Get Most Essential 50 Best Websites

Internet is very important for all of us now-a-days. We cannot think anything without internet. All are available in the internet what you want. You can buy, sell, read, write, chat, fun, watch movie-sports, find old or new thing etc whatever you need. Most of us use their most of the time in the internet. We cannot imagine anything without internet. For our day to day activities and various aspects, we need some website or blog. Today, I will share most essential 50 best websites that you need more. Let us see them and enjoy !

Most Essential 50 Best Websites:

1) – Here, you can record movie by using your desktop and can publish to youtube directly which is really an unique video. 
2) -You can take a full screen shot from this web.
3) – This is the best URL Shortener. You can easily shorten your long URLs by using Google’s site. No registration is required for that here.
4)– To see youtube video in a full screen, you can use it.
5)– To translate easily from one language to another, you can frequently use it. It is very flexible online translator.
6)– To see the full url of the shortened url, you can use it.
7 ) To know the local time of your city, you can use it.
8) can copy and paste some special characters by using this site which is not possible from your keyboard.
9)– Best twitter search engine.
10)– To get any types of icon of any size, you can use it.
11)– You can easily download all types of template, icon, frame, background of office.
12) -Use it to know SEO and info of your web rank.
13)– Use it to scan any virus affected files.
14)  Use it to know all types of question -answer without search.
15)– Use it to print web page easily.
16)– It is simple online timer.
17)– Very helpful site if your site is down due to huge visitor.
18) – Use it to see trust level of a site.
19)– Use it to see any pdf and presentation directly in the browser.
20)– Use it to upload video in all uploading site at a time including YouTube .
21) -Use it to search any web video.
22) – Use it to share you email address into online without any hassle.
23) – Use it to know whether your email has been received or not.
24) -Compare popularity o website with it.
25)– Use it to know font name of your image quickly.
26)– Great collection of fonts to use personally as well as commercially.

27)– Use it to know hidden things inside your image.
28)– An online version of Google Googles.
29)– Use it to search all types of TLDs domain.
30) – Use it to save your blog as pdf.
31) join. me– To share your screen online live.
32)– To copy text from image and pdf.
33) -Use it to know All types of flight status.
34) – Use it to share big files online.
35)– Use it to share text and code online.
36) -Use it to check spelling as well as grammatical error.
37) – Use it to share one docs to many men.
38)– Use it to know time of all countries.
39)– Use it to chat together with Skype,Facebook, GoogleTalk,etc.
40)– Use it when your friend is idle.
41)– Use it to generate temporary email id.
42) – Send free fax everywhere with it.
43) -To get your RSS notification in your email.
44) – Transfer file to any server without upload. 
45) – Setup your private chat in 1 second.
46) -Use it to know any shipment info from google map.
47) get any webhosting information.,
48) – Use it as a dictionary
49)– Download stock free image.
50)– Download all software.

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