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15 Best Places To Live In Nova Scotia In 2024

Are you looking for the best places to live in Nova Scotia? Nova Scotia is one of the four Atlantic provinces in Canada. It is identified with a unique history of English, French, and Scottish traditions. The stunning lighthouses and rugged coasts are among Canada’s most unforgettable vistas. Besides being the best location for a memorable vacation, it is one of Canada’s best places to live. But where to live in Nova Scotia? What are the best cities and towns to live in Nova Scotia? Well, this article provides the 15 best places to live in Nova Scotia.

Things To Know About Nova Scotia?

Located on the east coast of Canada, this province has quite panoramic scenery. It is blessed with more than 7,400KM of coastline and the highest tides in the world. There are also spectacular lakes and forests.

Nova Scotia is Latin for New Scotland. It also has an interesting infusion of different cultures and lifestyles. This province is the ultimate destination for travelers and students. There are 27 towns in this province. Nova Scotia is home to 1,037,782 people. This Canadian province of Nova Scotia is one of the most beautiful provinces in Atlantic Canada.

The median household income in Nova Scotia is $71,500 per year. Moreover, The crime rate is low and the standard of living is high in Nova Scotia. The quality of life in Nova Scotia is high.

A lot of people have their eyes on Nova Scotia but they can’t decide which place is best for them. You might be thinking about moving to Nova Scotia. If you’re looking for the best cities in Nova Scotia, this is the article for you. This article will help you narrow down the 15 best cities to live in Nova Scotia.

15 Best Places To Live In Nova Scotia:

1. Halifax

Image: National Geographic

One of the best areas in Nova Scotia is Halifax. It is the largest and the political capital city of Nova Scotia. It’s well-known for its forestry, agriculture, coal mining, and natural gas extraction regions. The cost of living in Halifax is lower than it is in Vancouver or Toronto. Also, rental purchase prices are lower in Halifax than in other Canadian cities. The Halifax weather is a lot milder than the weather in the rest of Canada. The crime rate in Halifax is surprisingly low. It’s one of the lowest in Canada! Moreover, people are very friendly in Halifax and that’s why it has a great community feel to it.

Halifax, NS
Cost of Living$3,243
Average Cost of Buying a Home$529,900
Average House Rent$1,170
Unemployment Rate6.8%
Crime Rate3.8%

Here are some best neighborhoods to live in Halifax:

  • Downtown Halifax: Popular for food and other adventures.
  • Bedford: Best for families.
  • Westmount: Popular for many activities for children.
  • North End: Best for students.
  • South End: Easy access to universities.
  • West End: Popular for quiet streets and green spaces.
  • Clayton Park: Best for families.
  • Downtown Dartmouth: Best for singles and young professionals.
  • Sackville: Popular for its blue-collar community.

2. Cape Breton

Cape Breton

Cape Breton is an island in Nova Scotia. This island is famous for its amazing scenery and tourist attractions. It is the second-largest city in Nova Scotia. The locals of Cape Breton are lovely and friendly. This island is known for its low crime rate. You can enjoy outdoor adventures, culinary activities, coastal adventures, golf, and motorcycling. High-quality education is quite affordable in Cape Breton. The housing prices are cheap and affordable too. Cape Breton receives the highest amount of snow in the entire Nova Scotia. Besides, you can never get bored living in Cape Breton.

Cape Breton, NS
Cost of Living$1435
Average Cost of Buying a Home$180,000
Average House Rent$849
Unemployment Rate8.9%
Crime Rate3.4%

Here’s a list of the best neighborhoods to live in Cape Breton: 

  • Membertou
  • Glace Bay
  • Whitney Pier
  • Grand Lake Road
  • Georges River
  • Balls Creek
  • Howie Center

3. Truro


Truro provides a stylish and relaxed lifestyle. If you prefer an urban location over a coastal location, Truro is the place for you. It is situated in the heart of Nova Scotia. Although it is situated away from the coastline, you still have access to several beaches. Like Perranporth Beach and Carne Beach. You also have access to Victoria Park and its acres of woodlands. There are plenty of recreation and outdoor activities. These include pretty much anything you can think of.

