Common Defenses Used by Manufacturers in Lemon Law Cases

Common Defenses Used by Manufacturers in Lemon Law Cases

When your car keeps causing problems, Lemon Law can help, but manufacturers might fight back. Good lemon law lawyers aim for the manufacturer’s money, not yours. If you suspect your car is a lemon, get an attorney’s help. Manufacturers often use defenses to challenge Lemon Law claims. You and your lawyer need to know these defenses. Let’s look at some common arguments manufacturers might use to counter Lemon Law claims. Understanding these can make a big difference if you’re facing issues with your vehicle.

Manufacturers often deploy various defenses to counter Lemon Law claims. Here are the common defense types employed:

Common Defense Types

Repair Attempts Challenge

Lemon law acts like a helpful friend to consumers, stating that if a company can’t fix your car after a set number of tries, they must replace or refund it. There’s a standard in California, but fixing the problem sometimes takes more attempts. Document each try to show the manufacturer didn’t fix it after a reasonable number of attempts.

Vehicle Misuse Accusation

Manufacturers might blame you for car problems, saying you used it wrong. If they can prove neglect or misuse, it weakens your case. So, take good care of your car, and keep maintenance records!

Neglect or Failure to Maintain Dispute

Manufacturers may argue the problems are your fault for not caring for the car as they advised. Missing oil changes, ignoring service schedules, or using the wrong fuel might lead them to blame you for the issues.

Implied Warranty Limitation Defense

There’s a time limit for lemon law claims – four years after the warranty ends, not when the car becomes a lemon. Knowing when the warranty expires will ensure your claim falls within this timeframe.

Issues with Aftermarket Additions

If you added enhancements to your car, the manufacturer might shift blame if things go awry. Modifications could be blamed for problems. Stick to authorized changes and seek professional advice for peace of mind.

Vehicle Modifications Resulting in Issues

According to the Los Angeles lemon law lawyers from Young & Young APC, manufacturers can argue that changes to your car caused problems. Whether it’s a new engine or a different suspension, they might assert it’s the reason for reported issues if it’s not approved or done professionally.

Facing these challenges, consumers need to keep meticulous records, follow maintenance recommendations, and stay informed about warranty timelines. Lemon law lawyers act as allies, ensuring consumers receive the protection they deserve.


If your car is causing persistent problems, understanding these defenses and working with a skilled attorney can strengthen your Lemon Law case and increase the likelihood of a favorable resolution.

When your car becomes a constant headache, Lemon Law is your ally. Yet, manufacturers may put up a fight. A good lemon law attorney focuses on the manufacturer’s pocket, not yours. If you suspect a lemon, get legal help. 

Manufacturers have common defenses, from challenging repair attempts to blaming you for misuse. Document everything, maintain your car, and know your warranty timeline.