What Cheese Does Chipotle Use

What Cheese Does Chipotle Use?

Chipotle is known for its fresh, made-to-order Mexican food. It is known for its fresh and customizable Mexican-inspired cuisine. Cheese is one of the key ingredients in their flavorful offerings. It is an essential component of Mexican culinary tradition.

It adds both rich flavor and creamy texture to various dishes. But, what kind of cheese does Chipotle use? Chipotle commits to using only real ingredients and avoiding artificial preservatives and additives.

In this article, we will answer the question, “What type of cheese does Chipotle use?” We’ll also provide tips for the right Chipotle cheese selection. Along with some popular Chipotle menu items that feature cheese.

What Kind Of Cheese Does Chipotle Use

Have you ever wondered what kind of cheese is used by Chipotle? Cheese selection is central to the Chipotle experience. It’s worth noting that Chipotle doesn’t typically use Mozzarella cheese in its dishes. Here the Chipotle’s cheese selection:

#1. Shredded Cheese Blend (Monterey Jack Cheese and White Cheddar)

The shredded cheese blend is a blend of Monterey Jack cheese and White Cheddar cheese.

A white cheddar cheese is a type of cheddar with no colors. White cheddar brings a sharp and pungent flavor. It is a little earthy and nutty. White cheddar is aged longer than yellow cheddar. This contributes to its distinct taste and powdery texture.

On the other hand, Monterey Jack has a distinctively sharp and tangy flavor. This balances the intensity of the cheddar. Monterey Jack is also known as Jack cheese or American semi-hard white cheese. Monterey Jack cheese is a type of cheese that is made from cow’s milk. It has a white color and a mild, buttery flavor. Monterey Jack has great melting properties. It is frequently used for the following:

  • Burgers
  • Grilled cheese
  • Mexican-style burritos

Chipotle uses a blend of Monterey Jack cheese and white cheddar cheese. The combination of these two cheeses gives Chipotle’s cheese its iconic taste. When melted, this blend makes a perfect topping for Chipotle’s burritos and bowls.

#2. Queso Blanco (Cheddar Cheese)

Queso Blanco is also known as cheddar cheese. It is also one of the essentials at Chipotle. This white cheese sauce is known for its smooth and velvety consistency. A blend of peppers and spices is also added to it. This gives it a distinctive zesty kick. It complements the fresh ingredients in Chipotle’s dishes.

Chipotle’s Queso Blanco elevates the flavor profile with its rich and comforting taste. Chipotle cheddar is used as a topping on:

  • Burritos
  • Tacos
  • Other Mexican-inspired dishes

You can use it as a dip for chips or drizzle over a heaping bowl. Queso Blanco adds a creamy touch to the meal. 

What Does Chipotle Cheese Taste Like?

“Cheese at Chipotle is a blend of shredded Monterey Jack and white cheddar cheese mixed together.”

The cheese has a mild flavor due to the use of Monterey Jack cheese. It is known for its gentle creaminess. This complements the other ingredients in Chipotle’s dishes. Shredded and mixed together, these cheeses add a classic, iconic taste to the brand. And that’s what so many people associate with Chipotle.

The white cheddar cheese adds a sharper and tangy flavor to the mix. It contributes depth and complexity to Chipotle’s dishes. The mixed cheese enhances the umami flavor of all cheese preparations at Chipotle.

The cheese has exceptional melting properties. It is used in several menu items such as burritos, tacos, and quesadillas.

What kind of cheese does Chipotle Mexican Grill use? It’s made from pasteurized milk. It is a source of protein and calcium. Chipotle ensures that its customers only serve healthy, premium-quality cheese. The brand uses a pre-shredded cheese blend.

The taste and texture of the shredded cheese can vary. Some batches have a nutty and slightly sweet flavor. Others are high in moisture and super salty. This inconsistency has two reasons:

  1. The freshness of the ingredients
  2. The way the cheese is shredded

How Chipotle Uses Cheese In Its Food?

Cheese is a versatile and beloved ingredient. Chipotle uses it to enrich the taste and texture of its signature dishes. Chipotle uses different shredded cheeses, including cheddar, Monterey Jack, and queso blanco. Here are some of the popular ones:


In a perfect burrito, Chipotle’s shredded cheese blend of white cheddar and Monterey Jack is a key player. As the warm ingredients are tucked into the tortilla, the cheese melts. This melted goodness complements the savory fillings of beans, rice, meats, and vegetables.


Tacos are open-faced and receive a generous sprinkle of the shredded cheese blend. The cheese not only adds a layer of flavor but also acts as a delicious glue. It helps to hold the toppings in place with every bite.


Chipotle uses a shredded blend of Monterey Jack and white cheddar cheeses. It gives its dishes a creamy and tangy flavor. In bowls, cheese serves as both a topping and a flavor enhancer. It combines the ingredients together and ensures a creamy cheesiness. This complements the other elements of the dish.


What Type of Cheese Is In a Chipotle Quesadilla? Chipotle uses Monterey jack cheese in its quesadillas. The cheese is encased in a grilled tortilla. It is stretched temptingly with each pull apart. And deliver a satisfyingly rich and comforting experience.


Salads at Chipotle are given a finishing touch with cheese. This adds a subtle richness to the fresh, crisp greens and veggies. The addition of cheese ensures that even the health-conscious can enjoy a bit of a creamy treat.