Truro has a friendly community that will make you feel at home. In summer, the weather is comfortable and often cloudy. The winters are chilly and snowy. The downtown is full of small boutiques, restaurants, and cafes. The housing market in Truro is also less costly than in other parts of Nova Scotia. The cost of living is 14% lower than the national average. Moreover, Truro is known as the “Hub of Nova Scotia”. It is a great place for business. There’s a business park with more than 70 businesses.

Truro, NS
Cost of Living$1,389
Average Cost of Buying a Home$317,068
Average House Rent$854
Unemployment Rate10.6%
Crime Rate5.8%

4. New Glasgow

New Glasgow

Located on Nova Scotia’s north shore, it is one of the top places to live in Nova Scotia. It is the commercial hub of northeastern Nova Scotia and the economic center. Numerous famous businesses and educational institutions have moved to Glasgow. It is also known as an economic hub for Nova Scotia. New Glasgow has numerous employment opportunities. 

It offers an experience of both urban life and country charm. It provides a quality lifestyle with all basic amenities. This city has many famous chain stores and malls. There are several recreational facilities in New Glasgow. Like Carmichael Park and the community rink. New Glasgow Square Theater is another offering of this city. Additionally, this city is one of the best places to bring up a family.

New Glasgow, NS
Cost of Living$3,057
Average Cost of Buying a Home$248,300
Average House Rent$800
Unemployment Rate11.9%
Crime Rate8.2%

Here are the best neighborhoods to live in New Glasgow:

  • Terrace Heights
  • The Meadows
  • Riverview
  • Chattan Park

5. Dartmouth


Dartmouth, the City of Lakes, has beautiful picturesque features. This dream city is best for holidays as well as permanent residency. It is only a short ride across the harbor from Halifax. If you love fresh seafood, Dartmouth is heaven for you. It has an impressive selection of delicious cuisine to choose from. You can also enjoy recreational water activities like swimming, surfing, and canoeing.

This city has a ferry terminal museum, free public Wi-Fi, and funky boutiques. Unlike other cities in Nova Scotia, rent and utilities are quite expensive in this city. The residents of this city are very impressive and lovely. Moreover, transportation is very affordable in Dartmouth. 

Dartmouth, NS
Cost of Living$1954
Average Cost of Buying a Home$501,256
Average House Rent$960
Unemployment Rate4.6%
Crime Rate1.8%

Here are the best neighborhoods to live in Dartmouth:

  • Downtown Dartmouth
  • Southdale
  • Portland Hills
  • Manor Park
  • Portland Estates
  • Crichton Park
  • Albro Lake
  • Lancaster Ridge
  • Bel Ayr Park
  • Tam O’Shanter Ridge
  • Brightwood
  • Montebello
  • Highfield Park
  • Westphal
  • Grahams Corner
  • Colby Village
  • The Hydrostone

6. Lunenburg

Image: We Explore Canada

Located in the south shore region of Nova Scotia, Lunenburg is a colorful town in Nova Scotia. Lunenburg is one of the most vibrant and desirable places in the province of Nova Scotia. The distinctive feature of this town is that it is far from the hustle and bustle of the city. But, it provides a blend of urban as well as rural lives. Although it is a small town with only 25,000 residents, it has got all the big city facilities. Also, there are plenty of opportunities for service jobs. The art galleries are scattered throughout this town. There are many great restaurants and cafes. Additionally, Lunenburg is best for raising a family.

Lunenburg, NS
Cost of Living$1440
Average Cost of Buying a Home$280,000
Average House Rent$1,200
Unemployment Rate6.2%
Crime Rate4.8%

Blue Rocks is one of the best neighborhoods to live in Lunenburg.

7. Trenton

Image: National Geographic

Trenton is located in Pictou County, NS. It is one of the best places to live in Nova Scotia, Canada. Trenton Park is one of Nova Scotia’s best parks. This city provides cheaper utilities along with affordable houses. The average home price in Trenton is 53% lower than the average in Nova Scotia. Trenton is one of the cheapest places to live in Nova Scotia. Besides, it is an ideal place to call home.

