Things to Do With Your Kids in Columbia, SC

Columbia is one of the most popular cities in South Carolina. This area is a highly desired location for raising a family. So what is there to do in Columbia this summer? Let’s go over our favorite activities in Columbia.

Congaree National Park

If you’re traveling south this summer, you know it’s going to be hot. The south is hot even when it isn’t summer. So let’s go over some fun things to do outside and inside. Our first pick is the Congaree National Park. There aren’t many places left where the natural forest is untouched, but you can find that here at Congaree. Some of the oldest trees in the United States are in this national park. 

Additionally, the Congaree River flows through the park and is another vital ecosystem for the watershed area. There are turtles, snakes, and catfish that call these waters home. The drier parts of the Congaree are home to deer, raccoon, opossum, bobcats, and a multitude of bird species. There are camping, hiking, and kayaking amenities for explorers of all shapes and sizes.

It’s impossible to explore every part of the park, there are over 15,000 acres of wilderness. However, taking a nice nature walk with your family is sorely underrated. Your kids will cherish these experiences forever. 

Riverbanks Zoo and Garden

Another favorite of ours, Riverbanks Zoo and Garden is a combination of education on animals and education on plants. Riverbanks is home to over 2,000 animals such as reptile conservation, an African forest,  and a birdhouse at the Riverbanks. The Botanical Garden houses over 4,200 species of native and non-native plants. 

We have found that one of the biggest draws of looking into Columbia houses for sale is the recreational options available here. And who can argue when you have a zoo and botanical garden combo right downtown? Even better, if you’re looking to have something educational and fun to entertain your kids for the summer, send them to Zoo Camp!

Riverbanks have a program for children during the summer months to come and learn at Summer Zoo Camp. They learn about a variety of topics such as rainforest animals, aquatic dwellers, and even creepy-crawling insects. Your kids will be begging for more and you can have some time to yourself!

Columbia Museum of Art (and Other Museums)

Originally a private residence, the museum was founded in 1950. The collection started with a bulk of Old Master paintings. Soon after, the museum received donated works from Renaissance and Baroque art. In 1988 after the opening of the South Carolina State Museum, they decided to eliminate their science area and focus on the arts. 

The South Carolina State Museum is the largest in South Carolina and is housed inside the old Columbia Mills Building. The whole site is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The Mills Building was the first electric textile mill in the world. After these two museums, there is even more in store. Another great stop on the museum list is the McKissick Museum.

McKissick is located at the University of South Carolina and was made in 1940. At first, it was the McKissick Library for the University. Now it houses a southern folklife collection. And these are just 3 of the options when it comes to museums in Columbia. It’s hard to imagine all of these attractions in one city. Book a visit today so you can see for yourself all of the best Columbia has to offer.

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