Know These Things before Looking For Halfway Houses in California – Avoid Houses If You Notice These Red Flags

Halfway houses are supposed to help recovering addicts adjust to their new life after discharge from a rehab. But not all halfway houses are trustworthy or reliable. These are meant to be safe and peaceful transitional living facilities where addicts can remain sober. The first few weeks after discharge tend to be most difficult for the addict. He is prone to relapse unless he stays in a place which can keep him away from his cravings and weaknesses.

What to consider when searching for halfway houses in California:

If you are looking for “halfway houses near me” in California, you need to consider some important things first. 

  • Sober living homes may not be government-licensed or monitored by state agencies but they should offer a drug and alcohol-free environment. So, if you find that the house manager does not arrange for routine drug screenings for the residents, take it as a red flag.
  • If you find sober living homes that are willing to keep you for free, stay away from such places. A good halfway house will encourage you to pay your own rents. This means finding a job to pay for your accommodation. Some disreputable facilities try to tempt addicts by offering them free stay. In exchange, they collect your personal information and submit fake insurance claims.
  • In a California halfway house, you are expected to do chores like helping out with cleaning or cooking. The facility must be clean, hygienic, and there should be proper rules. If the facility is rundown, unclean, and unsafe, it is better to avoid it. So, before checking into a halfway house, pay a visit and tour the place.
  • Every halfway house must enforce rules and punish residents for flouting them. If you cannot find the halfway house rules, you should take it as a red flag. It means that the staff is not bothered to enforce discipline and neither will it impose penalties.
  • Some halfway houses may not have admission criteria and may not even keep patient records. Ideally, there should be some standard admission rules. They should admit only recovering addicts who already have undergone treatment for alcohol use disorder. Some inmates may have co-existing mental health problems for which they need to go to psychotherapists. There should be rules for attending 12-step AA meetings and performing chores. If you do not find these in the facility, it is probably better to look for another one.

A good halfway house in California can make a big difference to your recovery. If you cannot find one close to your home, look for one on It offers detailed information about sober living in every US state, along with their contact details. If you think your loved one needs specialized care in such a facility, they can direct you to such facilities. So, take time out to research halfway houses in your vicinity before checking into one. If you notice any of these above-mentioned red flags, find yourself another halfway home.

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