Trenton, NS
Cost of Living$1200
Average Cost of Buying a Home$89,900
Average House Rent$664
Unemployment Rate16%
Crime Rate3.9%

Here are some of the best neighborhoods to live in Trenton:

  • Logan Subdivision
  • Mill Hill
  • Ewing and Carroll
  • Cadwalader Heights
  • North Trenton
  • Top Road
  • Chambersburg
  • South Trenton
  • East Trenton

8. Windsor


Windsor, also known as the little town of big firsts, is an exciting city in Nova Scotia. Housing in Windsor is one of the cheapest in Nova Scotia. The average price of goods and services is a little higher than the national average. However, transportation, groceries, and other utilities have average prices. The cost of living in Windsor is fair overall. Windsor has an array of shops, restaurants, and bars. It is best for hockey lovers as it is the birthplace of hockey in Canada. Apart from this, Windsor is famous for having the world’s largest pumpkins. Overall, it is an amazing city to live in.

Windsor, NS
Cost of Living$1,427
Average Cost of Buying a Home$362,134
Average House Rent$864
Unemployment Rate6.5%
Crime Rate4%

The best neighborhoods in Windsor to live in are:

  • Roseland
  • Riverside
  • South Windsor
  • East Riverside
  • Forest Glade
  • Malden
  • South Walkerville

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9. West Hants

West Hants
Image: Expedia

West Hants is another best place to live in Nova Scotia. Located in the western part of Hants County, it surrounds the Town of Windsor entirely. West Hants is one of the favorite places in Nova Scotia because of its quality of life. It has a friendly community. The crime rate is very low here. Renting a house is very affordable. In addition to this, West Hants provides a clean and safe environment. 

West Hants, NS
Cost of Living$1,120
Average Cost of Buying a Home$251,306
Average House Rent$1,230
Unemployment Rate4.9%
Crime Rate3.2%

10. Annapolis Valley

Annapolis Valley

The Annapolis Valley is a valley and county in Nova Scotia, Canada. It is situated in the western part of the Nova Scotia peninsula. This valley is located between two parallel mountain ranges along the shore of the Bay of Fundy. Annapolis is famous for its fantastic wine industry. It offers you countless outdoor activities in all four seasons. Because of its coastal Atlantic location, the seafood is amazing.  High-quality education is quite affordable too. One of Canada’s top universities, Acadia in Wolfville is located here. The cost of utilities is lower than in other regions of Nova Scotia. Annapolis Valley is also rich in farming. Furthermore, strolling along a deserted beach at sunset is the best experience you ever had.

Annapolis Valley, NS
Cost of Living$1,269
Average Cost of Buying a Home$200,000
Average House Rent$698
Unemployment Rate4.1%
Crime Rate4.6%

It offers many outstanding communities to experience:

  • Wolfville
  • Annapolis Royal
  • Bear River
  • Digby

11. Kings Subd. A

Kings Subd. A
Image: World Elevation Map Finder

Kings, Subd. A is one of the four subdivisions in Kings County, Nova Scotia. It is an excellent place to live and work. It has a thriving economy and opportunities to start a business. Also, you can easily secure employment here. Unemployment is 10% lower than the national average. This city has the warmest weather in Nova Scotia. The people of Yarmouth are warm and friendly. Stores, bars, restaurants, and recreational facilities are available. The median income in Kings, Subd. A is slightly higher than in Kings. Besides, housing costs are also affordable.

Kings Subd. A, NS
Cost of Living$2,470
Average Cost of Buying a Home$586,871
Average House Rent$1,292
Unemployment Rate4.8%
Crime Rate3.6%

12. Sydney


Sydney is a city on the east coast of Cape Breton Island in Nova Scotia. It is the historic capital of Cape Breton and the major urban center of the island. This city offers a blend of the metropolitan and a relaxed country lifestyle. The aesthetics of this city are rich in culture and heritage. Housing costs are relatively lower. The overall cost of living is also lower than in other cities in Nova Scotia. Additionally, the people of Sydney are very friendly. 

