How to Color Grading with Camera Raw in Photoshop

How to Color Grading with Camera Raw in Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is a graphics editor which was developed by Adobe Inc., which is available both in Windows and macOS. Generally, it is used for image editing, to retouch any image, to generate image compositions, and to add effects to photos. Adobe Photoshop provides users with the ability to create, enhance photos. Today we will talk about some processes of color grading photoshop and How to Color Grading with Camera Raw in Photoshop.

 Anyone can change the background of any photo by using photoshop. Adobe Photoshop is the most used software for editing images, creating something new with any photos, and also editing any illustrations. There are many types of Photoshop, such as Photoshop CC, Photoshop Lightroom, Photoshop Elements, Photoshop express, and also there is a version of Photoshop ios which provides fewer features than the normal photoshop. 

Photoshop was invented in 1987. The first version of photoshop by adobe was released in February 1990. Anyone can learn photoshop. But the approved ways are taking physical classes by some professional photoshop workers. There are tons of online tutorials on how photoshop works. It also works well. 

Adobe Photoshop is available in 26 languages. Nowadays, we know that editing images are an important thing to make them look good and also make them look attractive to people. Color grading is an important step to make any image look superior. 

What is Color Grading Photoshop

Color grading flows with the photography. Color correcting and color grading aren’t the same at all, they both are different. Color correcting is the base for color grading. The scenes which we see in movies are created by color grading to make it look beautiful and also to feel the scene more realistically with our eyes. 

In a film, the production team generally makes the set design beautifully to get a defined color. After that, the director sets lighting in the set to get a finished look. Finally, the last step is to color grade the scenes which are done by post-production. 

Color Grading Photoshop Examples

Here I will present some color grading examples, if you aren’t interested you can skip it and go to the next part where I explained how to color grading with camera raw in photoshop. There are thousands of ways you can select from color grading but technically the style must keep up with the mood of the photo or scene. There are some styles of color grading which I’m showing below:

In this picture, the color grading is called blue cool tone. This tone is rarely used in movie scenes. But everyone loves it and can feel the scene.

This warm color grade looks a little bit unrealistic, but it can change a person’s mood completely. The place isn’t as hot as it looks in the image. 

In this picture, the style is called a monochromatic look. This look is similar to the warm color grading. It’s just an improved version. This style generally makes any photo extremely cool or extremely warm. In colorful scenes, this color grade doesn’t work well. 

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We all must have watched these color gradings many times. This is called green look. This look is generally applied in uncomfortable scenes. It has a very limited area where it is used. 

Photoshop will be updated in 2021 with some new features and applications. Now let’s see how to color grade with camera raw in photoshop.

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Convert The Layer

First of all, start to convert the layer into a smart object. It can help you work better, readjust any filter easily and also apply new layers to it. To know the underneath of an image, photoshop has a grading tool that goes white to black which helps to know the image underneath. It helps to know how the tool works.

Apply The Raw Camera Filter

In photoshop, one has to select the filter option and choose the camera raw filter. This helps to enhance the colors of the images.

In the new version of photoshop, the dual-tone tab is restored by the color grading tab. There are three color grading wheels in the color grading tab. 

The wheels are the shadows, mid-tones, and highlights. 

Apply Tint to The Color Grading Tab

In this step, you have to adjust the color grading tab. The shadows, mid-tones, and highlights will be changed as you want them to be. The color of an image will be changed here.

The gradient tab under the portrait helps to see what colors are used in the shadows, mid-tones, and highlights. 

By double-clicking, the colors can be reset in the color grading bar.

The Works of The Blending and Balance Slider

The blending slider helps to see the amount of overlap between the shadow and highlights. Service 0 can reduce the overlaps and service 100 increases the overlaps. 

The balance slider stabilizes the effects among the color grading tab tools.

Balance Slider :

  1. When the service is under 0, it expands the shadows.
  2. When the service is above 0, it expands the highlights. 

Color Wheels: 

There are three icons in the color wheels which represent the wheel. The 1st one is the shadows, the 2nd one is the mid-tones and the 3rd one is the mid-tones. 

Whenever you will click any of these icons, you will see 3 options which are 

Hue, the Saturation and Luminance. If anyone clicks Ctrl in windows or commands in the macOS, they can’t add the effect of Saturation. If you click the Shift key, then you can use the pointer to adjust the Saturation.

If you click the Shift key, then you can use the pointer to adjust the Saturation.

The Luminance Slider used to correct the brightness of the image. It also helps to adjust the darkness of the color.

How to Color Grading with Camera Raw in Photoshop (Color grading photoshop)

The Global Color Grade

The global color grade is applied for a global color grading which is also applied for the shadows, mid-tones, and highlights. 

How to Color Grading with Camera Raw in Photoshop (Color grading photoshop)

When you are done editing, then you have to press ok to save it. 

The Camera Raw Filter will now apply to the smart object which you created before. To return to the workplace, you should click the Camera Raw Filter label. 

How to Color Grading with Camera Raw in Photoshop (Color grading photoshop)

Here is the before and after look of the photo. You can easily follow this method to color grade your photos also. 

Watch The Final Image:

You have to swipe the slider to see the before and after of the image. 

How to Color Grading with Camera Raw in Photoshop (Color grading photoshop)

We have already seen how to color grade with camera raw in photoshop. But there is always a question: Is it easy to color grade? I am going to answer it now.

Is Color Grading Easy or Hard to Do?

Color grading isn’t that much hard but for beginners it is hard. One must practice a lot to do color grading. Color grading depends on the photo moods. If you can understand the moods of the photo then it is very easy to do it. But first, anyone has to learn about photoshop. And then step by step, they should practice to color grade. They can take classes, courses to learn it also. At first, it may seem hard but at times it is easy to do. 

Online tutorials can help a lot to learn color grading. If anyone can edit normally in photoshop then they can try learning color grading. The photo also depends a lot on the color grade of the photo. The editor must understand the photo’s mood. That’s how they can change the color also. Practice can help a lot. 

Without practice, it is very hard to color grade, But regular practice can make the job easy.

Wrapping Up:

I hope this writing will help you to learn color grading with camera raw with photoshop. The whole tutorial is presented with photos. It will be easier for you to try it by reading this writing. We will be glad if this helped you.

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