Nutritional Benefits Of Chipotle’s Cheese Selection

Here are some of the nutritional benefits of Chipotle’s Cheese:

  • Monterey Jack and white cheddar offer a good source of calcium and protein. 
  • Each serving of this cheese blend provides essential nutrients. 
  • It supports bone health and muscle function. 
  • While enjoying the creamy flavors, you’re also consuming beneficial vitamins and minerals. 

However, as with all dairy products, moderation is key.

Tips For Choosing The Right Cheese At Chipotle For Your Meal

You can elevate your dining experience to a whole new level. Just choose the right cheese for your Chipotle meal. Here are some useful tips for choosing the right cheese:

Consider The Flavor Profile Of The Other Ingredients In Your Meal

Start by considering the flavor profile of your chosen ingredients.

  • If your meal features bold spices and hearty proteins, go for a cheese that matches these flavors. Like the sharp white cheddar.
  • For lighter foods, the milder Monterey Jack may complement best. The lighter foods include salads or chicken-filled options.

You Should Choose A Cheese That Will Melt Well

Melting characteristics are important, especially for hot dishes like burritos and quesadillas. You’ll want a cheese that melts smoothly and evenly. This makes sure that each bite is full of creamy goodness.

The shredded cheese blend at Chipotle is designed for just this purpose. It offers a perfect melt every time.

You Should Also Consider The Texture Of The Cheese

The texture of the cheese also plays a significant role.

  • A cheese that’s too dry may not blend well with other moist ingredients.
  • An overly creamy cheese could overpower delicate textures.

Popular Chipotle Menu Items That Feature Cheese

Chipotle was created as a result of David Jacks. He was a Scottish immigrant who settled in Monterey County in the 1800s. The company does use real cheese in its restaurants.

They use 100% natural, real shredded cheese in all of their products. Cheese is a star ingredient in many of Chipotle’s Mexican dishes. Here are some of the most popular Chipotle menu items featuring cheese:

Burrito Bowl

A melty shredded cheese blend is used in the Burrito Bowl. This adds a creamy layer to rice, beans, and toppings.

Chicken Burrito

The Chicken Burrito’s warmth turns the cheese gooey, enhancing every flavorful wrap. The ingredients are fresh and the taste is mouthwatering.

Carnitas Bowl and Barbacoa Bowl

In these Bowls, cheese combines the savory meat with other elements.

Sofritas Bowl

The cheese’s richness perfectly complements the Sofritas. It balances the spiced tofu’s zest.


The Quesarito, a burrito-quesadilla hybrid, boasts an extra-cheesy exterior.

Quesadilla and Nachos

Traditional Quesadillas focus on the cheese’s stretch and flavor. Nachos use it as a compulsory topping.

Cheese Recipes Inspired By Chipotle

Infuse your home cooking with the flavors of Chipotle. Try these Chipotle recipes featuring cheese:

Chipotle-Style Cheese Dip

  • Melt a tablespoon of butter in a pan.
  • Cook one finely chopped jalapeño and half a small onion until translucent.
  • Stir in a minced garlic clove.
  • Then pour in half a cup of milk and a quarter cup of cream.
  • Gradually blend in a cup each of shredded white cheddar and Monterey Jack until smooth.
  • Add a pinch of chipotle powder and salt.
  • Serve warm with tortilla chips.

Chipotle-Style Cheese Enchiladas

  • Softly fry six corn tortillas and dip them into your favorite enchilada sauce.
  • Fill each with a mix of shredded white cheddar and Monterey Jack.
  • Roll them up, and place seam-side down in a baking dish.
  • Cover with more sauce and cheese.
  • Bake at 375°F until bubbly, about 20 minutes.
  • Garnish with chopped cilantro for a fresh touch.

Chipotle Quesadilla

  • Place a flour tortilla on a frying pan.
  • Sprinkle a generous amount of the Chipotle cheese blend.
  • Add a bit of chipotle chili powder for a smoky kick.
  • Top with another tortilla, and cook until golden on both sides.
  • Make sure that the cheese is melted.
  • Cut into wedges and serve with Pico de Gallo or Guacamole.

These quick and easy recipes capture the essence of Chipotle’s cheesy goodness. They are perfect for a comforting meal or a friendly gathering.  According to the company, all of their cheeses are made from milk from cows. They are not treated with the growth hormone. 

Can You Buy Chipotle Cheese?

No. You can’t buy Chipotle cheese. They produce it on their own. However, you can use Monterey Jack because it is closer to the Chipotle Cheese taste.


Chipotle is a fast-casual restaurant. Cheese is not just an ingredient at Chipotle. It’s the foundation of their cooking philosophy. The careful selection of white cheddar and Monterey Jack is essential. They can melt easily and have rich flavor profiles. This highlights Chipotle’s commitment to quality and taste. This cheese blend provides creamy and spicy flavors. Moreover, it offers the most satisfying flavors of the signature Mexican cuisine.

To enjoy Chipotle’s cheese to the fullest, consider the balance of flavors in your meal. Pair the cheese with ingredients that complement its richness. Make it the creamy counterpoint to the smoky heat of chipotle peppers or the fresh zest of salsa.

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