Sydney, NS
Cost of Living$1,749
Average Cost of Buying a Home$119,900
Average House Rent$1,090
Unemployment Rate7.5%
Crime Rate1.8%

Here are some of the best neighborhoods to live in Sydney, NS:

  • Membertou
  • Circular Quay
  • Kings Cross
  • Howie Centre
  • Thai Town, Sydney
  • North West Arm 

13. Tatamagouche


Tatamagouche is a village situated on the Northumberland Strait. It is only a 35-minute drive away from Truro. There are a variety of restaurants, stores, and a functioning train station. The cost of housing is higher than other cities in Nova Scotia. But, food in Tata is very affordable. The cost of Living in Tata is 5% less than the national average. Medical treatments are available at highly reasonable prices. Also, it is easier to commute from one place to another.

Tatamagouche, NS
Population2,037 (2011)
Cost of Living$1,500
Average Cost of Buying a Home$450,000
Average House Rent$1,100
Unemployment Rate4.6%
Crime Rate2.1%

14. Antigonish


Antigonish is a town in Antigonish County, Nova Scotia. This region is rich in Scottish culture and considered a cultural center. It has a family-friendly environment. You can enjoy the warm and refreshing vibe from the beaches scattered around the county. Housing and healthcare are reasonably priced and affordable. You have a variety of great options for hotels, restaurants, and grocery stores. Moreover, the locals are very friendly and welcoming.

Antigonish, NS
Cost of Living$1,957
Average Cost of Buying a Home$329,482
Average House Rent$1,424
Unemployment Rate17.6%
Crime Rate6.4%

15. Amherst


Amherst is one of the best places to stay in Nova Scotia. It is located at the northeastern end of the Cumberland Basin. If you like shared living, Amherst is the ideal place for you. The quality of life in Amherst is similar to Truro. This community caters to all ages. It has great festivities, restaurants, and pubs. You will find every amenity the big cities offer. There are also reasonable job opportunities. The city is rich in culture and history. Also, housing costs are very affordable. 

Amherst, NS
Cost of Living$1,820
Average Cost of Buying a Home$243,000
Average House Rent$1250
Unemployment Rate5%
Crime Rate10.7%

Why Live In Nova Scotia?

Among numerous places in Canada, Nova Scotia has its unique features. There are numerous things to know about Nova Scotia. Some of them are:

The Ocean:

If you love the ocean, Nova Scotia is the best place for you. There is an old saying in Nova Scotia:

“Wherever you are in Nova Scotia, you are never more than 30 minutes from the ocean.”

Stunning Scenery:

Nova Scotia is a beautiful place. It is full of sweeping green hills, coastal cliffs, and picturesque villages.

Cheaper Housing:

Nova Scotia is one of the most affordable places to live in Canada. Whether you’re buying or renting, you won’t find any place cheaper than Nova Scotia.

Friendly Community:

You get a close-knit community feel with the amiable people of Nova Scotia. The people of Nova Scotia are charming and welcoming.

No Traffic:

Nova Scotia is nothing like other crowded cities. You will experience free-flowing traffic or no traffic at all.

Outdoor Activities:

You can enjoy water sports like windsurfing, paddle boarding, sailing, and fishing. You can have an outdoor gym. You can go hiking. The music festivals are also great. There are also many outdoor activities to take part in.

Fantastic Food:

The food in Nova Scotia is fantastic, especially seafood. The lobster dishes in Nova Scotia are the best. Also, there are other traditional foods like oatcakes and donair sauce. Fruits are also fresh and juicy.

Bottom Line

We gave you an overview of the 15 best places to live in Nova Scotia. These towns and cities have their own perks and perquisites. But you must know that there’s no perfect place to live in. You need to find the place based on your personal preferences. Its important to weigh the pros and cons to make a smart decision. You don’t want to end up in one of the worst places to live in Nova Scotia. After reading this article, you can easily choose a place that suits your lifestyle, aspirations, and budget.

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