Best Places to Live in Maryland For Black Families

5 Best Places to Live in Maryland For Black Families

In this article, I’ll talk about the best places to live in Maryland for black families. So, if you’re thinking of relocating to Maryland soon and are a person of color, it’ll be a helpful read. Like everything, the place Maryland has its ups and downs. So, I’ll try to talk about that too.

Maryland is one of the most attractive states in the USA. The diverse population, secured job spaces, and welcoming neighborhood make it an excellent place for black families. Also, the outdoor scenery is top-notch and great for spending time with family and friends.

That said, let’s dive deep and learn about the places where you should live in Maryland.

Best Places to Live in Maryland for Black Families (My Picks)

Like other states, Maryland has its own uniqueness and charm. Hence, coming up with the 5 best places was tough. However, with thorough research and a bit of bias, I’ve made this list for you. Before jumping on to the list, let me remind you, that all the details given below are based on statistics, personal experience, and public opinion. 

1. City of Bowie

Places to Live in Maryland for Black Families

The first city in Maryland that I chose for black families is the city of Bowie. It is located in the middle of Prince George County and is one of the most beautiful places in the state. Personally, I prefer this place as an ideal place to live and grow a family. From jobs to good neighborhoods, it offers all.

You’ll find a diverse population on all sides at this location. All the neighborhoods are friendly and they welcome African-American families with open arms. The main attraction of the city is the Bowie State University. Historically, it’s a black university so no worries of racism here.

Other than that, there are too many good private and public colleges for your kids. Bowie High School is another example. It’s a great place for the POC community to study for their bright future. Many greats were this school’s Alumni. 

Moreover, you won’t have any issues finding jobs here and worry about safety. Bowie has one of the lowest crime rates in Maryland. Overall, a great place for a black family looking to settle in Maryland.

2. Rockville

Best Places to Live in Maryland for Black Families

The second city on my list is Rockville. Rockville is the richest city in Maryland state. Hence, you can expect a lot of job and business opportunities here. If you want to live a quality life, you should consider it as your next destination in Maryland. It is one of the best places to live in Maryland for black families. 

Again, one of the best places to live for any race. It is the biggest city in Montgomery County and ranks too high in all equations. The place offers a diverse population, safe neighborhoods, and great schools and colleges. 

The city ranks fourth in the Standard living chart of the USA. So, you’ll find excellent accommodation, education facilities, and living standards. No matter what you want, you’ll have everything in the palms of your hands.

Institutions like Thomas S. Wotton High School, and Rockville High School are world-class places for your kids. Also, there are plenty of options for you and your family to explore culture and history. F. Scott Fitzgerald Theater is one of those places.

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3. Baltimore


We are talking about Maryland, and Baltimore City won’t pop out is never happening. So, for the third place, I’ve selected Baltimore as your new destination. 

With some arrangements here and there, it’s a great place to live in. Yes, like many big cities, there are problems in Baltimore. But, it’s worth giving a shot to be in your destined places. Let’s explore what the city has to offer.

First of all, Baltimore holds the oldest and richest cultural history for African-American folks. So, you would be welcomed in the most remote places in the city. Since it’s Maryland’s largest city, you will find many parks, theatres, and museums to hang out.

Second, who doesn’t know about Johns Hopkins University? World’s finest higher educational institution.  It is situated in Baltimore, offering your kids a bright future. Other than that, there are many great public and private universities and schools. So, no worries on the education part too.

Last but not least, the rent is way too affordable, compared to other big east coast cities. As a result, you can save the extra money on rent or get a bigger place to live.

However, the current decline in the employment rate and increase in the crime rate in the city is a concern. You must find good parts of the city to live in. Apart from that, it’s like any other big city, full of opportunities, only you know which strings to play.

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4. Columbia


Before I begin to talk about Columbia City in Maryland, I need to clear something out. All the rankings in this article are Arbitrary. It means number 1 doesn’t mean it’s the best and number 2 doesn’t mean it’s the second best. All of the cities are best in their own way.

About Columbia, it’s the most naturally beautiful place on this list. Hence, the environment to raise your junior is way better than in other big cities. You’ll have everything in your reach to lead a happy and healthy life. Moreover, the city has the best schooling system in the state. Less worries for the education of your kids.

Another over-the-top feature of the city is its public transportation system. It will give you an opportunity to move around from one place to another with ease. The communication with Baltimore is great. So, no worries if you need to go there and come back frequently.

It is one of the most secure places in Maryland. According to different statistics, only 20 occurrences happen here out of 1000 in the state. Overall, not a bad decision for your family to move here.

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5. Annapolis

We’ve come to the last city on our list, and what else but the capital of Maryland, the city of Annapolis? Vibrant beauty, diverse culture, and many job opportunities, you will get all here. For this reason, I consider this one as the best place to live in Maryland for Black Families.

Annapolis is famous for its historic architecture and maritime heritage. Also, if you explore the neighborhoods of the city, you will get to see its vibrant art scene. Hence, a paradise of a place for a man of culture. From great parks to museums, no shortage of places for family gatherings and outings.

Also, the city covers the education part way too greatly. You will have access to world-class institutions and skill development centers. It will boost your career and help you grow in many directions. 

In Annapolis, most people have their own houses. So, you will find a suburban feeling here. The bad part is, sometimes, it makes the rents a bit higher than in other cities. However, affordable housing can be an option if you search for it. 

In short, Annapolis holds a secure surrounding, excellent job opportunities, and overall welcoming people. You will have a great time raising your family here.

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Things to Remember Before Moving to Maryland

Maryland is a big state with many great cities for a family to live and grow. However, like all big states, it has some negative aspects too. So, you must know it before considering a potential move here. In this section, I’ll try to discuss those parts. Let’s get to it.

First of all, the increasing crime rate. Last year, Maryland counted the record crime rate in the last 20 years or so. The number of violent crimes after the COVID-19 situation is bigger than ever. Currently, the place ranks 14 among the most violent states.

Second, the economy in the state is declining more than ever. Month after month, we are seeing more unemployed people. And who are doing jobs, no increment for them. So, if you think that you’ll survive there with odd jobs, you should reconsider taking the option.

Lastly, huge traffic congestion. You will find longer traffic than usual and it will kill your valuable time. So, you must consider this part too.

In conclusion, like most states, Maryland has its problems and negatives too. But if you somehow can tackle this, you will have a bright future. Especially for your family. Make sure to read this moving checklist before moving here.

The Final Words

Finding a place for your family is never easy. Because each place has its pros and cons. Hence, finding the best places to live in Maryland for Black families is hard too. In this article, I’ve tried to provide you with exactly that.

I’ve named the 5 best places for an African-American family to live in Maryland. Also, at the end, I’ve given some suggestions for you before moving there. I hope this has been a helpful article.

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