A Guide to Selling Your Unwanted Furniture

When you feel as though you want to change up your home’s interiors, a new coat of paint on the walls or some additional décor items can help. Even investing in some stylish new furniture can be a fantastic way to spruce up your living space, but what should you do with all the old items you no longer want? Donating your unwanted furniture to charity stores can be a noble thing to do, but if you would like to make some extra money to help pay for your new furnishings, then why not sell them? If this sounds appealing to you, here are some quick tips on how to go about this.

Clean Up Your Items

The first thing to do if you are interested in selling old furniture items is to make sure that they look their best. Clean any upholstered furniture to remove stains or dirt to the best of your ability. You may need to use a steam cleaner and specialist fabric shampoos for this. For any wooden furniture items, use the right polish to refresh them and make them shine. 

Take Quality Photos

If you are planning to sell your furniture online, then you need to take quality photographs of each item. It is important to make sure that the photos you use to advertise these items are accurate, so don’t use photoshop or any filters to try to make these items look more attractive. If there is any small damage, such as scratches or tears in the fabric, you need to be transparent about this. Otherwise, the buyer may want to return these items to you for a refund, or they might leave a bad review, which could hinder your selling efforts in the future.

Concise and Informative Descriptions

As well as producing quality photos of your furniture, you should also include concise but informative descriptions to go with your advertisement. Include information such as the price, whether you want the buyer to collect these items from you, how well-used the item is, etc. 

Shipping Your Furniture

If you want to give your customers more options, rather than only picking up your items, you will need to think about how you will ship your furniture to them. The cost of this should be included in the price, so make sure you factor this in or add shipping before the sale is finalized. You may want to look at using couriers like this one for bed shipping if you are shipping a bed or any other large furniture item.

Storing Items When Waiting for Sale

Finally, you should consider how you will store these furniture items until they are ready to be picked up or shipped to a buyer. You may have room in your house or a garage space on the property. Otherwise, you might need to lease a storage unit to keep these items safe from damage until they have been sold.

If you would like to sell some of your unwanted furniture to make extra money, use these tips to help you get organized.

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