How to Check a Link Dofollow or Nodofollow

Link Building is still very important off-page SEO tools even in 2015. You should give attention on high PR & high quality dofollow backlink. Buying backlink may not be good quality even it is from It should be avoided. It is better if link is builded by naturally which Google prefers most. My opinion is : Create high quality dofollow backlink by yourself. If you can do that, you may be able to sleep sound at night. Trust me, if you can spend few weeks digging through your high quality backlink, your site will be ranked soon to Google.

How to Check a Link Dofollow or Nodofollow:

Follow Links or DoFollow:

Backlinks that count as points by giving SEO link juice and boosting the page rank of your linked-to sites and by helping them to go higher in SERPs result.

NoFollow Links:

A link that does not have point count in the page’s favor and does not give link juice or boost any PageRank, and doesn’t help in the SERPs.

From the above statements, you might be misunderstood. You are thinking that you do not need nofollow link anymore. It is not true at all. Ofcourse, you should have sufficient high quality nofollow link especially on high traffic sites. High PR sites can give you a lot of referral traffic. Say an Example, your reddit URL on your profile is no longer a follow link. However, do you ever think how many people click on your reddit URL and visit your website?. So, if reddit URL (nofollow backlink from reddit) is nofollow now, but, it is high quality nofollow link which cannot give link juice but can give high volume of traffic. So, you should not miss it.

How do I Check if any Link is DoFollow or NoFollow?

How to Check a Link Dofollow or Nodofollow in Firefox Browser:

You can check a link whether it is dofollow or nofollow by using an add-ons in your web browser especillay in Firefox Mozilla. People are very used to use NoDoFollow Firefox plugin which is very lightweight and will never slow your browser.

Follow the following steps to install it and check a link if it is dofollow or nofollow:

1. At first, click on NoDoFollow Firefox plugin to go to the download page and click on the “Continue to Download” button

2. Then, click on “Add to Firefox” and then, click on “Allow

3. Thereafter, click on “Install Now” and restart your browser.

4. Then, press simply right click and select “NoDoFollow” to use this plugin. After that, you will see all the links on the page in either red or blue shaded. Red Shaded means nofollow links and blue shaded means dofollow links.

See in the first example above, to understand a link nofollow. See the second example above, to understand a link dofollow because it is highlighted in blue.


Video on Dofollow vs Nodofollow:

How to Check a Link Dofollow or Nodofollow in Google Chrome Browser:

Unfortunately the same plugin has not made for Google Chrome till today.

How to Check a Link Dofollow or Nodofollow with Inspect Element Tools:

By another way, you can check whether a link dofollow or nofollow. In this way, you have to use “Inspect Elements” tools. Open any page, where you want to check. Right click on the backlinks (Anchor texts) which to be checked and then, click on “Inspect Elements”, you will see that, in nofollow link, there is a nofollow indication rel=”nofollow” in the HTML text and in dofollow link, there is no nofollow indication like rel=”nofollow” in the HTML text.

Video How to Check a Link dofollow or nodofollow

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