Top 5 Beautiful Mosques of the World

Mosque is an important and scared place for the Muslims. In the mosques, the Muslims offer their prayers 5 times in a day as well as offer Jumua prayer, Eidul Fitre prayer, Eidul Azha prayer, Janaja prayer , Nofol prayer etc. The importance of the mosques are incredible to the Muslims. In the world, there are a lot of beautiful mosques. It is very difficult to find out which mosques should be in the top 5. But, we have analyzed and decided that the following mosques are the top 5 beautiful mosques in the world. If you have different opinion, kindly share with us through comments. If we are convinced, we will change.


Best 5 Beautiful Mosques of The World:

1. Masjid-E-Nabawi:

Masjid-I-Nabawi is the World’s Number 1 Mosque in the World. It is situated at Holy Madina, Saudia Arabia. It is also called Mosque of Prophet. A lot of people visit this mosque every year during Holy Hazz. Its construction is awesome. Considering all, it is the number 1 mosque in the world forever.

 2. Masjid-Al-Haram:

Maszid-Al-Haram is the world’s number 2 mosque. It is situated at Holy Mekkah, Saudia Arabia. Every year more than 10 Million people visit this mosque. It is the first mosque of the world. It was built by Hazrat Adam (A). It is also a Qibla of the Muslim. It is the second biggest mosque in the world.

3. Al-Aqsa Mosque:

Al-Aqsa Mosque is the dearest mosque to Muslim. It is situated at Palestine. It was the first Qaaba of Muslim during the period of Muhammad (Sm). From that mosque, Muhammad (Sm) started his journey to Miraj. It is the third holiest mosque in the world. But due to the restriction of Yahudi (Israil), Muslims cannot go to that mosque now.

 4. Mosque of Cordoba:

Mosque of Cordoba is the oldest mosque in Europe. It was established in 787 by Caliph Abdur Rahman in Spain. It was the pure reflection of the glory of the Muslim rule. It is a beautiful mosque. Most of the Islamic Poet, mentioned its name in their poems.

 5. Floating Mosque:

It is situated at the bank of Red Sea in KSA. It is popular to the people of the world for floating on the sea. Really it looks very pretty. It is the number 5 best mosque in the world now.

I have listed the above 5 mosques in my top 5 mosques in the world. Please, place your comments if you have different opinion.

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