Best 5 Reasons to Have Your Wedding Destination in NYC

New york city is the best place as a beautiful wedding location. Choosing NYC as a destination wedding is a magical event. It is one of the most romantic, most fun, and most unique places in the world. Now-a-days, a lot of couples of all genders and sexualities are planning destination weddings in New York City.  Do you need to know more? If yes, let us know the best 5 reasons to have your wedding destination in New York city.

Best 5 Reasons to Have Your Wedding Destination in NYC:

1) You may have the best of all. Whatever your thinking is, it may happen thanks to the designers, musicians, and performers who are living here along with incredible flowers, products, and materials.
2) Your guests would love to come here. The city is open for 24 hours a day.
3) You can take awesome pre and post-wedding ceremony photos in front of the Brooklyn Bridge, the Central Park Fountain etc.
4) There are an awesome bachelor party in NYC.
5) If you’re eloping, you can get hitched at City Hall, or you can follow a stroll for a reception at a DUMBO restaurant.


What You Need To Get Started for Wedding Destination in NYC:

At first, you must need to figure out about what type of wedding ceremony and reception you want there and what is your budget. Actually, NewYork City is highly expensive wedding destination. So you have to make your budget first. You may want to hire a wedding planner to assist you. It is very important for you that you and your planner might have similar tastes of aesthetics.

Logistics Support for a Destination Wedding in NYC

If you are getting legally married, you must need a money order and a age proof certificate or any other else to get a marriage license. You must need an officiant and a witness for the wedding ceremony. And, you have to think about the followings also:

– Prices of Hotel Rooms
Your guests may face some trouble to find affordable places to stay. So before travel to NYC, set it first at which your guests will stay.
– Transportation
Most of the people of New York city don’t own car as driving and parking are less convenient than taking the subway. So try to hire a party bus or trolley to make things easier.
– The Weather
Summers and winter are not the appropriate time for destination wedding. But spring is magnificent at NYC, specially, for Central Park Weddings.

Actually, having a destination wedding in the NYC of USA is really an amazing experience. So what are you thinking now?

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