Top 100+ Free .Edu and .Gov Sites List for Backlink

The Top 100+ Free .Edu and .Gov Sites List for Backlink

Do you want the The Top 100+ Free .Edu and .Gov Sites List for your site’s Backlink ? I think you need it. Now, you can get it from our blog now. We have made a list of top 100+ free .edu and .gov sites. We all know that creating quality back links to our website is an important part of blogging. It will help increase our website rank & reputation and also Google PageRank. Backlinks to your blog provides the trust factor which your blogs have and how much reputation do your blogs have gained over the time.

If I am talking about making high quality backlinks to your website, I will suggest you to create some of the most trusted and quality backlinks from the education and government websites. If you just follow the list of the websites that we provided for creating backlinks to your blogs/websites, then, you have a great chance to increase in your google pageRank as well as your websites authority rank. You can reduce Alexa rank also by creating high quality backlink and there is great value of your site’s alexa rank. You can go through Top 5 Essential Tips to Improve Your Site’s Alexa Rank also which will help you a lot to improve your site’s alexa rank.

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Download The Top 100+ Free .Edu and .Gov Sites List:


How to create high quality backlink through these .edu & .gov websites?

Top 100+ Free .Edu and .Gov Sites List for Backlink

Here, I have shared you a tips that will help you create high quality backlink from .edu & .gov sites. Follow the following steps to create high quality backlink to your website through these .gov and .edu websites.

  • Signing up on these websites
  • Create your own profile on these websites so as to have quality back link to your website.
  • Comment on these website
  • Keep on updating your profile and uploading quality data on your website.

Some Important Cautions while creating backlinks into .edu & .gov sites:

  • Don’t  go mad and create lots of back links in a short period of time. In this case, you will get highlighted in the eyes of Google bots and you may be penalized. Google penguin is looking for you if you do that.
  • Never gain links from any bad website with wrong reputation. This list doesn’t contain any bad site but still if you are creating from anywhere else be careful in that case.
  • Maintain some balance between the back links you gain to your website both of .edu and .gov

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