Best 12 SEO Companies in Montreal

There’s a saying, “If you’ve killed someone and looking for a place to hide the body, Google’s second page is the safest option.” Why? Stay with me and you’ll get the answer.

How many times have you gone to the second page of google?

Zero or Barely, right?

Yes, nobody goes to the second page of a search engine. Hence, they don’t know what’s happening there. Understood!

In other words, if your website isn’t on the first page of Google, nobody will know about it. Here, the work of SEO begins.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization means, optimizing a website in a way that Google puts it on the first page (For specific Keywords of course). The procedure is a part of digital marketing.

Search Engine plays a vital role in selling products from a site. And SEO ensures that the search engine knows your site. I guess you know what SEO is and how it’s related to your site and search engine.

Like most other fields, there are too many wannabes in the SEO sector too. So, it’s not easy to find the LEGITIMATE best SEO service.

In this article, we’re gonna give you a list of the best SEO companies in Montreal based on my previous experience, research, and public reviews.

Top 12 SEO Companies in Montreal – My Picks

If you search on the internet about SEO companies in Montreal, you’ll find hundreds of results. So, it’s not that easy to name ten or twelve companies out of the blue.

After some hardcore research and consideration, I’ve come up with this list. Let me know if you agree with my list or not.

1. Bluehat Marketing

ServicesSEO, Local SEO, PPC, Social Media Marketing, Web Design
Address5500 Avenue Royalmount suite 110, Mont-Royal, QC H4P 1H7

Bluehat Marketing is one of the biggest digital marketing agencies in the whole of Canada. It has three different office locations and one of em’ is in Montreal.

The digital marketing company started its journey back in 2001 with a vision to be something in the industry. And after this many years with thousands of success stories in their names, we believe they achieved their dream.

They provide all kinds of digital marketing services along with social media marketing, and web design. Looking at their performance, Clutch ranked them as the #1 SEO company back in 2020.

The digital marketing agency has too many SEO case studies on its website. What we like about them is their approach to a new client. They take all your info, do a complete competitor analysis, and get back to you for further talks.

Bluehat provides a “Free Analysis” service. This way, you can audit your website for free. Not just that, they provide competitive analysis, in-depth backlinking, LSI research, and so on.

The company promises to give you a boost in your business that kind of everybody does. But hundreds of internet reviews suggest that they keep their promise. If you’re looking for an SEO company that can take you to places in Montreal, Bluehat should be the one to go after.

2. Let’s Get Optimized

ServicesSEO, Local SEO, PPC, Social Media Marketing, Web Design
Address5138 Rue GarnierMontreal, Qc CanadaH2J 3T2

Let’s Get Optimized is a Canada-based digital marketing agency. It was founded back in 2007 by Trevor Stewart. Nowadays, the company has office locations in Montreal, Toronto, Halifax, and Oshawa.

The founder, Trevor, has a lifelong experience in Google ads and other aspects of it. He was also a google ambassador. But a decade back, he decided to do something on his own. Thus, LGO was born.

The company provides a wide range of services. Such as local SEO, SEO, KW analysis, SEO consultancy, Content Development, Facebook and Google ads, web designing, and so on.

In other words, the company provides all kinds of digital marketing services. For this reason, it became their biggest advantage of keeping clients longer. Because if a client comes to get service, they don’t need to go elsewhere for different services.

Since the company expertises in Local SEO, you can boost your local Montreal business with them. We’ve heard a lot of praise about their consultancy services too. So, you can ask for support before taking their service.

All of the LGO’s team members are qualified in the digital marketing field. The company’s president David Ross has been doing internet marketing for almost 10 years. So, you can imagine how much expertise they carry with themselves.

3. Social Media 55

ServicesSEO, Web Design, SMM, SEM
Address1200 Avenue McGill College #1100, Montréal, QC H3B 4G7, Canada

Social Media 55 is a big international digital marketing agency that also runs its operations in Montreal, Canada. Like most other huge companies, they also provide all sorts of internet marketing services.

Their services include brand promotion, email marketing, influencer marketing, social media marketing, pay-per-click services, SEO, Local SEO, and conversion rate optimizer. Well, they also provide web design services too, such as UI/UX, WordPress Design, and so on. 

