10 of the Best Movers in Calgary,AB

It can be both exciting or depressing to move to a new place. But once you realise that you can’t move alone, it becomes hectic. From curtains to the luxury aquarium, every little thing in your home has to move with you. That’s when the real headache traumatizes you.

After all, it would be a blunder if you lost something precious during the move or damaged them. We don’t want that to happen to you!

That’s why here, we are listing down the 10 best movers in Calgary to eliminate your worries. Whether you want to move from one town to another or change the state altogether, you will find a relevant moving company on this list.

So, if it interests you, stay with us till the end!

Explore the Top Rated Movers in Calgary

All the moving companies listed below are trustable. You can easily find what their customers have to say about them with a quick internet search.

So without wasting any more time, here you go!

1. Calgary Movers Pro

2. Two Small Men With Big Hearts Moving Co.

3. 2 Burley Men Moving

4. Two Men And A Truck

5. Sparta Movers

6. Elephant Moving

7. Super Duper Movers Inc

8. High-Level Movers

9. The Transport Guys Ltd.

10. Mr. Nice Guys Movers

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Top Calgary Movers Reviews

1. Calgary Movers Pro

Have a lot of antique items like paintings or wooden furniture?  Or, you might own a lot of heavy and bulky items, including vehicles, appliances, etc.? Don’t worry. Calgary Movers Pro has got your back.

You have to describe the types of belongings you own during the phone call. Based on that, the company will assign specialised movers and trucks along with supplies to make the job smoother.

Plus, customers love the friendly movers the company sends. The movers are examined for any previous bad records. So, you get the best behaviour and a safe move.

The price is added after every 30 minutes instead of 1 hour. Suppose the total move was about 2 hours and 15 minutes. You will pay for 2 and a half hours instead of 3 hours. This can save you a lot of bucks if the move is long-distance.

However, if it’s a last-minute move, be prepared to pay some extra bucks.

Why We Love It

·         They offer you a special niche moving arrangement.

·         Gun-safe or same-day moving, your wish will be executed.

·         There are no hidden fees.

·         The charge gets added after every 30 minutes instead of one hour.

·         You get 24/7 customer support for any time booking.


·         You can not book a cross-border move with them.

·         They charge you extra for night shifts.

2.  Two Small Men With Big Hearts Moving Co.

If you have done a little research on moving companies before, you must be familiar with this name. This is by far the biggest moving agency in Canada.

If you are someone who prefers a reputable organisation, then look no further.

Two Small Men With Big Hearts has become the household name for shifting your location since 2010.

One of the most amazing things about their service package is senior moving. People above a certain age limit are not as efficient as youngsters while relocating. Not to mention, packing up things and carrying them is a Big No for them.

This moving agency tailored a unique service to cater to their needs. Packing, storing, carrying heavy items, etc. is done precisely for them.

You can also order their professional house or office relocating, residential or commercial moving services. It includes storage facilities along with moving supplies.

Be prepared to pay an average of $125 an hourly charge.

Why We Love It

·         The unique senior moving services.

·         An affordable price range.

·         The services are perfectly divided into various categories for you to pick from.

·         It also offers an upsizing/ downsizing service.

·         You can ask for vehicle transport as well.


·         Some customers blamed them for avoiding the “fragile” mark on the boxes.

3. 2 Burley Men Moving

Scott and Josh established this moving company that offers storage flexibility, local or interstate move, and even cleaning services. It has a 4.1 rating out of 5.

During a long-distance move, a malfunctioning vehicle is your worst nightmare. The repairing process can cause damage to your sensitive belongings. Gladly, the 2 Burley Men Moving Co makes sure their trucks are always in good condition. This can save you a lot of hassle on the road.

Plus, the drivers are highly trained by the WCB. So, you can trust the movers with fragile and heavy items.

You can expect to pay at least $150 per hour for a truck along with two men.

Why We Love It

·         The company is well-insured.

·         They provide moving supplies and storage facilities.

·         The company takes international moving orders as well.

·         All the vehicles are perfectly maintained and in a well-shape.


·         Doesn’t provide international moving services.

·         The services they offer are not versatile enough.

4. Two Men And A Truck

Two Men And A Truck is an American company with branches in Canada. The company has over 300 branches in its pocket. That means your location won’t be a problem for them.

The movers are well trained and have transparent backgrounds. Their services include home staging, storage, commercial and residential move. Besides, Junk removal is a new service added to their list recently. They calculate the rates on per hour basis.

Why We Love It

·         300+ branches are available.

·         Junk removal is also included.

·         Friendly and punctual movers.

·         Customers highly recommend their services.


·         You might not get a good bargain with an online quotation.

5. Sparta Movers

Sparta Movers have made worldwide moving so easier. It was introduced in 2016 and is currently available in 26 cities, including Calgary, Chestermere, Langdon, Heritage, Okotoks, Canmore, Bears paw, etc.

