What is Sigma Male Personality? Signs and Personality Traits of a Sigma Male

What is Sigma Male Personality ? A lot of us have heard about Alpha Males. These are the men sitting at the top of the socio-sexual hierarchy of males. Yet, there is a subset of males who are parallel to alpha males but don’t care about the hierarchy. They rather prefer to stay outside the hierarchy. They are known as sigma males.

The life of a Sigma male personality type is branded by a lot of different personality traits. These traits include confidence, self-reliance, rebellion, self-sufficiency, redefinition, independence, mystery, and many more. They always go against the mainstream. They can be anything unconventional, like an entrepreneur, innovator, or freelancer. Sigma Male’s approach to life is unique.

What is a Sigma Male Personality?

A Sigma Male can be defined as,

  • An outsider who doesn’t play by the societal rules but manages to win anyhow.
  • An introverted Alpha who stays outside of the Socio-sexual hierarchy.

Signs and Traits of a Sigma Male:

The life of a Sigma Male is characterized by many different personality traits. You’re a sigma if you have these rarest personality traits.

Lone Wolf: 

Sigma males tend to break away from the pack to survive on their own like lone wolves. This doesn’t signify that they’re antisocial as people label them to be. He’s a loner, as he’s able to grow and be happy alone and single. Solitude is his hallmark. He’s comfortable and satisfied in his own way. He’s not governed by societal standards. He owns a steady internal compass that shows him the way.

Independent and Self-Reliant:

Their sense of independence keeps them self-reliant. They have clear visions and life goals. They equip themselves with the tools to achieve their goals. They don’t need anyone to push them towards their goals. They rely on their own gut. They don’t waste their time and energy relying on others. They do things themselves. They’re also capable of making difficult tasks look easy.


Silence is another one of their hallmarks. This doesn’t mean that they’re not shy or weak. Sigma males are often silent. It shows their strength and confidence. They’re always certain about themselves. They know what they want. They’re able to perform and succeed without needing to adapt to societal expectations. Self-confidence makes them super attractive to women too.

Emotionally intelligent:

Sigma males also own a solid sense of self-awareness and companionship. It allows them to identify and control their emotions. Their ability to self-assess and self-correct makes them good in every possible way. In relationships, they’re attuned to their partner’s needs. They maintain the balance in their relationships. 


Sigmas tend to be unbothered by what other people think of them. They always play by their own rules. They don’t conform to societal standards and expectations. They prefer to do things their own way, even if it means marching to a different beat. They’re unconventional thinkers. They are never afraid to stand out from the crowd. They reject the traditional social hierarchy. 


They always carry an air of mystery and charisma around them. They’re not very easy to read. This characteristic of their mysterious personality enhances their attractiveness. Their mysterious personality does not push women away. Instead, it provokes their interest. They find Sigmas more desirable. You can’t just pin them down to a type, they’re like a puzzle that you need to solve to unravel all layers. 


They’re self-motivated and driven. It’s not a shocker that they’re also successful in every aspect of their life. They achieve their goals without trying to compete or empower themselves. Sigmas are successful and self-sufficient with the qualities of born leaders. Source

Sigma Male and the Socio-Sexual Hierarchy:

Sigma Male and the Socio-Sexual Hierarchy

The socio-sexual hierarchy was initially developed by Theodore Robert Beale aka Vox Day. According to Vox Day, there are six male personality types:

  • Alpha
  • Beta
  • Gamma
  • Delta
  • Omega
  • Sigma

He defined the Sigma male as “ The Sigma Male is the outsider who doesn’t play the social game and manages to win it anyhow”. In the social dominance hierarchies, Alpha and Sigma males are on a similar level. But Sigma prefers to stay outside of the hierarchy.