The best thing about their services is that they offer PR and video promotion strategies. This gives all the SEO service seekers a good opportunity because in today’s world these two are one of the most important SEO factors.

The company first started its journey back in 2014. After that, they didn’t look back. With so many services in so many locations, it’s one of the biggest SEO companies in the world.

They prefer to work with all of their customers individually. Meaning, a top-to-bottom tailor-made solution for each client. It’s great because most the clients nowadays most companies try to push the same strategy for all of their customers.

Probably, the best thing about them is that they know how to do influencer marketing. The agency has too many SEO case studies on its site. If you want, just go look at them and understand why we gave them a place on our list.

4. Momentumm

ServicesSEO, Web Design, SMM, SEM
Address1001 rue Lenoir, B-347Quebec, Canada H4C 2Z6

Momentumm is a video and digital marketing agency based in Montreal, Canada. If you’re looking for an internet marketing company with great video marketing capability, it’s the right company that you should look after.

The agency is best known for its on-page and technical SEO services. They offer SEO and Local SEO, Inbound Marketing, Google Ads, Facebook ads, Promotional videos, Website Conception, and so on. Since it’s a Montreal-based company, they charge quite reasonably.

Not just regular videos, they also provide top-class animation services too. Their animation videos are unique, high-quality, and engaging. If you’re planning on a full-fledged video promotion plan, Momentumm should be in your plans.

Unlike most other companies, this one mostly focuses on a few sides of internet marketing, mainly SEO. That’s why they provide one of the best SEO services in Montreal.

If you look at the public reviews on the internet, you’ll find out most of the people are praising their both SEO and video service. We kind of used to see companies performing below expectations. Whereas according to people, Momentumm performs exceeding expectations.

Yes, it’s not a big international corporation. But the company has enough capability to grow your site and business.

5. IntelliContacts

ServicesSEO, Web Design, SMM, SEM 
Mobile(866) 918-2324
Address1964 Place Arthur-BuiesMontreal, QC, H1L 3G3Canada

The fifth Montreal-based SEO company on our list is IntelliContacts. Well, to be very honest, they don’t have a rich history like most of the companies on our list. But what they have is their integrity towards their success and a few years of achievement list.

IntelliContacts mostly focus on Local SEO services and their primary target is to get the local business. For this reason, if you’re a local business owner and you want to mark your name on the net, it will be a good option.

Other than SEO, they also provide services like social and brand design, leads renting, and website development. But one of their exclusive services is that they provide free SEO consultation service.

If you’re a novice in the field of SEO, consultation is the best option here. Because consultation will give you an idea about the internet marketing world. As a result, you wouldn’t spend unnecessary money.

SInce IntelliContacts offer one-hour long free consultation, we don’t think you’d be wasting any money after the meeting. Other than that, the company also charges pretty low looking at their standards.

So, it’s a great deal all in all. If you’re looking for a low-paying monthly-based quality SEO service in Montreal, they’re the right guy for you.

6. Boost One SEO

ServicesSEO, Web Design, SMM, SEM 
Address386 Le Moyne #102 Montreal, Quebec H2Y2M3 Canada

Boost One SEO is a veteran digital marketing company that you can trust with your business. They’ve been in the internet marketing industry for more than twenty years. So, it’s kind of obvious that they know what they are doing.

Boost One SEO offers all kinds of SEO services along with content writing, and social media marketing services. They also provide media buying and reputation management services at a very reasonable price.

We always prefer free options and this one gives you free website analysis for you. This way, you will be able to understand what’s wrong with your site and the company will give you possible solutions to the problem.

All of their services are purely organic and they take the proper time to grow. Some might be a bit more eager for early results but that’s not right. Because organic or white hat SEO takes time. Once it has taken all of the required time, the ranking will last longer than most of the black hat sites out there.

Since this company provides good quality content, you can buy for your site too if you want. We mean that you don’t have to go elsewhere to get content. You’ve everything at your hand.

