The Top 10 Natural Cancer Cures – Amazing Cancer Treatment

We basically treat the treatment of cancer as controversial, but it is matter of wonder that the natural cancer remedies can be great effective indeed. If you can follow effectively the Top 10 Natural Cancer Cures, you can control the cancer or you can treat the destroyer diseases cancer. Though still the specific reason of cancer can’t be identified, it seems healthier persons with less bad habits are also being affected by this deadly disease. Natural cancer treatments focused on dieting and lifestyle changes is much easier to be followed, rather than having treatment with pathetic chemotherapy. So let’s have a look on these top 10 effective natural cancer remedies for following and getting relieved from deadly cancer.

List of The Top 10 Natural Cancer Cures:

1. Garson Therapy with Juicing

It is known as one of the most effective remedy ever, was developed by Dr. Garson who was a renowned German born American medical doctor. It is one of the most body healing remedy for cancer patients. It recommend following list to be maintained in meal time:

  1. Plan-based foods that are organic
  2. Raw juices
  3. Coffee
  4. Liver of beef
  5. Other natural and raw supplements.

2. The Bud Wig Protocol

Bud wig diet protocol can be followed by cancer patients as it is renowned as one of the top 10 natural cancer cures. Have a look on the whole recipe to be followed:

  1. 6 ounces homemade dairy such as home-made cheese/ goat’s milk
  2. 4 tablespoons flax
  3. Flaxseed oil almost 1 teaspoon
  4. Turmeric powder
  5. And black pepper

Have all the elements mixed together and take daily once.

Amazing Cancer Treatment:

top 10 home cure for cancer

3. Enzyme Therapy

This therapy, mostly known as proteolytic enzyme therapy, was invented by John beard in 1906. It focused on having holistic diet for creating such an environment for body which can assist more in healing process. That’s why this process in included in top 10 natural cancer remedies.  Here different prescriptions are presented based on the variety of tumors:

  1. Those who are patient of epithelial are being prescribed to take plant-based diet largely, and avoiding animal protein is must.
  2. Patients of blood or immune based tumors are recommended to have high animal protein and high-fat diet.

4. Vitamin C

This therapy is mostly known as chelation therapy, that useful for removing toxins form the body. The word chela refers to grab into something and fully it means grabbing into the toxins. But according to today’s medicine condition, this therapy is not approved one. But it is included in the top 10 natural cancer cures for its assistance in removal of calcium deposited in arteries. This remedy process recommends having more vitamin c richen foods.

Top 10 natural cancer cures

5.  Important Oil therapy

According to Dr Bud wig, Indian frankincense is an essential one for having cancer treatment. What you have to do is rubbing the frankincense oil on your body around 3 times and drinking three times daily. It emphasize on healing ability of your body by influencing genes.

6. Pro-Biotic Food Elements

In this exceptional dieting list, you will have natural foods such as cheese and yogurt or other items that are made of raw milk. Such kind of elements and supplements will reduce the growth of tumor. This is also counted as essential one remedy process for its outstanding effectiveness such as improving digestive function, mineral absorption and enhancing healing ability.

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7. Vitamin D as Sunshine

For having a cancer free and healthy body, high level of heart healthiness, soluble vitamins and minerals are necessary. And vitamin D3 plays an important role in cancer prevention. That’s why vitamin d is remarked as one of the important natural remedy of Top 10 Home Cancer Remedies.

8. Turmeric with Cur cumin

Researcher found turmeric and cur cumin as preventive elements of cancer cells. Those don’t contain anti-cancer effects, what those do is prevent cancer cells growth. Those who have breast cancer, stomach and skin cancer can find turmeric with cur cumin most effective.

9. Oxygen therapy

Oxygen deficiency seems the main cause of cancer. That’s why, supplementing with oxygen therapy is highly beneficial for cancer prevention. One of the best options for cancer remedy naturally.

10. Building peace through praying

The healing benefits of prayers are above of all natural remedies. Mental peace and positive attitude assist in preventing cancer as well as act as treatment. Whatever, which remedy is used by you for cancer prevention among of all the natural cancer remedies, is not fact, prayer will give the best environment for cancer treatment. These are the amazing cancer treatment.

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