reverse phone lookup sites. Regardless of the style, a good report should contain a minimum of the following details

  • Owner Details: this gives information about the full name, age, and gender( and preferred pronouns) of the individual.
  • Family and Friends contact: this can be provided in the form of a family genealogy tree or hierarchically. It gives information about the family members and close friends of the searched individual. It would contain their name, occupation, and contact addresses 
  • Contact Info: A good summary of the individual’s present and previous home addresses. It would also contain extra details about the Area and district in which they have stayed over the course of a certain period.
  • Social media profile and record: A good report should contain a detailed result on the searched individual social media footprint. The report should provide a link to all their social media profiles and necessary information about them such as the number of followers, status rating, and other special details specific to the websites. The individual presence in the dating pool should be highlighted via a summary of their profile on dating sites.

A few sites also provide reports on the criminal record of the individual who owns the searched phone number.


There are numerous phone reverse lookup websites out there and it is easy to get confused about which one is the best. We have highlighted some of the top leading lookup websites that you should use for getting the details of an unknown number.

Asides from the amazing features offered by these websites, you should also be able to tell which one to use based on the comprehensive report obtained after the search. The post also contains what a typical reverse lookup report should contain. You can use the comprehensiveness of this report to judge which service provider you will use.