How To Prank Someone Over Text

How To Prank Someone Over Text

Every Tom, Dick, and Harry has a phone. This means everyone is prone to a classic text message prank. A cleverly executed joke can make someone’s day. And text message pranks can be one of the best ways to do this. It can be tricky to set up and execute a text message prank. But they’re worth it.

Do you like to playfully annoy your friends and family members? You need to know how to prank someone over text. This article will provide some of the best and funniest prank ideas via text messages. You can use these pranks to make someone laugh, freak out, maybe even get a little mad.

Text Pranks That Will Make Your Friends Laugh

Text Pranks That Will Make Your Friends Laugh

How to prank a friend over text? Well here are some funny text pranks that will make your friends laugh.

Sign Them Up For A Text List

You can prank your friends by annoying them with spam texts from unknown numbers. There are many text lists that you can sign up for online. Like advertisements, marketing, and protest events lists. You just need to sign up for their number. Then wait for them to get irritated and tell you about it. 

You Can Pretend To Be A Bot

Act like a bot to prank your friends over text. Copy and paste annoying messages that sound like it’s from a bot, then send them to your friend.

To make it more convincing, block your number before you send it to them. After you have your fun, you can reveal to your friend that it was you all along.

Take Advantage Of The Shortcut Feature 

You need to access your friend’s phone to try this hilarious prank. Go to the text replacement setting and change common words to more interesting phrases. When they will be texting, they’ll have a hard time typing a serious message. You can let them know that it was you after you have your fun.

Here are some hilarious examples to try:

  • “Hello” → “I’m secretly a unicorn”
  • “Hi” → “I have a crush on you.”
  • “LOL” → “Chicken nuggets”
  • “Ok” → “Moo”
  • “I’m fine” → “I’m a potato”

Send Them Song Lyrics 

It’s one of the most hilarious text prank ideas.  Here’s how you can do it:

  • Send them song lyrics out of the blue. 
  • Keep sending them until they catch on. 
  • If you both share a connection, you both will be talking in song lyrics. 
  • Make sure the song lyrics are completely out of context. 
  • See if they can guess the song. 

Pretend Not To Know The Person

For this, you’ll have to wait until you get a test from your friend. 

  • When a friend texts you, say “Who is this?” or “Do I know you?”
  • If they tell you their name: Say, “Sorry, I don’t know anyone named (Friend’s Name).”
  • After a few messages, you can let them in on the joke.

Here are some other ways to do this:

  • “What’s your last name? Maybe that will jog my memory.”
  • “Are you sure you texted the right person?”

Send A GIF Of The Texting Dots

Text a friend that you need to talk to them. Wait for their reply, and then send a GIF of the texting dots (the three dots that appear when someone is typing a message). Keep them guessing for a while. After that, tell them you were just messing with them.

Text Them, “I’m Waiting Outside”

We all can understand the feeling when you’re relaxed at home and your best friend texts you saying “I’m waiting outside”. You go outside and there’s nothing. You can do the same to your friend. When they know you were only messing with them, they’ll surely laugh too.

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Text Pranks That Will Scare Your Friends

Text Pranks That Will Scare Your Friends

Need any text prank ideas to make someone scared? Here are some text pranks that will scare your friends.

You Can Pretend To Be A Hacker

Send them a message pretending to be a hacker and claim to have hacked their phone. Use personal information about them to make the prank more believable.

You Can Send Creepy Messages

You can send creepy messages to your friends to scare them. Use a voice changer to sound like a creepy character and send them a message. Here are sample texts for you:

  • “I will be watching you.”
  • “I know what you did last night.”

Make sure your target has a good sense of humor and won’t be too scared by the message. 

You Can Pretend To Be A Ghost

Send them a message pretending to be a ghost. See the following sample texts:

  • “I will haunt you.”
  • “I’m coming for you.”

Reveal yourself before they get too scared.

Send A Scary Picture

Send someone a scary picture. Like a picture of a ghost or a creepy doll. You can also edit a picture to make it look creepier. However, make sure you disclose yourself before they get too scared. 

You Can Act Like A Stalker

Send them a message pretending to be a stalker. Here are some sample texts:

  • “I’m watching you.”
  • “I’ll always be behind you.”
  • “I know where you go to work.”

They will surely be too scared by the message. However, don’t stretch it. Tell them that it’s you and you’re just messing with them.

Pretend To Be A Killer

This is one of the scariest text prank ideas. Send them a scary text pretending to be a killer.

Here are some sample text messages for you:

  • “I’ve been watching you. You will die soon.”
  • “I’ll kill you. You can’t escape me.”

Send A Fake News Article

Make up a fake news article and send it to your target. 

  • You can create fake news about a possessed boy.
  • You can also create a piece of fake news about a serial killer on the loose.

Make sure your friend knows it’s fake after they read it.

Pretend To Be A Government Agent

This one’s a little tricky. You need to be fully prepared for this one. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Create a backstory to make your prank more believable.
  • Use suspense to make the prank scarier.
  • To make the prank more convincing, use official language.
  • Use a professional tone.

This will make them believe that they are talking to a real government agent. 

Pretend To Be A Possessed Person

Send them a message pretending to be a possessed person. Use creepy language to make the prank more convincing. Here’s a sample text:

“I am not myself anymore. Something has taken over me.”

Act hostile to make the prank more convincing. Say angry and unexpected things. This will make them feel like they are talking to a possessed person.

