Why Are Scammers Always Indian

10 Reasons Why Are Scammers Always Indian

Why are scammers always Indian? Online scams are one of the plagues of the current age, and most of the people responsible are Indian. 

However, it is important to note that the question is based on a false premise. Scammers come from all over the world, and there is no evidence to suggest that they are more likely to be from India than any other country. 

In fact, many scams are perpetrated by people from other countries who pretend to be Indian. It is important to be aware of these scams and to avoid making generalizations about people based on their nationality or origin. 

I was searching on Google and found lots of negative searches about Indians. So I decided to write about it a little bit.

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Again, I am not saying that Indians are scammers. So Don’t mind if you’re an Indian and reading this article. 

It’s all about the guys who do scams all over the world and who are from India. India has so much talent all over the world too. Don’t take it negatively My indian friends!

Anyways, This article will provide 10 reasons why scammers are always Indian or From Another country trying to pretend to be indian. 

Why Are Scammers Always Indian or From Another Country Trying to Pretend to be Indian?

India’s Large Population is One of The Reasons

Almost 18% of the world’s population is Indian. India’s large population is one of the reasons why scammers are mostly Indians. There are more than 1.4 billion people in India. So, you’re more likely to be scammed by an Indian.

Although only a small part of the Indian population are scammers. Still, there are tons of them.

Jobs Scarcity is The Second Reason

Another reason why are scammers always Indian is the job scarcity. India doesn’t have enough jobs to meet the population’s needs. Moreover, there are a lot of uneducated people. Most of them don’t have a better way to make a living.

Information Technology call centers are the most popular industry in India. The skills that are taught there can easily be used for scams. Call center workers abuse their skills to make more money.

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Unfulfilled Youth is Pushing People to Create Shortcuts to Make Money

India has a larger percentage of unfulfilled and agitated youth. They are always trying to figure out shortcuts to make money. Also, the lack of jobs leads to low morale in Indian youth. This in turn results in employing illegal ways to make money. Most Indians are smart and making money through scams seems easy to them.

Furthermore, Indian youths are under a lot of pressure to get a good job or earn a handsome amount of money. They are pressured to marry well too. They have to secure a way to earn a lot of money. 

A lot of Indians have regular jobs. Still, they need extra money that they arrange from scamming. 

Not all of them do that. Few of them are encouraged to do this kind of work, even though sometimes they don’t know that the work they’re doing, it’s a scam.

IT Knowledge is One Reason For Sure

India has been leading IT and call center businesses for decades. Indians are very good at IT. There is a large number of young people in India who cannot secure a good job. But, they have enough IT knowledge and experience. They use their skills and knowledge to scam people who don’t understand IT.

IT knowledge is increasing with time. Most of the people are too smart to be scammed by Indian scammers. However, some naive people still fall into traps.

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Awareness of English is a Very Small Reason

A significant percentage of India’s population is fluent in English. This makes online scamming easy for them. Almost all IT call centers employ English-speaking workers. They have skills and knowledge of the English language. 

So, they can easily call potential victims. But honestly, most of the Indians are very good in English compared to people from other countries in Asia. 

Ignorance of Legal Authorities is a Reason Too

India has laws for online scamming. But, they are just written in books. In practice, laws are not applied and followed. Indian law enforcement doesn’t do enough to stop scammers. Most of the victims of Indian scammers are foreigners. That’s why law authorities don’t consider it a big deal.

Furthermore, online and phone scams are challenging to monitor and prosecute. That’s why they are not persecuted in India. Indian police don’t have the time and resources to spot these online scammers.

Poverty is Another Reason of It

It’s not true to say that Indians lack morals as a society. The underlying culprit is the prevalent poverty in India. More than 800 million people in India are poor. Most of them are deprived of the basic needs of life.

Lack of food and shelter can make people desperate. So, they try illegal methods to get money. 

Even if they have to exploit people over the internet or phone, they do it. Poverty is a common motivator for such illegal acts.

Easy Cash Mindset leads to Do Scam

Most Indians work in factories or call centers. These jobs don’t pay enough. But, online scamming can provide huge amounts of money.

Scammers don’t have any morals or ethics. They just want easy cash. Compared to low-paying jobs, scammers can earn a lot more from scamming.

Greed is The Worst Reason 

In India, there is an extreme drive to obtain wealth. Some people are just greedy. They have good jobs that are paying well. Still, they want more. Most Indians are materialistic. Greed is another reason why scammers are always Indian.

Cultural Aspects Leads To Do Scam in Some Cases

Indian culture leads to do scam in some cases. Although Indians emphasize ethical behavior. Still, this type of crime is overlooked. Materialism is also rooted in Indian culture. Also, there is societal pressure to gather wealth.

Final Thoughts

All of the above reasons lead some Indians to become scammers and get rich quickly. Keep in mind that not all Indians are scammers. Stay vigilant and don’t fall into any scamming trap.

And Again saying, My Indian Friends ! just take this information as a resource, don’t take it as hate speech.

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