Can A Text Mail Subscriber Receive Phone Calls

Can A Text Mail Subscriber Receive Phone Calls?

Can a text mail subscriber receive phone calls? Mostly, no. Text mail subscribers provide a unique and versatile communication solution.

It lets users send and receive texts through web services. This differs greatly from regular phone services. This often leads to questions about how it works and its limits. In this article, we will tell you in detail

How do Text Mail Subscribers Differ from Traditional Phone Services

Text mail subscribers don’t use regular phone lines. They rely on web technology. This means they can’t make or receive normal calls.

But they can handle voicemails differently. Voicemails are turned into texts. This service is great for privacy and blocking unwanted calls. It’s also cheaper than regular phone plans.

However, it has some limits. For example, identifying the caller can be harder. And reporting scams is different too.

Reasons for Using Text Mail Subscriber Services

Here are the reasons for using text mail subscriber services:

#1. Text Mail Subscriber Services are Useful in Marketing and Direct Audience Reach

Text mail subscriber services are great for marketing. They let businesses reach their audience directly. This is done through texts, not calls. It’s a direct way to promote products or services.

#2. Text Mail Subscriber Services are Cost Savings Compared to Mobile Plans

These services can be cheaper than mobile plans. They offer cost savings for both individuals and businesses. This makes them a budget-friendly choice.

#3. Text Mail Subscriber Services offer Privacy with Internet Phone Numbers

Text mail subscribers use internet phone numbers. These numbers are harder to track. This offers more privacy than traditional mobile numbers. It’s a key benefit for those concerned about privacy.

Can Text Mail Subscribers Receive Phone Calls?

The General Rule

Usually, text mail subscribers get emails, not calls. When someone calls their number, they get an email alert. This is how the service works. It’s different from regular phone calls.


Some services change voicemails into texts. This is common on iPhones. The subscriber gets a voice message as a text. It’s a special feature of some text mail services.

How to Identify and Deal with Text Mail Subscriber Scams

Be alert for text mail subscriber scams. These often involve fake messages. Scammers might pretend to be a known company. They could promise big rewards or urgent action. Look for odd links or errors in texts. These are red flags.

Steps to Take if You Suspect a Scam

  • Think you’ve got a scam text? Don’t reply. 
  • Check the phone number first. Use online tools for this. Report the number if it seems fake. This helps with text mail subscriber reporting. 
  • Block the number on your iPhone or other devices. This stops them from contacting you again. 

Remember, your privacy is important. Stay safe from these scams.


These services fill a crucial gap for users with limited phone connectivity. However, scams can happen. It’s important to know how to spot and report them. Text mail subscribers have clear limits. They are great for texts but not for calls. Users on iPhones and other devices should be aware of these limits.

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