Recent Changes in Saskatchewan Immigration in Occupations In-Demand Policy

Recently, Saskatchewan Government of Canada changed its immigration policy about its occupations in-demand sub category for International Skilled Worker. It will effect a lot for the immigration system. Let us see some changes in immigration policy about occupation in demand sub category.

    • As of April 1, 2018 all applications to the Occupations In-Demand Sub-Category must include an Educational Credential Assessment from a designated organization.
    • Effective December 27, 2017, NOC 2231 (Civil Engineer Technologists and Technicians) and NOC 2253 (Draft Technologists and Technicians) have been removed from the In-Demand Occupation List
    • On March 5, 2018, the amount of settlement funds required will be revised to align with IRCC’s requirements. For more information, see IRCC’s requirements.

    • The International Skilled Worker – Occupations In-Demand sub-category is closed to applications at this time. For your application to be accepted, it must be complete with all required documents or it will be returned and the application fee will not be refunded. When the application threshold is reached, no further applications will be accepted. The website will be updated Monday to Friday 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. 
    • For information on finding work in Saskatchewan, visit Finding Work.

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