Indian Scammer Numbers

Indian Scammer Numbers 2024

Scams over a phone call are the most common kinds of scams these days. Scammers have looted millions of rupees from Indians through phone call scams. Beware of these scammers! Do not trust any numbers mentioned in this article. This article covers the common kinds of phone call scams in India and some Indian Scammer Numbers reported in 2024. 

Indian Scammer Numbers

Scammers tend to change their numbers all the time. Here is an updated list of some Indian Scammer Phone Numbers reported in 2024. This section also includes emails. Do not let them fool you anymore!

Scammer NamePhone NumberEmail
Christoph Paul01631213128n/a
DIY Trade+8613383528581[email protected]
Pentobarbital+393509344063[email protected]
Bank Scammer+1 (786) 490-7893[email protected]
Nembutal Group+49 1521 0537304[email protected]
Lawsons Pharmacz 24+31-243010122[email protected]
Ghislain Mougou491631213128n/a
Fraud, Pretending to be “D”1 917 813 4025[email protected]
Research Chemicals Provider1 917 813 4025[email protected]
Anderson Doclas+32460212647[email protected]
EU Dark Market+32 460 21 77 68[email protected]
Medicare Life Center+1 (707) 456-7057+1 (240) 547-9466[email protected]
Alon Cohen – California Nembutal1 805 365 1170n/a
Euthanasia International+32 78250690+1 (415) 496-6741[email protected]
Unknown+3197005032353[email protected]
Riccardo De Marchi+39 348 274 2880[email protected]
Luis Vagrines and Ayman Jayez12402843706[email protected]
Caleb Chege, Antonio Greyman+17273142619[email protected]
Peaceful Endings+1 775 4640528[email protected]
Womei Brian Yuh+393509344063[email protected]
Ajola, Madi+1(915)2485642[email protected]
Brian Womei+393509344063n/a
Dignity Nembutal Telegram Group+1 (315) 367-4871n/a
Manish Kumar7972282429[email protected]

Common Phone Call Scams in India

Multiple scams via phone calls are being reported every day in India. If you know that a specific call is a prank call, it can be very entertaining. You can play along and have fun. But never share anything personal. Some of the most popular scam methods are given below:

I am Calling From Vodafone/ Airtel/ Jio

The caller claims to be calling from Vodafone, Airtel, or Jio. The caller knows your name and asks if your connection is prepaid or postpaid. He/ She verifies your basic details like date of birth and address. Then offers you a superior mobile plan. And when you are thinking about catching this opportunity, he asks for your bank details. Never get fooled by these kinds of calls.

Can You Hear Me?

The caller asks you a question. Can you hear me? You say, “Yes”. They record your voice and use it to authorize your bills and credit cards. If you ever receive this type of call, try not to answer any of their questions. Just hang up the call and report the number.

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Prizes and Free Vacations:

It is the most common method of scamming Indian people. They start with a piece of fake good news. They tell you that you’ve won a prize, a lottery, or a free vacation. Then ask you about your bank or card info. Do not share any details with them. A lot of people get looted this way. And never transfer them any amount in the name of token money.

Technical Support Scams:

In this type of scam, scammers make up a technical issue with your devices. And ask for your bank or card details. They try to make you believe that they need your information. They need it to troubleshoot your device or download an antivirus. Make sure that you never share any kind of financial info with them.

Sometimes, you get a tech support call from a foreign number. They make you believe that something is wrong with your device. Then ask you to download a specific application on your phone or computer. This will give them access to your personal devices. They can snoop around and collect all the information they need.

Bank Loan Scams:

They ask you for the due payments of your bank loans or debts. Such as home loans, education loans, business loans, or car loans. They may ask you for your bank details. They might even ask you to pay your loan payment to an account provided by them. All banks request their customers to ignore these types of calls. If you need any help, visit your bank.

Send OTP:

This is probably the most popular phone call fraud. Almost everyone knows about this. Still, some people trust scammers and share their OTP. You are advised to never share your OTP with anyone. By sending your OTP to a scammer, you give them access to your account and money.

Credit Card Security Code Scams:

Your bank never asks for your credit card info or ATM passwords. Someone calls you. Introduces himself as one of the employees of your bank. Then wants to know your credit card security code. He is definitely a scammer. Never share your passwords or codes with anyone. You’ll regret this your whole life.

Credit/ Debit Card or Account Expiry Scams:

You get a call from an unknown landline number. The person on the other side of the phone claims to be the bank customer relation officer. He tells you that your account is being suspended or getting expired. He might give you some reason for this too. You ask him the way to fix this problem. Then he asks for your credit/debit card or account info. He will give you a lot of reasons for this. Like if you didn’t share this info, your account would be terminated in 24 hours and you will lose your balance. Never believe anything. It’s a very common trick these days.

BHIM/ Paytm Account:

This started after demonetization. Indian scammers are using Paytm and BHIM as an opportunity to make money. Senior citizens might get these kinds of prank calls. The caller offers help in setting up a mobile wallet. He asks for all the confidential financial details. And ultimately, he loots you. Never make a fool of yourself, and never ever share your mobile banking or wallet info with anyone. Usually, the elderly fall for these kinds of tricks.

Calling from the Income Tax Department:

The IRS department never asks for your personal tax details or security numbers on the phone. If someone calls and pretends to be an income tax officer, never trust them. It doesn’t matter how convincing they are. Never share any of your personal or official tax information with them.

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How To Deal With Scam Calls

Scammers use many methods for scamming people. There are fake websites, online jobs, and phone calls. You must learn how to deal with these kinds of fraud. You can protect yourself from these scam calls easily. Here are some tips:

  • Avoid the call! Do not answer unknown numbers.
  • Never answer scam-reported numbers.
  • If you pick up, it’s better to stay silent.
  • But if you’re speaking to them, do not let them get in your head.
  • If you want to have some fun, play along and waste their time. 
  • If the caller asks for any bank or card info, just hang up the call.
  • Do not respond to any inquiry call either from the government or private sector.
  • Register your number on the Do Not Call List to stop getting telemarketing calls.
  • Always be ready to take on a scammer.
  • You can also request a prank on their number with the help of Ownage Pranks.
  • You can’t have your money back, but you sure can teach them a lesson.

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Indian Scammer Phone Numbers List

Here are some other Indian scammer phone numbers. These are arranged according to the types of scams. They usually run scams in the names of the following services.

ScamsPhone Numbers
PayPal Account Support(850) 203-4327
Windows Scam1 (844)-519-9589
Amazon Activation Scam +1 888 964 4596
Tech Support Scam+1-804-999-0593
Direct TV Scam(601) 602-1294(470) 287-0040
Microsoft Popup8082158194
Australian Scam Number+61 2 80068278
IRS (Indian Revenue Service)918-380-1134503-421-9938
CRA (Community Reinvestment Act)509-316-9769912-483-4428
SSA (Social Security Administration)612-509-2691585-653-0319
Cash Back Scam229-506-7845509-316-9754
US Government Services681-204-6840618-248-8202
Loan Forgiveness888-777-7201501-943-6610
Fake Businesses949-656-35461-904-801-2608
Others (Unknown)

Final Words:

We tried to cover as many Indian scammer numbers as we could. Steer clear of these phone numbers. And don’t ever let them scam you. Follow the tips we’ve mentioned above to deal with phone call scams. After reading this article, you know about the scams and phone numbers now. If you get a scam call now, it will be very entertaining.

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