Best 5 Romantic Wedding Places of the World

Wedding is a great ceremony of everybody’s life. It is a sacred ceremony also. But, all do not perform this ceremony in a same way and in the same locations. Somebody wants to get married in a great place to keep it in their memory. Among all wedding places of the world, some are romantic, some are beautiful, some are historical and some are opulent and some are mixed of them.Considering all of them, we have made a list of top 5 romantic wedding places of the world.

Central Park, New York, NY

There are few cities are  as romantic as New York, and Central Park is the heart of the New York city. With a small fee, you can arrange your wedding ceremony in this beautiful park.

Central Park of Newyork City, USA

Tandjung Sari Resort, Bali, Indonesia

Indonesian Bali is the great romantic location for weddings and honeymoons. Though there are many resorts are impersonal, cold, and full of Americans but still it is romantic. . You can hold your wedding ceremony on the hotel’s beach easily.

Tandjung Sari Resort at Bali, Indonesia

The Top of a Mountain in New Zealand

Really if you are searching a romantic wedding place, rent a helicopter to fly to the top of a mountain in New Zealand. New Zealand Wedding Services will also help you for planning a wedding ceremony in this regard.

Top of a Mountain in the New Zealand

Le Château d’Esclimont, France

It’s also a beautiful wedding place for the romantic couple. It is located near Paris and not far from Versailles. There are more facilities for your guests. like fishing, hiking, and riding horses etc.

Le Château d’Esclimont Wedding Places, France

Le Saint Géran and White Sand Beaches, Mauritius, Indian Ocean

It is situated  500 miles east of Madagascar and in the middle of the Indian Ocean. Mauritius has become a hotspot for the  actors like Ewan McGregor and sport stars like  Roger Federer. The culture of Mauritius is mixed (Asian and African). It’s a great spot for the new couple who wants to be married in a beautiful place. It has a beautiful beach.

Le Saint Géran and White Sand Beaches, Mauritius, Indian Ocean

Other than above 5 best wedding places of the world, the following 03 places are also important for the couples who want to perform their marriage ceremony in the best marriage places f the world.

Cathedral Peak Hotel, Drakensberg, South Africa
Dalhousie Castle, Edinburgh, Scotland
Dramatic Cave in South Wales, UK

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