What makes it so amazing is its wide array of services. You can ask for trash removal, staging home, office relocation, moving home, essentials packing services, heavy items packing, etc.

And there is no issue regarding reliability. It is one of the few certified moving companies by the Canadian Association of Movers. So, in case anything wrong happens, you know that the company will be on your side.

You can expect to pay a minimum of $125 as an hourly wage. The full cost depends on what type of services you are ordering.

Why We Love It

·         Long-distance is not a problem with the Sparta movers.

·         You can customize their service package according to your need.

·         Certified by the Canadian Association of Movers.

·         The company has a 4.6 rating out of 5.

·         You can ask for both residential or office relocation.


·         There are negative reviews stating the company refused any claim for damaged goods.

6. Elephant Moving

Elephant moving is a western-Canada-based agency that specializes in residential and office relocating. Unlike most other agencies, the Elephant moving decided to stick within these two service categories. But, you can easily demand a packing service from them.

They have a team of professionals to help elderly people disassemble their belongings like furniture. You will even get their guidance regarding how to make your move smoother.

Since they are highly focused on residential and commercial moves, you can get the most expert movers in this niche from them.

You can reach them even on weekends. And book an emergency move. However, they only allow booking via phone call.

Why We Love It

·         24/7 service is available for you.

·         They will organize and assemble the belongings of senior people.  


·         An online quotation system is not allowed.

·         You can’t get multiple services from them.

7. Super Duper Movers Inc

As the name suggests, Super Duper Movers Inc is packed with services to make your move a breeze. They are famous for any time booking facilities. The date won’t be an issue. They will be prepared at your doorstep if you inform them only 4-weeks before the move.

No need to worry about the hassle of packing and unpacking. The agency takes care of that for you. You can also ask for any type of relocation. It doesn’t matter if it’s too short or too lengthy. They have helped people move from one street to the other.

So, if your belongings are few but still need to be moved professionally, this is the one.

Why We Love It

·         They say “yes” to almost any size of relocating request.

·         The packing and unpacking hassle is taken care of.

·         They are available for a last-minute booking.

·         The hourly rates are reasonable.


·         There is a hidden insurance fee of $6.

8. High Level Movers

Are you looking for an agency that is not limited to moving only? Perhaps, you want them to take care of your garbage too. if that’s the case, High-level Mover is a perfect choice for you.

They offer many services, including local, inter-town moving, packing, storing, or picking up the garbage, etc. You can book any of these services. We have found that they charge pretty competitive prices.

Customers are highly impressed with their packing strategies. They make sure that no damage is caused during the ride. You don’t even have to worry about providing any equipment for packing up. The movers will have a separate set of professional tools.

However, you have to be careful while booking the last-minute arrangement with them. The office stays closed on weekends.

Why We Love It

·         The packages include a storage facility.

·         You can ask for commercial, residential, or even trash moving.

·         The packing service is top-notch.

·         It is available in approximately 22 cities in Canada.


·         You can’t get 24/7 customer support.

9. The Transport Guys Ltd.

The transport guys do everything related to transportation. The main location is Edmonton or Calgary. From moving office/home to delivering parcels, nothing is missing from their service range. They specialize in the commercial delivery category. You can get the parcel within the same day.

Customers are impressed by the patience and expertise of the movers. They have a 4.8-star rating out of 5 around the web. However, some customers have complained about the company’s negligence in paying for the warranty.

Why We Love It

·         They are open 24 hours.

·         They can take care of all the commercial moving needs.

·         You can get an estimate online pretty easily.

·         The price is reasonable for such speedy but careful movers.


·         Not available on weekends.

10. Mr. Nice Guys Movers

Mr. Nice Movers is a company that aims towards making a residential move and in-house move hassle-free. And, we can say they are true to their words.

This company is your top pick if you want to move heavy items within the house. They have also got your back if you have to move, but the residence is not confirmed yet. You can use their storage facility for 6 months. In that case, the first month will be completely free. That’s great, isn’t it?

Besides helping with the commercial and in-house move, they offer delivery services. You can get a same-day delivery by paying some extra bucks.

Why We Love It

·         Senior movers get around a 15% discount.

·         Numerous payment options are available.

·         You can store the belongings for free (only the first month).

·         They offer same-day delivery service

·         In-house move to long-distance, everything is covered.


·         Some customers complained about their lack of communication during the move. The price is estimated a bit higher.

Final Note

Leaving a place is a truly emotional and remarkable event in our lives. But, instead of collecting memories of that place, we spend time packing and storing our belongings.

However, your favourite agency is just one call away. All you have to do is, guide them about your items and enjoy the journey. They will take the utmost care of your precious items, from aquariums to chandeliers.

While choosing the best agency, consider their location and price calculating policy. If it’s a local move, find an agency that calculates the charge hourly. But, if the move is cross-border, go for a fixed pricing policy.

Hopefully, you got the overall idea. Now, it’s your turn to choose the right Calgary movers for your journey.

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