How to Get Google Adsense Account Through Youtube

Getting an Approved Google Adsense Account is tough now-a-days, especially, for Asian Zone. For China & India, you must need minimum 6 months age of your top level domain for which you want approved adsense account. Moreover, you must have good quality copyright free unique content in your blog. But, today I will share a trick to get approved adsense account within 2-3 hours.

Tips to Get Approved Adsense Account Through Youtube:

1)    At first create a new Youtube Account in your name or any of your family members name. During creating an youtube account, select your country as USA/UK/Canada. Because, monetization option is not active for all country.

2)    After successful creation of your youtube account, verify your youtube account by using your mobile phone number. During verification process, Google will send you 5-6 digits numerical code through an SMS to your mobile number. Verify your youtube account with that code instantly. Without verification, you cannot upload video more than 10MB.

3)    Create an original (unique) video to upload. If it is difficult for you, you can download copyright free any video from youtube and then, edit a little bit and mute the sound. It is now uploadable, no problem.

4)    After that, upload that video into your youtube account. Donot upload videos like origial music videos or TV shows. Try to write a brief description of that video and use proper keyword/tags and then, save.

5)    Never use the Youtube Audio Enhancement if you want to monetize your video. Keep it in your mind.

6)    After that share your uploaded video into the social media so that your video can be viewed more. But, mind it that it is not mandatory for activation of monetization. It is required to earn money through youtube account. It’s worth mentioning that, you can earn more money from your YouTube channel by having subscribers. You can buy cheap YouTube subscribers if you don’t have much on your channel.

7)    Check again that, has your country been selected as USA/UK/Canada in your youtube account, otherwise, monetization option might not be activated.

8)    To select your country, go to the “Channel settings“; Next, go to “Advanced“and select your country as USA.

9)    There, you will see “Monetization” option also. Enable it by clicking on “Enable” tab.

10)   There, you will see an option “How will I be Paid?“. Click on it and then, Click on “associate an AdSense account and follow the following next steps.

How will be paid through youtube

11)   Click on “Yes, Proceed to Google Account Sign In” and fill up the “Adsense Application Form” correctly and then, submit your Google Adsense application.

12)   If everything is OK in your application and you have already followed  the above 11 steps, wait for 2-3 hours just.

13)   After 2-3 hours, you will get Hosted Google Adsense Account by which you can earn money through youtube.

You can use this hosted adsense account for your own domain also. To know about it, go through the following confidential tips:

Confidential Tips To Use Hosted Adsense Ads on Your Top Level Domain

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