Use suspense to make the prank scarier. Here’s a sample text:

“I can feel it getting stronger. It’s taking over me.”

This will make them scared about what you are going to do next.

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Text Pranks That Will Confuse Your Friends

Text Pranks That Will Confuse Your Friends

Here are some effective prank ideas to do over text:

Change The Shortcuts 

Changing the shortcuts of keywords is the best way to annoy and confuse a grammar-enthusiast friend. 

For example: You can change “you’re” to “your” and “there” to “their”.

Start A Countdown To Nothing

This is one of the funny text pranks to confuse someone. For this, you need to build suspense for a whole day. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Text your friend a message: “8 hours left.”
  • When they ask about it, tell them that they’ll know at the end of the day.
  • Keep sending the counting-down messages every hour until the end of the day.
  • And at the end of the day, reveal the big surprise. That is nothing!

You can send any of the following messages at the end of the day:

  • “0 hours left. The end!”
  • “Time’s up. The countdown was for… Nothing.”
  • “Are you ready for the end of the countdown??! It was for me to say,  “Hi.”

Ask Them A Worrying Question, Then Don’t Respond

Here’s how you can do it:

  • Ask them a worrying question.
  • When they reply, stop answering their texts completely.
  • After some time, once they’re confused and worried, you can let them in on the prank.

Here are some worrying questions that you can use:

  • “Do you know how to use a gun?”
  • “If there was a snake inside my house. What should I do?”
  • “If my laptop was smoking, should I keep working on it?

Tell Them You Have A Secret To Tell Them, But Never Reveal It

This will leave your friend feeling confused.

  • Text your friend saying that you have a big secret or a huge news.
  • When they respond, stop responding completely.
  • After a few minutes or a few hours, tell them you were just messing with them.

Here are some example texts for you:

  • “Oh, man! I forgot to tell you this before. I have something super important to tell you.”
  • “Reply back ASAP! I have a huge piece of news to tell you.”
  • “Text me back right now! This can’t wait.”

How To Prank Your Parents Over Text

Want to pull a text message prank on your parents? Here are some ideas for you:

Pretend To Be A Celebrity

You can pretend to be their favorite celebrity and send a prank text. 

For example:Hello! This is Steve Harvey. Can you give me some ideas for my next show?

This will make your parents feel special and may even make them laugh.

Make Your Parents Say Yes

You need to have physical access to their phone to do this. Make use of autocorrect and change “no” to “yes” text shortcuts. So, whenever they text you saying “no”, it will automatically be changed to a “yes”.

Use A Fake News Article

Create a fake news article about something you want to do or have. Send it to your parents. Here’s a sample text:

You can send them a fake news article about how to make your child happy.

When your parents read the article, they may be more likely to say yes to whatever you want.

Pretend To Be In Trouble

Pretend to be in trouble and ask your parents for help over text. Here’s a sample text:

“I’m lost, I need your help. Please find me.”

But don’t let them go out to find you. Tell them in time that it was just a joke.

Some Other Funny Text Prank Ideas

  • Change their contact names to something funny or embarrassing.
  • Sign them up for a text list.
  • Send them a message pretending to be a government agent.
  • Send them a message pretending to be a kidnapper.
  • Create a fake contest and send your parents a message telling them they’ve won a prize.

How To Prank Your Boyfriend/Girlfriend Over Text

Here are some text prank ideas for your boyfriend/girlfriend:

  • Tell them you brought a new pet home.
  • Send them a flip text.
  • Prank them that you’ve uploaded their nude pictures online.
  • Pretend to be someone else and flirt with them.
  • Send them a message saying “There’s something you need to know” or “I haven’t been fully honest with you” to freak them out.
  • Pretend to be mad at them for something they didn’t do.
  • Send them a naughty text asking if they would like to see some sexy nude pictures, but then send them a picture of a funny animal instead.

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Things To Consider Before You Prank Someone Over Text

You don’t want to be labeled as an insensitive prankster. So, consider the following things before you pull a prank on someone over text:

You Should Know Their Reactions

You might not get the wanted results because of your target’s reactions. That’s why you should know how they would react to certain texts. You should be aware of their interests. So, you can plan your prank text accordingly. Prepare for possible reactions to make your prank a success.

You Must Prepare Before The Prank

Planning beforehand is necessary to pull a successful prank. Take your time to think and write the prank text. Avoid the things that will get no response.

You Need To Be Careful Not To Hurt Their Feelings

A prank should be a way to laugh and have fun. Never hurt someone’s feelings even when joking. Keep your prank lighthearted and fun. If your target takes it too seriously, your prank will fail.

You Need To Be Thoughtful

Don’t prank someone who isn’t a fan of pranks. Ensure that the prank is harmless and safe. Avoid rude, dangerous, damaging, or hurtful tricks. And pick a suitable time to prank someone via text. You don’t want to scare or confuse them at the wrong time. 

You Need To Be Prepared To Face The Consequences

It is important to be prepared to face the consequences of the prank and to take responsibility for any harm caused.

Bottom Line

Now you know how to prank someone over text. However,  you need to be very careful while doing this. Consider your friend’s feelings. Make sure they have a good sense of humor. Find harmless pranks that do not cause any harm. Never make a text prank pretending to be a psychopath. It can be harmful and offensive. Moreover, It is not appropriate to prank parents by pretending to be a kidnapper over text. Such pranks can cause panic and fear. They can even lead to legal consequences.

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