Passive-Aggressive Ways To Say Goodnight

80+ Passive-Aggressive Ways To Say Goodnight

You can express your feelings to someone indirectly using passive-aggressive goodnight sayings. Whether you’re feeling irritated, upset, or simply frisky, there’s a passive-aggressive goodnight saying out there for every case.

In this article, we’ll explore 80+ passive-aggressive ways to say goodnight. We’ll also provide some tips on how to respond to a passive-aggressive goodnight saying.

Passive-Aggressive Ways To Say Goodnight

Here are 80+ passive-aggressive ways to say goodnight:

Funny Passive-Aggressive Good Night Sayings

Here are some funny passive-aggressive ways to say goodnight:

  • Good Night! Sweet dreams! And by sweet dreams, I mean dreams where you’re endlessly falling and can’t wake up.
  • Nighty night. Catch some Zs, if you feel like it. 
  • Good Night! I’m sure you’ll be up all night anyway.
  • Good Night! Sleep tight! Don’t let the bedbugs bite…or do. I don’t care!
  • I can’t deal with your drama anymore. Goodnight!
  • Sweet dreams! May the sandman show up fashionably late!
  • Good night, I hope your snoring will be in accord.
  • Goodnight! And don’t let reality wake you up.
  • Good Night! And don’t let the Phasmophobia keep you up too late.
  • May your dreams be as dramatic as you are. Good night!
  • Good Night! Sleep tight! And don’t let the fear of death keep you up all night!
  • I’m going to sleep, but don’t worry, you can keep talking.
  • Sweet dreams! The dreams where you’re being chased by a huge dog.
  • Good Night! Don’t let the bedbugs bite, or do, whatever!
  • I’m turning in, so I can stop lying to you. Good Night!
  • Good Night! So I can avoid you until tomorrow. 
  • I’m catching some z’s, but I’m sure you’ll be up for a while.
  • Good Night! Sleep well! Or you can just pretend to sleep well. It’s more fun!
  • Good Night! I’m off to my bed now, where I’ll most likely just lay awake for hours.
  • Good Night! Sweet dreams, if you have any.
  • I’m on my way to dreamland, where all my dreams come true. Just kidding! Good Night!
  • Good Night! And remember, if you don’t dream big, you won’t be disappointed in the morning.

Mean Passive-Aggressive Good Night Sayings

Here are some examples of mean passive-aggressive goodnight sayings:

  • Good night. Sweet dreams, or whatever!
  • Nite, bitch. Or asshole works too.
  • Good Night! I hope the mosquitos bite your ass.
  • I can’t listen to you complain anymore. Good Night!
  • I should go to sleep now, so I can stop lying to you.
  • Night night, if you care.
  • Good night. Hope you have an okay sleep.
  • Goodnight! Hope you wake up in the morning.
  • Rest up, if that’s your thing.
  • I hope you have a good night, so you won’t be so irritating tomorrow. Good night!
  • Good night! Dream pleasantly, if you can.
  • I’m off to bed now, so I can stop pretending to like you.
  • Sleep well! May your dreams be as sugary as your words.
  • Goodnight! May your sleep be as good as your intentions.
  • Wishing you a night as comforting as your obstinacy. Good night!
  • I should go to bed before I say something I regret. Good night!
  • I need to get some rest so I can deal with you again tomorrow. Good night!
  • Sweet dreams, because you’re going to need them.
  • I’m going to sleep, so I can dream about a world where you don’t exist.
  • I’m off to bed now, so I can wake up reinvigorated and ready to deal with your bullshit tomorrow.
  • Good night, if you can even sleep.
  • I’m calling it a night, so I can stop thinking about you.
  • Sleep tight. It’s not always easy being you, but I’m sure you’ll manage.
  • Goodnight, and may your conscience be as clear as your doings.
  • Good night, if it matters.
  • Good Night! Sleep well, knowing that some of us have to work for a living.
  • May you have a restful night, even if your day wasn’t quite as considerate.
  • Good Night! I hope your sleep is as uninterrupted as your ego.

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Indirect Passive-Aggressive Goodnight Sayings

Here are some examples of indirect passive-aggressive goodnight sayings:

  • Good night! Sleep well, I guess.
  • Sweet dreams, hope you don’t wake up with a headache.
  • Good Night! I hope you sleep well…if you can.
  • Sleep tight, don’t let the bedbugs bite…or your conscience.
  • Good Night! I hope you have a better attitude in the morning.
  • Good Night! And let your thoughts wander as they often do.
  • I’m turning in, so I can start my day tomorrow on a positive note.
  • Wishing you a night as interesting as your day.
  • Good Night! I’m sure you’re drained.
  • Good Night! Sleep well, just like you always do.
  • Sweet dreams, because reality is overrated.
  • I’m hitting the sack, so I can finally have some peace.
  • Well, good night to you too, I guess.
  • Good night. If you can sleep, that is.
  • I’m hitting the hay, so I can wake up and realize that it was all just a bad dream.
  • Goodnight! I’m going to bed now, so I can finally be alone.
  • Good Night! I hope you have a good night, so you’ll be in a better mood tomorrow.
  • Here’s to a soothing night, however, that looks for you. Goodnight!
  • May your dreams be as intriguing as your personality.
  • Good night. Sleep tight, like the lid on the jar of unsaid things.
  • Good night. I hope your sweet dreams will be more punctual than yours.
  • May your night be as exciting as your social media posts.
  • Goodnight, and I hope you find the rest you deserve.

Subtle Passive-Aggressive Ways To Say Goodnight

After the other person says “Goodnight”, you can answer with any of the following subtle ways:

  • “Yeah”
  • “uh huh”
  • “Good for you”
  • “Whatever”
  • “Up to you”
  • “Thumbs Up Emoji”
  • “Goodnight.” followed by a period.

Why Do People Say Goodnight In A Passive-Aggressive Way

People say goodnight in a passive-aggressive way because of the following reasons:

  • to be sarcastic
  • to be funny
  • to be mean
  • to be indirect

How To Respond To Passive-Aggressive Comments

Here’s how you can respond to passive-aggressive comments:

  • Ignore it
  • Laugh it off
  • Respond with a similar comment
  • Be direct and tell them openly what you mean
  • Just say goodnight

Here are some additional tips for avoiding passive-aggressive comments yourself:

  • Be genuine
  • Be direct
  • Be polite
  • Be respectful
  • Be aware of your tone
  • Be aware of your audience
  • Be specific
  • Be honest
  • Avoid making generalizations


You must know that passive-aggressive behavior can be injurious to relationships. If you receive a passive-aggressive goodnight saying, you should just ignore it. And if you want to respond, you should do it in a light-hearted way.

Be direct and honest. If you’re feeling irritated or angry, just directly and respectfully express how you’re feeling. And if you’re tired, just say goodnight.

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