When our children’s long-awaited vacations approach, we all have the same question: what do we do with the children? Many families cannot be absent from work, they have no one to leave the children with, or they are worried that the little ones will end up getting bored during the almost a few weeks break from school.

What can we do so that our children are entertained, learn and enjoy their vacations to the fullest? Currently there are many recreational options for children and adolescents to meet these needs and a cooking camp in Singapore is an excellent option to meet these 3 objectives, while providing many other advantages.

Surely you are wondering where to start and what criteria you must follow in order to choose the best camp for your children. Don’t worry! In this article you will discover the 5 factors that you must weigh to choose the best camp. In just 5 minutes you will have all the keys to know how to choose the best option for your children. It is very simple, you simply have to take into account a series of variables and thus find the option that best suits the characteristics, needs and preferences of our sons and daughters.


A good starting point is the level of maturity of the child, since this does not only depend on his age. Is your child ready to go away from home for a while? Has he done it before, or is it his first time camping? There is no need to force children, as there are options adapted to different schedules and types of camps. There are day programs, in which they can spend the morning playing and learning and thus prepare, little by little, for, in the future, leaving residential colonies. A camp should be a place of leisure and education, so we must take into account the opinions and preferences of the children so that the experience is as positive and beneficial as possible.


To choose a good camp it is essential to ask ourselves what we are looking for with it. Do you want your child to learn languages? Do you practice any sport? What develops your social skills? Let his maturity and responsibility work? Get started in some kind of new activity? It is best to choose a camp that combines everything. That is to say, that it offers ludic and leisure activities such as sports and games and that at the same time, provides them with some type of curricular utility; like the one that studying a language would give them, for example. Childhood is the best stage to acquire long-term knowledge and a camp is the perfect opportunity to learn through play, naturally and almost without the children noticing.


Once you have decided if your son or daughter is ready to go to a residential camp and the goals you want to achieve by signing up for a program of this type, you must choose the schedule you are looking for for the colonies. A day camp? Or a full time camp? And the duration of it, since there are programs that last one week, two, three and even others that cover an entire month. This decision will depend on the type of program chosen, the offer of the center and the location. A camp abroad, for example, can be used more during a longer stay than just going for a week.


You have to take into account your child’s interests: Does he like sports or does he prefer the theater? Is he a quiet child or does he need a lot of physical activity? We have to involve our children in this decision; ask him what he most likes to do and where he would like to go. There’s no point in choosing something that doesn’t fit what he wants to do. Today, there are camps for every imaginable taste and hobby. Sports camps, language camps, adventure camps, soccer camps, basketball camps, theatrical camps, dance camps, surf camps, beach camps… So finding an option that suits your child’s interests won’t be difficult. In addition, a camp is a perfect opportunity to start a new activity or to immerse yourself in a second language.


Although this factor will be determined by all the above variables, it is essential to decide where we want our child to go. A beach destination? Mountain, country, city? There are many options and they are all equally valid, we simply have to take into account what we are looking for when taking our children to a camp in order to choose correctly.


If you follow these steps you will be able to choose the best camp for your children without any problem. This is an excellent leisure option that also brings numerous benefits in the education and learning of children. Most of the time, the boys establish a very special bond with the colonies: their monitors, their companions, the destination, the activities…, everything, in general, will provide them with a perfect occasion from which they will keep a very special memory that They will want to repeat year after year.