Easy Way To Create A Facebook Fanpage Or FB Like Page

Greetings to all.  Hope you all are fine.  We see a lot of facebook fanpage or facebook like page during visiting in our facebook site. Sometimes, we  like them also. But, you can also create a facebook fanpage or facebook like page on your liked topics. It is very easy to develop. This post is for those online people who do not know how to create a facebook fanpage or like page. So, let us see how we can create a facebook  like page.

How To Create A Facebook Like Page:

At first, go to the footer of facebook site and then click on “Create a Page” tab.
When , you click on “Create a Page“, a page will be opened.
In this page, you will get six (06) options such as “Local Business or Place“, “Company, Organization or Institution“,  “Brand or Product” , “Artist, Band or Public Figure“,  “Entertainment” , “Cause or Community Page. Select any one of them as per your choice.  Let us click on “Brand or Product” option. After that, you will see a page.
In this page, you have to choose a Category and give a name of facebook like page in  “Brand or Product Name” field. Then, click on or check  “I agree to Facebook Pages Terms” and after that, click on “Get Started” tab. Then, you will see the following page. You have a facebook account, click on I already have a Facebook account , otherwise, fill up the Sign Up form here and then, click on “Sign Up Now” tab from below page to open a new facebook account.
After that, log in into your facebook account. After login into your account, you will see the following window to move forward. You can select “Save Browser or Don’t Save“option as per your choice. Then , click on “Continue” tab.
Next, you will see an window where you have to fill up some information details (About, Profile Picture, Facebook Web Address, Enable Ads” and click on “Save Info” tab.
First time, you can skip About & Profile Picture option also, if you want. But to beautify and complete your fan page, you should not skip or you must add them in future. Now, you must fill user name of your page or you must select your site address from the window. Say, Here , I have chosen my fan page site address http://www.facebook.com/infozone24n for an example. After setting an Address as per choice, you can skip the last step “Enable Ads“.
Hurray ! Your facebook fan page has been opened. Let us see our developed fan page Infozone24.
If you want, you can a make a facebook fan page for your blog or site. If you make a fan page for your blog or site, you can tag it with your blog or site. It will be shown on your blog or site as like below.
facebook like page of furniture manufacturing
By this fan page or like page, you can introduce your sites to the online community. If you want, you can add your facebook fan page with your website or blog also.
I hope this post will help you to create a facebook fanpage or facebook like page in an easy way for your blog. If you like this post, kindly, put a comment on it.

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