Possible Impacts of DUI Charge On Your Future

4 Possible Impacts of DUI Charge On Your Future

Driving under the influence of either alcohol or illicit drugs can cause you to make poor judgments. This action can lead to serious and long-reaching consequences. While laws and regulations are in place to limit DUIs, such charges remain common. Hiring a skilled DUI attorney is usually a wise decision to avoid the harsh consequences of a DUI charge. The following are ways a DUI charge can impact your future. 

Financial Loss

Whether it is your first time being charged with a DUI or your second, this charge can lead to a monetary fine, which can be expensive. But the monetary loss doesn’t stop with this fine. The charge can also result in lost wages when you need to serve time in custody following your offense. Also, you may lose your job as some employers have policies about employees with a DUI conviction. 


Probation lets you avoid confinement for a certain period, as long as you abide by your probation’s terms and coordinate with the probation officer. In Arizona, you have a five-year probation for a misdemeanor DUI and up to ten years for a felony DUI. 

Jail Time

If you are charged with a DUI in Arizona, you must spend time in jail for at least ten days if your BAC is 0.085-0.15%. If you complete a drug or alcohol abuse treatment, screening program, or counseling, the court may suspend 9 out of these 10 days. Depending on how many of these offenses you have committed within seven years, you could spend up to two years in jail. 

License Suspension

A DUI offense can result in the suspension of your driver’s license, which can happen even if you are a first-time offender. License suspension for a first-time offense occurs for 90 days. A one-year license suspension applies to a second or third offense. 

Even if your DUI charges are dropped, you may still deal with the license suspension. Following a DU arrest, the DMV will revoke a person’s license privileges automatically. Thus, you won’t be able to drive your car until your license suspension is resolved. There’s an appeal period you can cause to prevent a suspension of your license, but you must not miss this window. 

Because of the steep consequences of a DUI charge, you want to have good legal representation. A DUI lawyer will use their knowledge of DUI laws in Arizona to dismiss your case or give you leniency in the punishment you will face. 


In summary, a DUI charge can have far-reaching consequences, affecting your finances, freedom, and employment prospects. However, a proficient DUI attorney can provide valuable assistance in mitigating these repercussions and shaping a more promising future.