7. Omnivision

ServicesSEO, Web Design, SMM, SEM
Mobile+1(514) 655-6276
Address6860 Chester AveH4V 1K6, MontrealQC, Canada

Omnivision started as a web and UI/UX design company but if we have to put a list of the best SEO companies in Montreal, they’ll get a place too. The company has been working with more than 100 clients who belong to 70 different industries.

Yes, it’s a big company with a lot of clients, but unlike other big ones, it doesn’t run after too many services. Rather it focuses on a few areas and shines like diamonds on those. Other than SEO, they provide web designing, Google ads, social media, and other online marketing services.

They’re one of the most transparent internet companies on our list. But we like three things about Omnivision the most: Customer Support, Great Track Record, and no hidden fees policy. Let’s elaborate a bit!

About customer support, they’re active 24/7 with a very responsive team. As a result, you get the quickest answer for all of your queries.

They have 100 clients at this moment. 100 clients don’t generally come if you’re bad at service. So, it’s kinda obvious that they have a pretty solid track record of the past.

Most SEO companies make tempting offers and hide some charges halfway. Fortunately, Omnivison doesn’t do that. They run on the ZERO HIDDEN FEE rule. So, you won’t get surprises at the end. 

8. Digitad

ServicesSEO, Web Design, SMM, SEM
Address5605 Avenue de Gaspé, Suite 703,Montreal, QC H2T 2A4

Digitad is a performance-based Canadian internet marketing agency. They have provided more than 400 clients since the first foundation. The best thing about the agency is that you can ask for their support despite looking at your budget.

Unlike most other internet marketers, Digitad always tries to stick with their customers for a longer period. The only way to do this is to provide the best-of-the-best service. This is the reason why it’s got a place in the best Montreal SEO companies.

From google ads to content marketing, they provide all. But they are mainly famous for their SEO services. They target specific areas and work according to them. With their unique SEO ways, they can rank up your site in a sustainable period.

Digitad works with no contract policy. This means they aren’t forcing you to buy their services. You can leave them anytime you want.

In terms of pricing, they have competitive rates. So, if you have budget issues or you’re not running around with a heavy pocket, there’s no harm to go after this company.

About privacy and stuff, your intellectual property and all sorts of information are safe with them. Hence, no fear of being sold on the big ocean of the internet. 

9. Pearl White Media

ServicesSEO, Web Design, SMM, SEM, WordPress Design, Android App Development
Mobile1 514-945-5552
Address6650 St Jacques St, Montreal, Quebec H4B 1V8, Canada

Pearl White Media is a web and graphic design company with great internet marketing services. It’s a company that can create great designs with the immense knowledge of SEO and stuff.

They’re a Montreal-based company but they also have a sales office in Toronto, Canada. In their lifelong journey, they have made over 500 different websites in numerous niches such as real estate, fashion, hospitality, and many more.

Pearl White Media offers SEO for all kinds of businesses. They also work on individual projects. Hence, no matter if you’re a local business owner in Montreal or trying to build a website of your own, you can ask them to look after your site.

The company doesn’t forward sell their services. Rather, they set up a meeting time, and do a deep analysis of your site and project. Then gives you a proper audit of everything. After that, you can select your package and be ready with your SEO service.

Top quality link building, copywriting, On-page SEO, proper competitor analysis, Keyword Research, they do all. On top of that, their whole approach towards everything is more professional than most other marketers.

They also offer affordable rates compared to the industry. Not the most reasonable one, but not something to rip your pocket. 

In conclusion, White Pearl Media is a genuine website and graphics designing company that has great expertise in the field of SEO. 

10. My Little Big Web

ServicesSEO, Web Design, SMM, SEM, WordPress Design
Mobile+1 514 572 7758
Address3740 Ontario St EH1W 1S2 Montreal

My Little Big Web is another big Montreal-based SEO agency. If you search on the internet “SEO Montreal”, you’ll find them ranking on the first page. I guess you understand their expertise level by now.

It’s a company that can provide most internet marketing services. The best quality about them is their flexibility. They can turn anything up and down, fix your broken site, or work with your non-rankable affiliate site.

Since they offer content writing services, they know each and every aspect of On-Page SEO. Nowadays, On-Page SEO is roughly 90% of the whole SEO. Hence, getting their services will ensure you have all green ticks on the on-page site.

