7 Reasons to Switch Spa & Salon Business Online with Salon Software

“The key to running and managing any business, especially a salon, is organization of daily business data.” It is this thought which exists as a central focus point for each and every salon business owner or manager. While it is true that salon businesses have survived using the basic methods of marketing such as promotional campaigns, walk-ins, word of mouth publicity, these organic processes take time to yield results and can achieve only as much.

In times when an increasing number of clients expect everything to be available instantaneously, the days of working on pen and paper are fairly and squarely gone. The modern-day client expects and wants convenience at his or her fingertips. Thus, in order to meet the expectations of the client it is important to communicate in the language of their choice. Here are the top 7 advantages of using salon management software. 

Respond to Clients 24/7

A salon management software transforms the way you, your team and your business interact with the clients, and in a manner that is both faster and easier for all the stakeholders. The online salon management software enables your business to respond to clients 24x7x365, including outside the active business hours. The client can hop onto your website or app, at his or her own convenience, and book a confirmed appointment in just a few clicks.

Further, the software will instantaneously schedule the appointment in the work calendar, and intimate you and your team about the new booking. Prior to the upcoming appointment the system will send reminders to both clients and the stylist such that there are minimal no-show bookings and missed appointments. 

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Reduce your workload

An online salon software is designed to help your business by making it leaner and efficient.By now, we are all aware that running a salon involves juggling between many administrative tasks.Juggling between the administrative assignments means getting bogged down with mundane but essential work and losing focus of other important tasks such as business strategy, marketing, and financial management. In present times, without automation one is bound to lose precious time that could be better utilized in increasing your revenues.

Since inception of the transaction, i.e. accepting of booking to recording client feedback, the software automatically does it all in just a few clicks. By streamlining the process flow, the software eliminates the duplicity and redundancy in the processes. 

Provide Excellent Customer Experience

Present-day customers seek an experience. Thus, each visit to a spa or a salon is a unique journey in its own capacity. The journey of experience commences from the time of booking an appointment and culminates after recording customer feedback. If the entire process chain is manually driven, it is highly likely that not only would there be procedural delays but also errors due to human oversight.

Amongst the important advantages of using a salon management softwareis that the system enables you to consistently deliver superior service. As a result, your customers are happy and your popularity increases. 

Data Security

We revolve back to the opening sentence of this piece. “The key to running and managing any business, especially a salon, is organization of daily business data.” In today’s times when the competition within the beauty and wellness industry is cut throat it is important that your business data remains safe and secure. The internet is rife with stories of data breaches and how personal and financial information of clients are lost.

A salon software is designed to prevent any such loss of data.  By incorporating a complete cloud based data storage system, the salon software prevents any loss of data due to system hardware failure or due to an act of theft. Further, some highly popular salon software such as Zenoti take data security a step forward by incorporating features such as geo-fencing and role based data access. As a result both you, and your clients can be in complete peace of mind about the security of their personal information. 

Save Money

As contradictory as it may sound, moving your salon business to an online software program will actually result in savings. Granted that you shall have to pay a fee to acquire and maintain the software, but the expense shall be much less compared to the costs that you would incur if you run a system where administrative work is done manually. Either you will have to hire more people or spend hours doing repetitive work. As the old adage goes, “Time is money”. Thus, any time that is saved by deploying a salon software is almost equivalent to earning more. 

Smart Marketing

A spa and salon management software can be your best marketing buddy. By analyzing sales history, it can help you ascertain which of your products and services are highly popular and what is slow moving. Thus, enabling you to design promotional campaigns that have higher acceptance. Moreover by analyzing the purchase history of every client, to understand the client’s preference,  it helps your team in upselling both products and services.

Reporting and Analytics

An often overlooked but highly important feature of the online booking software is its on-demand reporting module, which can instantaneously generate on-demand reports to ascertain the performance of the business. Whether it is the daily sales report, weekly cash flow statements, and computation of the key business metrics the software should be able to create real time numerical and graphical reports such that the management team can take informed decisions to ensure that the business performs optimally. 

Last Words

Aside from the above, there are some more features such as employee management, inventory management, payments and accounting, marketing management that an online booking system can accomplish for your business. One of the well-established products in the market is the Zenoti spa and salon management software. With its state of art features, and easy scalability it works seamlessly for both standalone stores and multiple chains.