Five Main Causes of Bad Smell In Your Mouth

Sometimes we have to feel uneasy due to bad smell in our mouth. But if this problem is old and long time problem, it should be solved from the root. Generally, in this situation, Doctors advise us to use mouth wash or something like this. In this case, bad smell is removed for a short while. But it come again after some times. Today, we will know 5 important tips to solve this problem of bad smell in our mouth.


1) Normally, we do not care of our teeth. 85% problems are behind of this thing. We should brush our teeth every day after taking meal and two times in a day regularly (Morning & Night). You can use MISWAK regularly also instead of Tooth Brush. It is better than that.

2) Normally, we take poor quantity of water daily. But we should take at least 6-8 liters of water daily to solve this problem.

3) Sometimes, bad smell is created from acidity in the stomach. Acidity forms the gas in the stomach. So prevent gas formation in your stomach. To know about prevention of gas formation in your stomach, go through this topics also. Gas Formation in Stomach and Its Prevention Tips

4) If you take bad smell producing foods like Garlic etc., you must face the problem of bad smell in your mouth. Again, milk is also responsible for producing bad smell as it creates special type of bad smelt mucus. Moreover, over carbohydrated foods also create bad smelt mucus in your nose & throat. So try to avoid those foods or reduce them to take in your meal.


5) Sometimes, bad smell generates from infected area in sinus. If you have infection in your sinus, meet with a doctor and take antibiotics to prevent generation of bad smell mucus in your sinus.

Other than above five reasons, sometimes, allergy is also responsible for your bad smell in your mouth. Treat it also.

So , do not worry for your bad smell in your mouth. Just follow above health tips as a regular guidelines.

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