The organization works on a “Zero Outsourcing” policy. As a result, you get a top-notch authentic service. They also have a 24-hour available developer team for the clients. As a result, you’ll get full-time service without any hesitation.

Last but not the least, they work in all organic ways possible. There’s no black hat stuff and AI-generated content. If you want a professional SEO company in Montreal, My Little Big Web should be your go-to company.

11. Thrive Agency

ServicesSEO, Web Design, SMM, SEM
Mobile(866) 434-4748
Address4600 Park Springs BlvdSuite 100Arlington, TX 76017

Thrive first made its mark as a digital marketing agency in 2005. Till then they have handled over a thousand customers from different industries. If you’re looking for experience, damn sure they have plenty of it.

Let’s talk about their SEO code of ethics. We think you’ll love it.

With calculated ROI numbers, Thrive Internet Marketing Agency can deliver what they promise (at least their internet reviews say so). If you have tensions regarding conversions, they can handle everything with care.

Unlike other companies, they do not let clients daydream. We’ve seen their case studies and they always work on what they can achieve for you. So, no lies, no straightforward selling.

In terms of your data and privacy, they have strict ethics about all of that. With no information leak, you can easily trust them. 

The agency doesn’t have any records of violating search engine rules. This means they’re all white in and out.

In short, Thrive is a very professional SEO provider. 

12. TST Search Engine Marketing

ServicesSEO, Web Design, SMM, SEM
Mobile+1(514) 994-4637

TST is our last company to represent Montreal’s best SEO providers. The company works on various sides of internet marketing, content writing, and website designing. They also work on android app development.

 Let’s learn more about one of Montreal’s leading SEO companies.

To begin with, they charge a flat 850 CAD for a one-time full website SEO audit. Which is not competitive looking at the market. But they do ensure the result. So, it’s a win-win for you.

The company has a certified team of talented individuals who look after different aspects of SEO. They collaborated with the top 1% of internet marketers today. This gives you a proper boost if you are looking for some big names to work with.

Phew, this is all done. Thanks for staying with us for a longer period of time.

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s normal that you have some questions in mind after searching for the best SEO services in Montreal. Let us try to answer some of your queries.

How much do SEO services charge in Montreal?

It varies from company to company. Some companies charge low, and some charge high. Generally, you don’t have to pay anything bigger than 1500 CAD per month to a quality SEO company in Montreal. Yes, a company can ask more. If it’s a well-known company, it’s okay. Otherwise, giving more than 1500 CAD can be a waste.

How long does it take to rank a website?

It depends on a lot of factors. First of all, every website is different and it has a different set of competitors. So, the ranking time is also different here. What Keywords a website is targeting, how good its link-building techniques are, or how valuable content it provides can be the deciding factor.

Do I need to pay upfront to the Montreal SEO companies?

Some companies charge upfront, some charge monthly, and some charge contract-based. It depends on your chosen agency. Generally, SEO charges monthly or contract-based meaning after some period.

Can I terminate my Montreal SEO service?

Yes, you can terminate your Montreal SEO service any minute. Most professional SEO companies offer “Anytime Termination Availability.”

However, some companies don’t provide this. Make sure you talk about this with your preferred company before choosing them as your SEO.

How to find the best SEO companies in Montreal?

Simple, search “best SEO companies in Montreal” or “Montreal’s best SEO companies” or “best Montreal SEO” and see which company ranks on the first page more.

If one company can rank their site for a high-volume KW, they can easily rank your site. This is the ultimate way to find the best SEO companies in Montreal or any other place.

The Bottom Line

It’s tough to rank your site on the first page of Google nowadays. It’s also tougher to find a suitable company that can do that. Most companies out there are either hoaxes or black hatters.

That’s why we tried to give you a list of the 12 best SEO companies in Montreal to help you out. All of the above-mentioned companies are hundred percent white hatters and proven in their field.

One Disclaimer: The numbering doesn’t represent anything. All the companies are equally good. We put them randomly on our list.

Let us know what you think about the list. Did we forget to mention anyone or not?

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