5 English Proficiency Tests You Must Know to Study Abroad

Studying abroad is a dream for most of us. To achieve this dream, a student needs to have a different set of skills or abilities. If a person isn’t a native English speaker, one of these skills would be English Proficiency.

An English Proficiency Test is the only way to verify one’s certain capability in the Language. There are too many tests around the world. However, most universities only allow specific ones.

In this article, I’m gonna describe the five most famous English proficiency tests. So, without wasting any more time, let’s get to it.

Top English Proficiency Tests You Must Know About


International English Language Testing System, shortly IELTS is probably the most famous proficiency test for the English Language. A few years back US universities didn’t accept this one, but they also do now.

The exam happens in four segments : Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing. Each of ’em contains 9 marks, and you get an average band at the end. This is your IELTS score. Anything more than 6.5 is a good IELTS score. 


TOEFL or Test Of English as a Foreign Language is another famous proficiency test. Some years ago, US universities used to only accept TOEFL. Now, more than 11 thousand universities in the world accept it.

The test also has four similar segments to IELTS. Here, the exams happen in total of 120 marks. Anything between 85 to 90 is a good TOEFL score.

3. Duolingo English Test (DET)

Duolingo is an online free application to learn foreign languages. DET is a paid proficiency test that you can give on their website. A lot of universities in the US, UK, Japan, Canada, and others accept it. Anywhere around 120 out of 160 is a good Duolingo score.


Oxford International English Test Center (OIETC) test is another great alternative to IELTS for international students. The test is adored in most of the foreign countries such as the UK, and USA. If you plan to be in the UK, OIETC will be the perfect proficiency test for you. 

5. PTE

Pearson Test of English is the best English proficiency test for anyone who wishes to go to Australia or New Zealand. Other countries also accept it, but these two countries rate it the highest. 

There are three PTE tests: Academic, General, and Young Learners. A good PTE Academic score is anything between 85 to 90. 

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Finishing it Up

A good English Proficiency test score can give you a ticket to study at top universities. In this article, I’ve covered the most famous proficiency tests. If you’re looking to study abroad, give one of those tests and prepare yourself to make your dream into a reality.