Sigma Male vs Alpha Male:

A sigma male chooses to stay outside of the socio-sexual hierarchy. Sigma males are much like the alpha archetype. But their ability to walk alone sets them apart. It makes them unique. Let’s take a look at some comparisons of both:

  • The Sigma male is an introvert. Alpha isn’t.
  • He’s dominant but not as dominant as Alpha.
  • He’s confident like the Alpha but not arrogant.
  • He doesn’t adapt to societal rules like Alpha.
  • He’s a lone wolf. Alpha needs social incentives.
  • He’s flexible as opposed to rigid like the Alpha.
  • He’s assertive. Alpha is more aggressive.
  • He doesn’t try to dominate the situation. Alpha does.
  • He’s highly self-aware. Alpha struggles with emotional intelligence.
  • His conundrum attracts women. Alpha enjoys the thrill of the pursuit.
  • He avoids commitment. Alpha doesn’t.

What is the best match for a Sigma male?

The key principle of Sigma males is that their goals aren’t to pick up women. Women are inevitably drawn to them because of their unique personality traits. The mystery is very piquing to women. They don’t feel the need to impress a girl. Most women date Sigma males because of the mystery that surrounds them. Source

Although Sigma Males find beautiful women attractive, looks do not attract them. They’re not attracted to a woman who doesn’t have self-confidence and self-reliance. They’re drawn to women with self-confidence, which doesn’t come from wealth, looks, or status. They like funny women. They respect women, but they are not at all attracted to women with a lot of attitude. Sigma Males aren’t into clingy and manipulative women. 

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Benefits of the Sigma Male Lifestyle:


Sigma Male lifestyle is equipped with a lot of benefits. Some benefits of the Sigma lifestyle are: 


They never put themselves under the burden of caring what other people think of them. This gives them the inner strength to live on their own terms. That is freedom.


They’re always willing to walk away because they like themselves enough to be content with their own company. They’re neither needy nor desperate. Their self-confidence and mysterious personality make them highly attractive to women. 


They don’t feel any need to impress other people, which allows them to be genuine and efficient. They don’t waste their time and energy living up to society’s standards. Sigma males live life on their own terms. They go wherever they want. They move at their own pace. They spend their resources to further their personal goals and aspirations.

Drawbacks of Being a Sigma Male:

Although it seems like Sigma Male doesn’t have any weaknesses, he may have some. This doesn’t mean he is weak.

  • Sigma Males often have a bit of rough social skills.
  • Sigma Males may be introverted to a fault.
  • Sigmas may be impractical.
  • Sigma Males may have commitment issues.

Famous Sigma Males:

Some examples of famous Sigma males:

  • Muhammad Ali
  • Steve Jobs
  • Elon Musk
  • Leonardo da Vinci

Some examples of movie characters:

  • John Wick (Keanu Reeves)
  • Tommy Shelby (Cillian Murphy)
  • James Bond (Daniel Craig)
  • Rocky (Sylvester Stallone)

Final Thoughts:

A Sigma wolf doesn’t feel compelled to be a part of the pack to survive, and a Sigma man is not much different. The Sigma male is neither happy to be subordinate nor try to be dominant. Sigma males choose to disregard the sexual hierarchy and go their own way. 

They prefer to spend time on their own, where they can be alone and free. They only need the power to keep their independence and regulate themselves. Alpha males desire the opposite. People may identify Sigma males as hostile, paranoid, or self-centered. They are quite comfortable in their own skin.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is Sigma higher than Alpha?

Alpha males are at the top of the social hierarchy. Sigma males stay outside the social hierarchy by choice.

Can a Sigma male be an Alpha?

A Sigma male is an introverted Alpha. He does not care about societal norms.

Do girls prefer Sigma or Alpha males?

Both Alpha and Sigma men can be attractive to women. Girls choose between them by their own personal preferences.

Who is the top Sigma male in the world?

“Han Solo” from Star Wars is one of the best Sigma males of all time.

Is there a Sigma female?

Sigma female is a term used to describe women who have the traits of Sigma males.