What are The Common Practice Areas of Personal Injury Lawyers in Edwardsville?

Personal injury lawyers are typically specialists that have experience litigating on behalf of people with personal injuries. These lawyers provide case consultation for victims of personal injuries, whether that be physical or emotional, such as car crashes. They also help individuals and families with medical bills and general expenses following a personal injury. 

For example, they can assist with the medical bills associated with hospitalization, surgeries, rehabilitation, and lost wages; as well as the pain, suffering, mental anguish, and physical injuries that go along with each of these issues. Personal injury lawyers can help victims of personal injuries obtain compensation for these damages.

We will now see into the common practice areas of personal injury lawyers in Edwardsville.

  1. Auto accidents

Auto accidents are the most common practice area for personal injury lawyers. These accidents can be the result of a multitude of reasons and can involve any number of parties. A personal injury lawyer will assess each case individually to determine his client’s compensation and what best steps to take next.

  1. Premises liability

Premises liability is what happens when someone is injured because of a defect on another person or entity’s property or because the property owner did not properly warn the injured party of a known danger. 

  1. Product liability

Personal injury lawyers help clients seek compensation for damages caused by a defective product, such as a car that catches fire after just 6 months of use or an appliance that malfunctions during use and causes damage to the user. These lawyers will work with clients to determine whether the matter is worth pursuing, as it can be costly to bring a lawsuit against a manufacturer.

  1. Medical malpractice

Medical malpractice occurs when a doctor, dentist, nurse, or other healthcare provider acts negligently and causes injury or death to a patient. A personal injury lawyer will work with their client to ensure that their claim is eligible for compensation, and then go after the medical provider for negligence and any resulting damages.

  1. Wrongful death

When someone dies from injuries or a medical condition caused by someone else’s negligence, the family of the deceased may pursue wrongful death claims. Wrongful death lawsuits are meant to provide compensation to those left behind to help make up for the loss of their loved one, including funeral expenses and lost wages of the deceased.