7 Best Apps to Increase Instagram Followers For Your Business Page

Want to learn how to get more Instagram followers for your business page? Check out our list of the best apps to Increase Instagram Followers

Instagram has conquered the world with its opportunity to share pieces of life, memories, and beautiful moments with others, being a platform for pleasure. It used to be a photo-sharing platform, however, a bit later it grew into a business-like platform, where the bloggers make a profit from advertisement, producers share their goods and offer services, and customers have unlimited access to various merchandise. Initially, setting up a business was quite easy, and the first-comers hit the jackpot. Nowadays, starting a business on the Instagram platform requires more effort, as it’s quite challenging to become noticed and recognizable among all the other users. 

Surely, we must give credit to Instagram, as they always develop the platform, adding more and more new features, so that the users don’t have a need to use the tried-party applications. Yet, if you want to grow the number of followers and turn them into your customers, there are some pretty helpful options to check. 

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We have selected the best applications to use in order to develop and grow your page and business:

1. Stim Social

Stim Social is the Best app for those who want to grow their number of followers. You define the target group and the types of profiles you want to reach, and then, the app automatically starts following the people with related interests. 

Besides, it provides you with analytics, insights, and reports, so that the users can track all the activities happening on the profile. Such an approach gives a chance to increase the number of followers and sales as well. 

The app developers give you a 5-day free trial to try all the options and decide whether it’s a suitable one for you. 

2. Social Scan

Another great application worth checking. It can help you manage your page efficiently, giving the whole insight into the active users, those who unfollow, likes and dislikes, comments – basically, every activity happening on your page in a single-screen mode.  

The basic version is free of cost, however, the additional features require additional payments: your most popular post, hashtags, and more details about the followers and users. 

3. Follower Analyzer

Multifunctional and beneficial application for those who are interested in high page ranking. It gives a scrupulous view of the users’ activity, those who follow or unfollow the profile, and those who follow back. Another great feature they offer is the ability to check if you’re blocked or check up on those you sent to the ban list. Surely, it gives an entire look at the whole statistics of likes, photos, comments, etc. 

Best apps to increase Instagram Followers. #Stats

4. VistaCreate

After looking into the activity statistics with the help of the above-mentioned applications, it’s worth planning the ways to hold the followers’ attention. Instagram users are visuals; they understand communication through photos and images. However, it’s necessary to broaden the variety of images to use and be more creative, as you are expected to surprise possible customers. 

If you face difficulties when coming up with ideas for personalized visuals, Vista Create offers a great choice of tools like timeline online maker, Instagram post, Instagram Story, and Instagram story video, which will create a unique design for your business page and posts.  It is one of the best apps to Increase Instagram Followers.

5. Buffer

Apart from the unique and personalized images for a business page, it’s crucial to be consistent when writing the posts. Buffer is presented as a dashboard and primary interface of the platform. You can easily schedule or reschedule the posts, and just make any necessary changes to the page. Besides, Buffer offers you the opportunity to manage various profiles. The only thing you need to do is to write and schedule the posts. The rest will be automatically done by Buffer. 

6. Hootsuite

Another multifunctional application that helps to create, publish, schedule, and reschedule the content of the page from one dashboard. It also provides insights into the page activity, so that you are always aware of everything and make changes right away. Such flexibility and responsiveness are priceless in terms of fast-paced life and business nowadays. 

Among other appealing features, Hootsuite lets users create comments or post replies in advance, just by clicking on the dashboard. 

7. Simply Measured

In order to grow your business you need to keep track of your competitors and their activities. If you are short on time to check all the changes they make, or what topics are now prevailing among the users. Simply measured will back you up. It provides the ‘listening’ service giving a look into new topics, competitor analysis, and profile performance – everything you need to know to stay on track. 


In this comprehensive article, We made a list of the 7 best apps to Increase Instagram Followers. You can download any of them to increase your Instagram Followers.

Starting an Instagram business is definitely more demanding now than it used to be at the beginning, as there are too many people willing to introduce their brands to the Instagram public. However, in this day and age, there are more applications that can help to organize the business, plan the posts, create the visuals, track the competitors, and check the statistics. With proper planning and smart usage of third-party applications, you can reach high numbers of followers and potential customers, and therefore, grow your business.